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Got Safelist Review –A Legitimate Way to Make Money or Just Spam?

What Is Got Safelist and is it a scam or a fraud?

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Here is our review article on this marketing medium.

Got Safelist is a service that helps you to promote your business or product through email marketing. This involves sending ads to members or propects who have all opted in to receive them, therefore they would not be classed as spam.

Got Safelist differs from many of the other safelist services due to the fact that, as well as you paying them for a service, you can even make money using their site.

You can sign up for a free account at the site where you get a certain number of credits to try the service out. Credits pay for the ads you send, or you can trade them into cash (which is how you are able to make money with the system).

You can earn credits by: purchasing them, upgrading your account (to a paid membership), referring other users, or clicking links in other member’s emails that you receive from the safelist.

NOTE: the site makes it extremely hard to find out how much it costs to upgrade to a ‘PRO’ membership.

Is This A Scam?

There are two levels to – the safelist advertising and the potential to make money through email clicks and referrals earning you credits. Looking at the site and various reviews on the internet, it looks like both claims are legitimate.

But Does It Work?

While Got Safelist is legal, you should bear in mind the traditional criticisms of safelist advertising. Everyone who signs up to the list is a user like you who wants to advertise their services. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will be interested in your product. You may get a few clicks out of every couple of hundred emails sent. You will also receive a lot of emails when you sign yourself up as an advertiser.

Got Safelist increases the chance of your email being viewed by allowing users to earn credits by clicking email links. But this is still unlikely to lead to sales. Other methods of advertising are often much more cost effective with much more steady results.

The great thing is that you could use the product for free, by earning credits and referring members. However, you will need to pay to upgrade your membership if you want to send more emails or use HTML in your emails.

It also seems as though the service could help you earn money, but again this may take a lot more time and effort than the money it is worth.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett
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P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,000.00 Dollars In One Month?
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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

34 Comments on Got Safelist Review –A Legitimate Way to Make Money or Just Spam?

  1. I have never tried any sort of safelist. For me, it is all spam heaven.

    Why? Every safelist I know of (which is not many) sell a CD with the email addresses.

    As a safelist member I could, therefore, subscribe and confirm to their double optin–giving my permission to list members to send me legit email. But then they burn my adress and sells it to, say, John.

    After the sale, I unsubscribed and got removed from their current list. But my email is still in the sold burnt CD. So John spans me unknowingly. I report him, and he gets into trouble.

    Granted, this could be fixed if the list is handled by the list’s web server and never burnt and sold. That is not the way safelists I know of work.

    So, I consider anything to do with safelist spam until proved not spam.

  2. Sam Kuipers // March 7, 2009 at 2:24 pm // Reply

    I really like your blog and reviews.
    I’ve been a member of Gotsafelist for over 6 yrs
    and find it is one of the few safelists that
    is effective.


  3. Bill Walser // March 8, 2009 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    Hi Charles and Susan,It does seem counter productive to sell to sellers,(unless its something that everybody wants and just has to have like oxygen) the make for a dime sell for a buck,Holy Grail of products.I tend to agree with your summery in,A Legitimate Way To Make Money Or Just Spam. This may take a lot more time and efforrt than the money it is worth.I do see your blogs around here and there,and do find them informative and enjoyable to read.

    Bill W.

  4. I can’t say I agree with your comments about Fuel Legacy. I decided to try their product; I didn’t have great expectation… I drive an 06 ford Mustang GT, I was getting 17 MPG on each tank. I started to use their eeFuel product and saw an increase to 21 MPG. I have been using the product ever since and love it! I even got my friends to use it. Just saying don’t knock it until you try it. Thanks for your incite.

  5. Achmad Rofiq // May 29, 2009 at 8:03 am // Reply

    i am a new visitor, from what i see, read, and study, first impression that i can, look promising enough.

  6. The safelists are useful, because you can learn what’s going on in the market.

    You can decide which business to join, based on the longevity of the ads and the value of the program.

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    Diversify, and evaluate the business based on the return for your time and money.

    Dan Gabriel

  7. I am getting good results from safelists. I use them simply because there are always Newbies who may be looking to start a business.

  8. HI ALL

  9. I have never been sure what a safelist was. Early on, I read a little about them. It sounded like you could be signing up to receive emails from thousands of people if everyone you sent to, sent to your. I thank you for this review because it confirmed that my take on what I read is pretty accurate.
    Some might say to create a special email addy to use on safelists. Then they aren’t in an email you are using for true emails. If I do that, won’t all the people I am sending to do the same?

    I got the impression from the report that you might not feel as strongly against using safelists as I do but you pointed out what I don’t like about them.

