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My Advertising Pays Review – Is This a Scam Or Not?

Ponzi Scheme or Brilliant Business Model?

Scam or Not?

Today we review My Advertising Pays program located at and 0wned by Mike Dees and based out of Anguilla.

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What is this program called My Advertising Pays also referred to a MAPS?

To start with we will let you know we are not members but we received an email from someone we respect and wanted to dig a little deeper to find out if this is a scam or not.

This program is owned and operated by Mike Dees an Air Force veteran (we thank you for your service).

My Advertising Pays is basically an advertising platform consisting of banner and text ads with revenue sharing.

The way MAPS works that you purchase ad credits for 50$ and that turns into $60.

You get paid to click on ads, 10 per day for a specified time and you get paid for your time.

With your ad credits your advertising will be seen by other members and you will see there ads.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Granted it does not take long to view 10 ads but how effective is this advertising?

We say not very good.

We don’t think folks are viewing these ads looking for an opportunity or a product but rather are focused on being paid to view the ads.

We don’t blame them for this, it is how it works.

To be an affiliate of My Advertising Pays cost you $20 per month and then you are eligible for 10%  commissions on all advertising credits purchased by your personal referrals which could add up to a lot of money if you can recruit.

How long will this program last?

We can see this program lasting a long time as long they keep paying the members which keeps everyone happy.

Is this a scam?

We see a lot of blogs calling this a scam but the same people that call this a scam thinks everything is a scam except the program they are promoting.

You will have to make that decision for yourself but for us we don’t call it a scam.

We would like to hear from other members what your experience with My Advertising Pays is and what your opinion is.

If you don’t mind please leave your comments below and let us know.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan



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20 Comments on My Advertising Pays Review – Is This a Scam Or Not?

  1. Hi I have been with the company for about a year. I have no complaints whatsoever. I have made money every single day since joining. They have paid me every time, And my account is building daily.I must correct you on your statement above that says it cost $20 a month that is simply not true. There is a once a year membership and that is it. Please correct your statement so people are not confused. In my opinion this company is solid and have no reservations. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for the clarification and explanation.
    Are you saying that you don’t have to pay $20 monthly but $24.95 yearly?

    Charles & Susan

  3. Hi, There are no monthly fees. You can try it it out for 30 days free. There is a yearly fee of
    $ 24.99.That will earn you 6% from your referrals. $49.99 Semi Annual will earn you 8% from your referrals and %99.99 semi annual will earn you 10% from your referrals. Keep in mind that after a year you will be able to pay for your annual fees from the money you earned. Plus you will get more advertising value out of it for your other programs. Like I said before I have made money every day with this company. They pay every 20 minutes so you can see your income grow through out the day. Very addicting! There will be days you make a higher percentage than other days. It all depends on how many credit packs are purchased through out the system. It also depends on how many credit packs you have personally purchased, the more packs you get the more money you make. I hope this helps, if you need anymore info let me know.


    • Hi ,

      How is this program different than ASD Ad Cash Generator that landed the owner Andy Bowdoin in jail?
      It seems similar to us.
      We look forward to someone letting us know.
      Charles & Susan

  4. Hi Charles just check your page on MAP or MY Advertising Pays and some believe it is a scam . To bad as I sit here making money . Yes I have been a member fo less than a month and the amount of members I have met and that have invested at $50.a total of 1200 and are really getting paid . I know nothing works if they have not invented it. I love it because I now get paid to advertise. Any way MAP is not a scam John Martinez

  5. I think this is really interesting. Referral purchasing advertising pays you 10% commission. But i doubt on the legitness of the program yet.

  6. Just another revshare site ending as soon as the pockets are full enough, I seen it happen many times…good luck to those who are members…we learn as we go 😉

  7. williaam culhane // May 4, 2015 at 6:46 pm // Reply

    I made $674.00 so far and sold a click bank product through the advertising platform. I never made any money befor or sold any thing on the internet,so I guess you know where I stand..

