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Pro Travel Plus Comprehensive Review: Scam or Legit?

Pro Travel Plus Review & Presentation

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Owner: Seth Fraser

Interested in multi level marketing (MLM) opportunities? If so, you may have come across Pro Travel Plus. The program provides savings and discounts on nearly every aspect linked to a trip. Is this money making opportunity a legitimate and reliable one? The following guide will help you determine.

Company Ownership


You can find out more about Pro Travel Plus at the company’s official website –

The domain was registered in January 2015. According to the official information released by the company, its CEO is called Seth Fraser. Fraser has worked in various other companies before the launch of Pro Travel Plus. These include Kannaway, That Free Thing and Freebie Force among several others.

There isn’t a lot of additional information about the owners of the company. Still, Fraser has carried out a couple of professional presentations, confirming the fact that he has been hired by the company and is one of its biggest driving forces.

Pro Travel Plus Products


As an MLM company that focuses on travel and tourism, Pro Travel Plus gives access to a vast range of discounts. These include reduced prices on airfare, hotel accommodation, cruises, entertainment and car rentals.

The website sells solely third party products. There isn’t a product line that is linked to the Pro Travel Plus brand.

According to an official announcement, the Pro Travel Plus membership can lead to savings of up to 45 percent on world travel. The catalog includes destinations in more than 100 countries.

Anyone who signs up with Pro Travel Plus will immediately get a 500-dollar reward package. This amount can be used in different stores and for the offer of many companies.

The Pro Travel Plus Compensation Plan

Although we are not members, this video does a decent job explaining the comp plan. For those who don’t want to watch the video there is more info on the comp plan below.

Here’s how the MLM element of signing up for a Pro Travel Plus account works.

This program is slightly different from other network marketing opportunities because you will not have to recruit others, in order to make money. In fact, all of the Pro Travel Plus associates work together to generate and share revenue.

Without signing other members up, you will get three percent from every level. This means that you’ll earn three percent of everything generated by the individuals that join the platform after you. These are known as Pro Travel Plus Powerline commissions.

In addition, there are start bonuses for each level. Introducing a new member will give you a cash bonus in the range from 15 to 30 dollars per person recruited.

To sum it up, you can make residual income without signing people up. To get started with Pro Travel Plus, you’ll need to pay 69.95 dollars as a part of the most inexpensive plan (level 1). Other plans are available, as well, some of them giving you access to bigger referral and startup bonuses.

The Verdict

The fact that you don’t have to actively recruit others is one of the biggest advantages of joining Pro Travel Plus. The system is designed in a way that gives just about everyone residual income.

Pro Travel Plus is still growing and still recruiting, which means that the time may be right to give the system a try. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of money you’re willing to spend on joining the program will be determining for the residual income you’re going to enjoy in the long run.

What do you think about this Business Opportunity?

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