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Anybody Have A New IPAS2 Review – I Success Formula?

Legit or A Scam?

New Ipas2 I Success Formula

Hello all,

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We reviewed the IPAS2 website located at  which we think is I Success Formula (DUH) is being promoted very heavily right now by some affiliates such as Nick & Wendie Bramble, Mack Zidan, Cristina Munoz, Mike Hobbs and Beau Bridgewater but strangely we can find very little info about it which we think is probably intentional as we think this is another New Empower Network funnel similar to The Freedom Fighter Network MLM opportunity that was just released recently however the EN portion has now been dropped.

Here is what we have found out so far:

The Owners: When you go to the affiliates site there is a video with Adam Whiting from the Prosperity Team which is another Empower Network funnel in which he mentions Chris Jones and Chris Campbell which we assume are the ones running this program.

The Cost: Very late in the video he says he is going to let you have this at a whopping 90% off from what the beta testers paid.

Do beta testers really pay?

Anyway, the price is 7 dollars and then 47.00 a month.

It is unclear if this includes your Empower Network fee but we would think this does not which will be another 50 dollars per month.

Compensation Plan: We didn”t hear anything about the payplan but we assume it is the Empower Network comp plan.

What is the product? Adam Whiting mentions you will receive training on a shortcut to $50,000 per month which may include some Facebook marketing training.


Like we said in the beginning, finding information on this New IPAS2 I Success Formula is not easy.

In fact it was hard and it should not be that way which is why we say this might turn out to be a scam.

What do think about this opportunity?

Did we mess up somewhere or do we have this right?

Please share your comments below and let your voice be heard.

We thank you for reading.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan


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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

16 Comments on Anybody Have A New IPAS2 Review – I Success Formula?

  1. NEIL WILLIAMS // October 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm // Reply

    This is the marketing arm of Empower Network so you join this at 47 dollars and of course you have to upgrade but it is also the backend of em which you have to purchase all the levels as well! So speaks for itself
    Also are you still running pays forever please
    Can you confirm details please


  2. Hi Charles and Susan,

    I went through the funnel of one of their affiliates and watched the sales video. Very little information on what the ‘system’ actually entails. I did read the fine print at the bottom of the page and it is indeed connected to Empower Network.

    Thanks for putting the blog out! My personal thoughts: Cold traffic going through a funnel talking about an online “money-making” system but offering absolutely no information on what it entails will produce very weak opportunity seeking customers with a “lottery ticket” mindset. I personally believe that the market needs to be educated before it is asked to make a buying decision. Even if it’s only $1.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      Deception is not a good way of doing business because folks become angry when they feel they are being tricked and lied to.
      It’s human nature.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.
      Charles & Susan
      P.S. We like your site!

  3. Hi. May I have the info to the paysforever website?

  4. My assumption was right; the high power selling scheme Empower!
    This is what I call an Entrapment. You have to Buy in to Higher levels where the person at the front of you gets the cash from your account.
    This can be dangerous for people who do not have the cash but yet seek to have cash rather desperately…If that is you…DONT DO IT!! Based on a Perimid Scheme.

  5. STAY AWAY !.!.! After you pay the initial $7 to gain access to the main site, the very next page asks for an additional $47.99 to register and continue. They milk your wallet dry by all the additional fees and programs they say you don’t need to have, just only if you want to be successful.
    Oh yeah about the “no questions asked” refund well I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks now for my refund. And by the way for some reason they did not want to refund the initial $7. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau tomorrow. this one is a SCAM, run by dishonest scumbags!

  6. I wish I had seen this BEFORE paying the $7.00….but when it took me to the second page, asking for another $47.00 without a word of details as to what this was really about, I knew something wasn’t kosher.

    All I want to know now is: how do I get my $7.00 refunded and ensure they don’t help themselves to my credit card in a month’s time? Because let’s face it, THAT’S how they’re getting rich – milking suckers bank accounts dry.

  7. Ok, for the benefit of others:

    I’ve just managed to find a, ‘Need to cancel your iPas2 trail or subscription?’ page.

