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Abundant Living System Review Scam Or Legitimate Biz Opp?

We have to say upfront we are not big fans of cash gifting or any other program where you have no product.

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With that being said a lot of online marketers flock to this sort of program because you can make a lot of money in a short period.

Abundant Living System or ALS is one of the newer kids on the block right now and is being promoted heavily as an affordable cash gifting program unlike others such as The Overnight Cash System (AKA) TOCS which can cost as much as ten thousand dollars and also a monthly fee.

The ALS website states states the payplan as a one up meaning you give your first sale to your sponsor but once you are qualified at any level you are qualified at all levels. This is unique as most other programs with this type payplan require you qualify on the higher levels before you can receive gifts on that level.

According to the website you can get started with a hundred and fifty dollars and a admin fee of fifty dollars a year. You can also plug into the monthly advertising co-op and hire them to call back your prospects and attempt to close them for you at an additional fee. They also have higher levels all the way up to five thousand dollars.
We are suckers for nice looking websites and they do have a nice looking site and colorful graphics.

OK, now for the ten thousand dollar question.

Is This Legal?

To tell you the truth we don’t know. If you ask other cash gifters they will give you a link on the IRS’s website which does state you can give gifts up to a certain amount a year. We are not lawyers but don’t think this is the spirit of the law.

The question remains whether Abundant Living System is a scam or not?

We say no it is not a scam but it isn’t our cup of tea.

If you are involved in ALS or have any comments place them below.

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Charles & Susan

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