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WELCOME!  If you're looking for responsive FRESH Business Opportunity Seeker Leads, you've come to the right place!  All of our network marketing Leads are 100% Opt-in and are perfect for an autoresponder. Visitors to various websites that have filled out a form expressing an interest in a home based business opportunity. They are pre screened, Spam free and all less than 30 days old and include the IP address and time/date of opt-in along with all of the data fields below.

ALL of our FRESH Leads include:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Telephone Number *
  • IP Address
  • Time/Date of Opt-In

* Telephone Number is included when available.

Ordering is easy!  Simply select your desired quantity of Fresh genealogy Leads from the Three Packages Below.  Once you place your order, we'll deliver your Fresh Leads via email within a few hours!  


2500 Fresh Opportunity Seeker Leads


ONLY $25.00

5000 Fresh Opportunity Seeker Leads


ONLY $35.00



7500 Fresh Opportunity Seeker Leads


ONLY $45.00


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