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Cash Leveraging Network Review – Cash Gifting Scam?

This review consist of a short article on The Cash Leveraging Network (AKA) CLN system that you see advertised all over the net on forums and other advertising resources.

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Is this just a run of the mill pyramid scam or how about a old fashioned ponzi scheme?

If you have read any of our previous post you already know we are not fans of gifting programs and this one is no different. You get no product whatsoever when you join so what are you exactly paying for?

The way The Cash Leveraging Network works is you pay five dollars to five people for a total of twenty five dollars and then you find a minimum of ten people to sign up under you. They are using the law of averages in that out of the ten, five will pony up the twenty five dollars to join.

On their website they state that you can earn a conservative 75,000. Yes, that is seventy five thousand dollars from your measly twenty five dollar spend. That sounds like a heck of a deal to us!

Also they state no selling, no answering email, no answering phone calls and talking to prospects.

If this is true you know what?  You will not have any customers either.

Folks, If you take away anything from this article today take this.

Internet marketing is a people and relationship business.

You DO have to answer email and occasionally you DO have to talk to prospects.

This is a business, not a hobby and you have to treat it like one.

As with all cash gifting programs  including The Cash Leveraging Network comes with the question of legality.

As we have stated before we don’t know if it is legal or not and this something you will have to make up your own mind about after doing your own research. Our personal stance is we would not feel right asking someone to send us a cash gift legal or not. Of course this is just us. If you feel otherwise, go for it.

It is our opinion that this program is not a scam and you can make  a good bit of money with it if you choose to pursue it.

We choose not to.

Until next time,


Charles & Susan

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5 Comments on Cash Leveraging Network Review – Cash Gifting Scam?

  1. Dave Tomlinson // November 1, 2008 at 2:04 am // Reply

    Hi Charles and Susan,

    Just wanted to say thanks for an objective look at TCLS. It seems to get bad publicity in many forums and serious doubt has been cast over the way it’s structured and it’s legality. Like many others out there, I believe it is a legitimate program and became a member. You are quite right – it’s not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ or a lazy path to wealth. Like any online opportunity, it requires time and effort to establish. But the rewards are there for those who are prepard to make that investment. Best wishes,


  2. It seems that the Cash Leveraging Network has a lot of problems with being down for exceeding bandwidth. Not good!

    Any thoughts?

  3. looks like they need to switch hosting or create a smaller index page. The current host cannot serve up the pages. I had several sales with this company, but no residuals. Oh well. Thanks Rob

  4. I Just started with the cash leveraging network and haven’t had a chance to do any real promoting because that bandwidth problem. There is another gifting system almost exactly the same with some added benefits. Check it out, i just started:

  5. “cash gifting” and “cash leveraging” are two totally different terms that have different meanings. I wish that people would just stop saying that cash gifting is cash leveraging when it’s simply not.

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