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Panvoya Review – Scam or Legit

Scam or Not?

Panvoya Review – Scam or Legit.

Panvoya is a travel club that that offers members discounts on hotel, tours, cruises and concierge booking. This is also an affiliate program / business opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to make money, especially those who love travel marketing.

Panvoya – The Company

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Panvoya is a company that is run by a professional in the travel industry and also has experience in online advertising. He is Paul Koury, and the current CEO of the company. He has a lot of CEO experience under his belt, which has gone a long way in helping the company grow and becoming one of the leading in the industry. He has served in a number of services and retail industry at an executive level. This means he’s got the horse by the reigns when it comes to running a successful business.

In his team, he has other professionals who have experience in running a successful business. Max Westerfield, the COO, brings in a lot of startup expertise and valuable consulting. He also some experience in the financial services, travel industries, and telecommunications.

One of the best expertise that he brings to the company is in the area of technology. Most of the solutions he provides are technology-based, meaning the business will run smoothly and more efficiently. This comes in handy when finding new deals and discounts. Tracking commissions and making payments should be carefully done to avoid any glitches that might damage the reputation of the company.

The Panvoya Product Review


They have interesting products that provide discount prices on a great travel for as much as 40% off rates you will find elsewhere online.

They have their own travel search engine that works with over 6,500 resorts in over 100 countries. Their prices are reasonable, especially for upscale condo and resort packages. The good thing about it is that they are not like the other booking engines that simply search the chain hotels and offer the same deal that others are offering.

There are various travel deals offered, namely;

Panvoya Getaways: These travel deals are assembled for customers only and offers date flexibility.
The Panvoya Travel Search: This is a tool for customers to search offers for different services like escorted tours and cruises and save over 10%.
Panvoya’s Leisure and Lifestyle Package: The product gives customers a chance to access resort time slots and timeshare present in the database.
Panvoya’s Luxury Lifestyle Package: Customers get unlimited access to resort booking program that deals with timeshare exclusively. You also get a chance to be part of a home exchange program.

The Business Opportunity – Compensation Plan:
A sales volume of 1000 at the Luxury Lifestyle Level offers a $250 commission. A commission of $75 is offered on a sale volume of 300 at the Leisure Lifestyle level. Depending on the rank and volume, the bonuses will range from $10 to $150.

You will get $1 for each Lifestyle Package Monthly Residual Volume you sell through eight levels of downlines. The matching bonuses on the Monthly Residual Volume of 10% at the lowest rank and the highest rank offering 50%.

The Verdict- Our Honest Opinion

The travel packages can be a hit when it comes to sales. If you got the smarts and means, this opportunity can work for you.

Please leave your comments and let us know your honest opinion.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan

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4 Comments on Panvoya Review – Scam or Legit

  1. Steer clear of Panvoya. Shady leadership and a ponzi comp plan that only pads the pockets of their top leaders. These guys have been around for over three years and have zero legitimacy.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for leaving your comments.
      When doing our research we did not find any complaints but that is not to say there is not any.
      Our advise with Panvoya like any business opportunity is to do your own research before investing.
      There is a lot of travel programs out there.

      Charles & Susan

  2. Travel deals, name one which has survived? And that is your answer, none, dozens of travel deals have hit the MLM industry for decades, yet none were anything more than a ponzi pyramid just as this one is, so I don’t give it a chance in hell to survive.

    I owned a travel agency years ago, and there was little money to be made on booking actual travel, so with margins now a fraction of what they were, the money in all these travel deals comes from recruiting others, PERIOD. The amount of people who will actually book travel is so small it is not even worth the hassle, and believe me, in the travel industry, there is a ton of hassles to deal with.

    I am part of a company that offers the best travel deals in the industry as a free benefit, which I have done numerous comparisons with all the name brand online travel deals, and none have come close to date, so that tells it all, without the commissions for recruiting, no one would make enough to justify the cost to join. Just another pay to play deal as I see it.

  3. The Panvoya services and compensation plan referenced on your website have all changed. Panvoya does NOT pay for recruiting…no commission is paid on initial fees and monthly fees. Panvoya pays Affiliate commission on subscription sales only. Please update your information by going to, otherwise, please remove all Panvoya information from your website.

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