  10. Daniel Pacitti // February 14, 2010 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    I have come to realise that most safelists and the like are really not at all what they claim to be! I have been a member of more than a half dozen and all I got was a tremendious amount of emails and the majority were responders or addresses that did not go to a person. I have heard there are a few good ones and would rather submit to free ads site, knowing what that will bring! I have recieved viruses, spyware and who knows what from list building sites! I have the McAfee reports to prove it. I have over 1300 of them in a 3 month period. I will stay away from them. Prove to me I am wrong and I will change my mind! If you think about it, selling to sellers really does’nt make sence. Better ways to build a list takes time and commitment, truthfullness and integrity. Honor what you do.

  11. There are many safelists out there and yes you might only get a few clicks or page views from every hundred or so sent, but if used correctly safelists can have a good effect. I use maybe 20 different sasfelists each week and gotsafelist while not be the best it is no the worst either. At least they send your mail and you get traffic from it, unlike others I have used in the past. I would rate it 6/10 compared to other safelists but compared to effective advertising all safelists are the same 2/10.

  12. Carolyn Waters // February 20, 2010 at 12:03 am // Reply

    Got Safelist is one of my favorites because I never have to click for credits and I get lots of hits. I have quite a lot of people sign up under me as a result of the banners they provide. I place them on every list that allows me banners.

  13. Back in 1995 when I first got started in internet marketing I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Got Safelist about another venture he owned at that time as well. He was responsive, available, concerned and very helpful. Our interaction has probably had a lot to due to lift my confidence of knowing there are more legitimate people online than not.

  14. Greg Neale // July 11, 2010 at 2:51 am // Reply

    While most safelists are rubbish, a few actually do deliver positive reults. Positive results of course depend on what you chose to advertise.

    From my tracking I can confirm that GotSafelist is one of the better safelists out there.

    From my experience with advertising sites in general, the quality of a program often reflects the integrity of it’s owner/owners.

  15. Theresa Johnson // July 31, 2010 at 4:14 pm // Reply

    I have been using “gotsafelist” for a few months and I find that I have been receiving more traffic……it all depends on what your product is.

    Plus I like the incentives, bonuses and lottery.

  16. michael baker // November 4, 2011 at 3:34 am // Reply

    I am actually a free member of got safelist.
    The jury is still out as far as I am concernd.
    I find that State of the Art Mailer is one of the best.
    I am in quite a few safelist but I dont think it is worth the time.You dont find many seo advisers or people who claim to be experts promoting them.I think that they are an industry all on thier own.

  17. I have been a member of GOT Safelist for over 8 years. It was one of the first safelists I used. Have never had any problems with it and would recommend it to anyone starting out. Lots of credits are available to use for posting.

  18. Safelist work and so does GOT safelist. I have been using them successfully for years. You have to understand who you are marketing to. The people who join safelist are there to get more traffic. If you market something to help people get more traffic that leads to your sales funnel then you do very good. If you are trying to market your program in a safelist, in my opinion, your wasting your time.

    The big key to safelist is the subject of the email. You have to get their attention quickly without lying to them.

    Some safelist work and like has been already said if you are willing to track what you do, market or give away a product that helps them get traffic and write good subject lines the conversion rate is good enough to invest the time.

    GOT has been around for awhile and is a reliable one.

  19. Safelist advertising works and there is not a successful full time marketer that does not use them

    Can you make a living using 1 safelist? No-

    You need to use minimum of 50 -and you must upgraded at each, which you can do without spending a dime out of your own pocket-Just upgrade at 1 and you are set

    Unless you upgrade at a site-do not bother joining-the amount of mail you need to open for the few you can mail will drive you insane.

    I have members making 400,000 a year-using the correct combination of Safelists and Traffic Exchanges- they mail to 100 safelists- never run out of credits and never spend a dime of their own money to upgrade.
    How- they use the TripleA Plan- which is free to download at conversionsurf dot com

    The TripleAPlan works for 100% of those that us it

  20. Christine Lammermann // October 10, 2013 at 3:32 am // Reply

    I am a member of Got Safelist and love the Credits they give , can send out my ad and do not be busy with surfing, that for me is really good!

  21. I actually like one safelist and it’s called Click or return. You can get your credits back if a user doesn’t click on your link.

    Lets say you sent 1000 e-mails and if 50 gets clicked you got your 950 credits back.

    Of course having your own list is the best. I’m building mine if anyones interested:

  22. It is OK, I used that safelist

  23. Success always to, I saw so complete review of the business both online and are very helpful to add insight.

  24. Using safe-lists can really be a lot of work and they are mostly ineffective. Soon your e-mail box will be loaded with hundreds of mails that you are expected to view. If your ad is completely unique and grabs the attention of the viewer right away, you might get some results. Good luck with that, since so many people are promoting the same thing; other safe-lists.