  8. I was a member of MAPS for a long time, although I don’t use them anymore. You absolutely do not have to pay anything to be a member or to use their services. I was a free member the entire time I used MAPS.
    Also, it is safe to say MAPS is indeed NOT a scam!! I know many marketers who use this site and pay for ad campaigns and they get paid. MAPS does what it says it does. They are a good company for marketers to use.

  9. I have been with MAPS for some time now and have made nothing . I am not impressed with the set up.After surfing ten pages ,over five different pages because there are never ten different sites on any one page and after refreshing the page I can only click one ad at a time ,then I have to open a new page.I have not even been able to figure out how to post my ads. I bought ad packs but have not seen them.

    • Hi Charles,

      Sorry to hear about.
      MAPS no longer accepts US accounts so that is a red flag for us.
      We think we will have to change our opinion of this program to something
      we will not get involved with and caution should be used.

      Thank you for leaving your comments.
      Charles & Susan

  10. could you please investigate this site
    i strongly believe that it is a big scam. my experience being a member is really bad. my username as a member was goodsoul and email is
    regular mails were sent to me until my upgrade charges of $150. was paid.
    also, detailed members activities & reporting were not provided.

  11. I was in the original MAPS, then they had issues with Paypal and I lost my original investment and the profits I had made, I realise it was not down to them 100% that this happened, they had big issues with Paypal and ended up not being to use them to accept or pay out money and I did not wat to use any of the other payment processors that they were offering when they revamped MAPS so I ended up loosing everything, but to be fair it wasn’t a large amount, it was more the money that I re-invested from my profits as I did not withdraw any in an effort to compound my original investment.

    • Hi John,

      When we originally wrote this article MAPS looked alright but we have since changed our mind.

      They no longer do business in the USA which is a red flag for us and we think you are not the only one that lost money.

      Thank you for sharing.
      Charles & Susan

  12. Donald Brown // February 1, 2017 at 1:00 am // Reply

    Although I have never joined this program, just from reading the information here, that program is definately a proven scam. Youc an see straight through it because if they don’t accept U.S business, then there’s definately something wrong there and you shouldn’t join.

    That’s the problem with so many MMO programs today. They make all the big bold promises and claims but don’t deliver on any of their promises. Instead, they take lots and lots of people on a wild ride that just drains their pockets and their bank accounts.

    What you have to remember about scams is that if they continuously wave boatloads of money in your face and make claims that so many people are successful, and if they only talk about money and not their product; then it is high time to run as far away from that opportunity as you possibly can. Most online videos concerning online business only speak of boatloads of money that you can make and very little if anything about the product that you’re supposedly are going to sell.

    Remember, nobody and I do mean absolutely nobody can guarantee your success. That’s impossible to do. So if someone tells you that they can guarantee your success, then you know you should run the other way because it is obviously a scam.

    I have seen countless marketing videos and quite frankly, most all of them are the same. They show you them logging into their ClickBank account to show you all the money that they made first and foremost. That’s the game that they play on your emotions because if they can get you to see all that fake money that they made, then you too will believe that you will make that much also. That’s why they show you that stuff. They’re trying to get you to line their pockets. They caould care less about you and your success.

    All they care about is themselves and their success. They have absolutely no interest in you at all. Most online marketing is done the wrong way and without true honesty. People will do just about anything to get you to pay them some money for something even if it is waving hoards of money in your face.

    Just go on YouTube and watch some of the many hundreds of thousands of marketing videos and take notice of their similarities. It is mostly all about the money and very little about the product.

    The best thing that you can do is to sell your own products and services and do it in an honest and ethical way. That’s the best way to make money online. Getting involved in these huge programs that are run by other people is not such a hot idea if you ask me because you’re only lining their pockets.

  13. I am not part of this program,but the information here shows that those members testifying to it authenticity are the first set of people in the program. As we all know scam or no scam, they will want to satisfy there first users or members,because those members will be the one to testify and bring in more members. Base on the information here (not doing business in USA), this has really shown it is a scam

    • Hi Maryam,
      We were fooled by this program for a short time but after more research we learned this program was in fact a scam.
      We never joined it fortunately.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.
      Have a blessed day.
      Charles & Susan

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