    Here’s the link for others who might also want out once they discover the truth about these guys:

    However, there’s a problem. They don’t make it easy and their directions on how to cancel the trial, don’t actually exist, so the whole ‘refund’ thing is a con to keep milking your credit card dry each month.

    If you follow their directions on how to cancel, it tells you to log into your newly created account, hover over the profile picture on the top right of the page, click on ‘profile’ and then it’s supposed to display a menu on the left hand side showing ‘billing details’, from which you’re supposed to be able to cancel.

    This actually doesn’t occur at all. You can click on your profile picture ’til the cows come home and nothing happens – there are no ‘billing details’ displayed, which means they won’t let you cancel until you hand over another $47.00.

    Talk about old school used car salesmen technques. These guys are the lowest of the low.

    they want to play hardball? Fine. I’m now seeking legal advice to stop these slimebags in their tracks.

  8. To the person who commented above me (G)… a subscriber of mine just sent me this page and your comments which are complete and utter BS. You’re going to seek legal advice (which will cost you money no doubt) when you can EASILY cancel your subscription?

    I just follow your instructions and managed to get onto my billing page where it showed my card details and a link to cancel the subscriptions. It’s EASY! If you can’t access that page my friend then I’m 99% certain that you have a problem with your computers browser or internet connection. Don’t waste your money seeking legal advice.

    Also what’s funny… you’re basing your decision to cancel on this page? Why don’t you actually access the members area yourself, go through the training and see what it’s all about. You’ll NEVER find success if you don’t actually take responsibility and implement the stuff you buy into!

  9. Interesting.

    The fact that you’ve taken the time to reply with a mouthful of denial and sarcasm, tells me you’re terrified of the truth.

    Incidentally, public sarcasm and bitch-fests aren’t something legitimate and legal businesses resort to.

  10. Incidentally, I put in a ‘support ticket’ two nights ago, the response to whioch was an assurance that the $7 trial offer I paid would be refunded immediately.

    It hasn’t been. No surprises there.

    Your fake bravado would be pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous for the victims you continue to fleece, but then again, the truth will out and justice will be done.

  11. I’m confused! I am a mother of 3 children who had to quit work 10 yrs ago to take care of 3 children with health issues. I am an RN but trying to look for work staying in my home so I can continue to do this. I found this”success formula” website and was ready to click the $7 trial but glad I did not with the comments above. We cannot afford to dish out money in a pyramid scheme. We spent 40 days in a Childrens Hospital last summer and 10 days over Thanksgiving. i don’t need to be filthy rich but was just looking for an unconventional way to stay in my home and make some money while helping my kids. The confusion for me is reading these remarks and connecting to the “owners” of a different money making scheme “Paysforever”. Are they both the same and are they really a way to make money or just a way of getting people to sign up and paying fees for additional guidance? My husband is killling himself working 15 hrs a day to keep me home with my kids so if anyone has any insight on these work from home programs, please share?

  12. I’ve been a member of IPAS2 since September 2014 last year. In my first week my cell received a text message with a payment from the IPAS2 system. I woke me up from a long state of limbo. Within the next few weeks I started getting more test messages from the system and automatic deposits into my eWallet account. I just got a text message last week for another payment. FYI, it breaks my heart when I read about people having a hard time, bad mouthing and being negative about a system that they truly did not put the full required effort to become successful. This year 2015 is my goal to double and triple my income with IPAS2. All I have to do is follow the instructions and be faithful to the way the system is designed and I know I will make my goal. Results are not typical, but all a person has to do is be quiet and follow the system. I Pray for all.

  13. Jeremy Nachreiner // January 11, 2015 at 1:29 am // Reply

    I NEVER signed up fir ANYTHING nor did I EVER give my debit card or authorize any charge but they sure helped themselves to a 1$ and 47$ charge to my account which I am reporting as fraud. Return my money or I press charges and get real vocal as to what happened all over Twitter and Facebook

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