  25. A couple of comments. The comment that all Safelist take your addresses and burn them to a CD and sell them I know personally not to be true. I have several good friends who run Safelist and they are some of the most ethical people I know and do not or would not sell there members emails. That would be counterproductive and eventually destroy their business.
    Got Safelist is no better or no worse than any other well run Safelist. That is a big key with Safelist that they are well run. Got Safelist is one of them.

    I have used Safelist for years and actually remember when Got Safelist and other long time Safelist like Herculist came out. They have always been and always will be good advertising only if you understand that it is a very targeted market and market to that need. You do that you do very well with Safelist. Don’t do that and you will get a few clicks for a lot of work.

    Is Got Safelist a scam. No a scam does not stay online as long as they have for one. Is Got Safelist effective advertising. Not for most people. For the ones that learn how to market on a Safelist and what to market then Got List is one of the better ones that gets you a high return.

    Safelist are what you make of them and the owners I know on Safelist are not out to scam anyone or sell there emails. As anything be careful who you deal with just like any other business. Just like there are good Car Dealers and bad Car Dealers Safelist are the same one. Only difference it is easier to find the good Safelist. Find the good Safelist and the results are great.

    • Hi Bo,

      We use safelist a little not to sell but to join our mailing list
      and maybe we can sell them something down the road.
      You are correct about safelist that you have to use them in the proper
      way and you can have some success with them.

      They are just another piece of the puzzle.

      Thank you for leaving your comments.
      Charles & Susan

  26. In my opinion from my experience …
    Everyone on a safelist is trying to do the same thing, sell their stuff!
    If everyone is a seller and they are all looking for a buyer, the success ratio is low …
    BUT, If you want to generate what looks like good traffic to a search engine, use a safelist. If you got no money, it’s a way to do it.
    But if you have some money and value your time at all, don’t do it.

  27. Joseph Cheek // August 6, 2016 at 2:57 am // Reply

    I feel I have to interject here. I agree that there are some good, and not so good, safelists out there. They do work, if you’re using them the right way.

    So, what’s the right way? It’s using safelists to build your own list. The thing about building your own list, though, is that you need to apply the same rule for safelist marketing. Give value to your subscribers, just as you did when advertising on the safelist. I mean, that’s how you got them on your own list. Safelists are best used for this purpose – lead generation. Give value to your list, but only promote programs, not related to traffic or lead generation, to those subscribed to your list. Nobody using safelists will likely be interested in business opportunities, since that’s what they’re promoting. And, for goodness sake, track your advertising on these platforms. This is the only way to really determine which are worth focusing on, and which to dump, because they don’t work effectively.

    Hope this helps, and sorry about providing the long winded lesson.

    Joseph Cheek
    The Newbie’s Best Friend

  28. As far as I see it’s a legitimate and honest way for making money, I wish GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBDDY DOING THIS

  29. I tried free and paid version of GSL.It helped me to find many prospects.
    Thanks C&S

  30. I’ve tried marketing with safelists and haven’t found any real success through any of the ones I tried with. My take on safelists is their main function is getting “clicks” other than that they aren’t very effective for email marketing. It is there to bring eyeballs to your message and if your message is compelling enough to get someone to take action on it then you have accomplished your objective.

    However, for the most part a safelist is generally to mainly getting clicks to generate credits for those who are less likely to take action on anyone’s offers.

    So for the most part if your just looking to have eyeballs on your offer even just for a few seconds, then a safelist can do that very well for you.

    If your looking to generate sales through a safelist, your better off promoting some other place as safelists are mainly just to generate clicks for credits, primarily for people brand new to the online marketing world, (newbies).

  31. I cannot say that Got Safelist is a SCAM. And I think this is the point most of your respondents are missing. They agree or disagree whether safelists are effective or not, but none of them mention that Got Safelist is either a scam or not… which WAS the question.
    I used safelists for a few years, a few years ago, including Got Safelist, but I stopped using them because none of them was performing well. BUT A SCAM… NO! a scam is something that cons you out of money, how can you lose money to them when their service is FREE?

  32. John Worsham // November 3, 2019 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    I have used Got Safelist fo many years as a gold member. Suddenly about a year ago they had a problem with PayPal. Now They have no pay processor listed. They don’t have the courtesy to answer my support tickets, I have spent several thousand dollars with them over the last 10 years. I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. Do you have access to the owners private email? If so I would like to contact him.

    I Always Had Very Good Results At Got Safelist.

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