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Hello everyone.

One of the major problems MLM marketers incur especially new folks is Lead Generation who are ready to buy.

Does this remind you of anything?


Advertising an affiliate or a home based downline program with all the competition from others is tough.

Especially tough are MLM Nutritional Network programs.

Let’s face it: No Targeted Leads = No Sales.

If you want to make money at home with whatever business opportunity you are promoting you need a good quality reliable supply of cheap opt in bulk email autoresponder leads.

Good qualified fresh leads used to be hard to come by and not blow your marketing budget.

Not Anymore!

What we did was identify the problem: “Lead Generation”


Introducing Lead King.

With Lead King you have an endless supply of fresh home based business leads for your opportunity.

1,oo0 Daily leads for you to use as you see fit.

They are all fresh with phone, IP address and spam free.

We also provide you with autoresponder resources that allow you to import your new email leads.

Visit Lead King today and we think you will agree while not free, they are inexpensive and effective.

Happy Marketing!

Best Regards,

Charles & Susan

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7 Comments on Review – Read This Before You Buy.

  1. Elizabeth Jane // September 12, 2014 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    You have mentioned LEAD KING…. and I would like to know the price structure.

    Does Partnersinsuccess…do nothing but provide leads.? Where are your
    Ezine “pages”….where a person can send out an Ezine.?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your interest in LeadKing
      The fee is 19.99 per month which includes 1000 fresh business opportunity email leads per day.
      These are folks who have expressed an interest in a MLM biz opp who are ready to buy.
      There are also other price plans available which include 6 months for 49.00, annual 1 year membership for 99.00 and lifetime membership for 299.00.

      Past issues of our Ezine are located here:

      We are in the process of adding more issues from our old site but it is taking some time.

      When you say “Where a person can send out an Ezine?”
      If you are referring to to our Ezine Solo Ads they are located here:

      We have been a provider of Ezine Marketing for 10 years and our clients have had good results.
      If we can be of further assistance just let us know.
      Best regards,
      Charles & Susan

  2. Lead King sounds interesting indeed.

    • Hi Bruno,

      You will be surprised what 1,000 leads per day will do for your business.
      We use these leads as well as many others do and they never fail to convert every day.

      It is a numbers game, you MUST have fresh prospects going into the funnel and you will make sales. End of story.
      Unlike other lead companies we offer a three day trial so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
      You also get a bunch of free stuff and access to a list of autoresponders you can use the leads with.
      Take a look at Lead King and see what we mean.

      Charles & Susan

  3. It really is a numbers game. I will have a look into it.

  4. Are the leads for MLM make money opportunity only or also for other Make money opp, like digital products promotions as affiliates?

    • Hi Harry,

      The leads are mainly in the make money niche but they will also work for affiliate products and software especially if you send them to a capture page FIRST and send them a series of emails, you know follow up with them.
      Let us know if we can be of further assistance.
      Charles & Susan

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