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Truth Or Hype TV Review – Is This a Scam?

Is TruthorHypeTV a Scam or Legit?

Scam or Not?

Website located at

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We been getting some emails about this program and it looks like to us it has something to do with Empower Network as one of the emails is from David Wood.

When you go to the website there is a picture of a lady named Holly Morgan. We have never heard this name before but we assume she has something to do with this TruthorHypeTV.

We did more research and found out she is doing an interview and she is said to ask hard hitting questions and is not biased one way or the other.

Yea right, don’t you believe that for a minute.

We opted in to find out more about this so called Smart System.

After we opted in there is a video talking about a millionaire who lives in the tropics. We assume this is David Wood.

The video goes on to talk about how much money you can make.

If you are a member or have any information about we would love to know your opinion of this program.

Also, is this affiliated with Empower Network?

We have a feeling this is another funnel for EN as it seems there is a new one every other week.

We don’t have a problem with Empower Network but they try to act as if this is something new when it is the same EN as before.

Seems deceptive to us, but you can decide for yourselves.

Please comment and let us know your honest opinion.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan Truett


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5 Comments on Truth Or Hype TV Review – Is This a Scam?

  1. Yes this is EN but it’s a whole new funnel and look. There are lots of new things with the new system as well. There is a 5 day free trail for everyone that wants to check it out. They put it all out there with nothing to hide. I was a member of EN 2 years ago and didn’t like it at all. A friend told me to give it another look so I did. Im glad I did because I love it!

  2. Kim Bradbury // February 14, 2015 at 7:58 am // Reply

    I am disgusted with low-down, misleading MLM Empower Network, again. The MLM with nothing to offer. Go suck lemons Empower; effing losers.

  3. Signed up on 02/22/15 for the trial $7 bucks, IPAS2 and they lured me into Empower network. Well I upgraded to the Silver Affiliate, for $644.95 and needed help, because this is a very technical business,when I was only looking for someone to promote or advertise my other mlm, I now find myself involved into another mlm and setting up to promote their Co. They gave me a coach living in Trinidad: H. Mwabe who told me I had to make an appt. to speak to him, I did but he refused to deliver on time. Lastly, I opt out of this opportunity once i realize the coach MWALE and the Co. only support you once you join or upgrades shortly to their Black Card Membership… Masters program ($3,500 one time payment)This I believe is twisted, unfair with an hidden agenda. BOLO Scammers, ensure they carry a money back guarantee at least 30 days and use a good credit, not no debit card, to protect yourself.

  4. It’s just another pyramid scheme (aka multilevel selling, sounds more “professional” right?) Pyramid schemes are bad, without conscience, even anti-social.
    Someone pays so they are let in on the system, they then sell the exact same information to someone else and get to keep about half of that money, the rest goes up the pyramid (and lastly, depending on the number of participants, the creator of the scheme indirectly gets the most of it).
    Pyramid schemes exploit mostly the poorer people because they’re the most likely to buy into the system to try and make some money. This may even work for some, but the point is it never works for everybody the same way, and in fact there are more people who lose money in the end than there are winners, otherwise the system wouldn’t work. It’s basically just another one-sided way of money redistribution. Pyramid schemes are even illegal in many countries, but of course the scam involves a certain kind of secrecy and deception, so they never call it what it really is.
    Take care.

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