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Epic Wealth Systems Review Illegal Cash Gifting Scam?

How Does Epic Wealth Systems Work?

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Is it a Fraud or Ponzi?

How about an illegal Cash Gifting Pyramid Scheme ?

In this review article we set out to find out.

When you visit the epic wealth systems website, you will have to enter a name and email address to access the information. This will allow you to proceed through the site and join their money making website. Epic wealth systems will send you emails, so you can choose not to use your primary email address if you wish.

After entering your email address, you will proceed through some of the information and instructions on how this system can make you money. You will notice that Epic Wealth Systems uses ‘cash gifting’ to make you money. This basically means you must pay a fee when you sign up, or ‘gift’, and when you get users to sign up under you, you will make money from their own payment.

Is Cash Gifting Legitimate?

You may have heard of this sort of system of making money before, and there is question as to whether it is legitimate. Of course most money making programs of this type require you to recruit people, but the act of making a payment purely for joining and relying on other members to make this payment raises alarm bells. This effectively means you are paying a gift rather than buying any actual product.

Many cash gifting systems in the past have been proven scams – pyramid schemes in which those at the bottom will always lose out once they can no longer recruit anymore people, and those at the top take a cut of each payment made.

Cash gifting schemes will often quote the constitutional right to make cash gifts to anyone. However, you should bear in mind that the payment ‘gift’ involves no product and an agreement that you do not legally expect anything in return. For these reasons you should be extremely careful when looking to sign up to any cash gifting scheme.

Epic Wealth Systems itself is based on an initial fee ranging from $100 to $5000 depending on your level.

Can It Make You Money?

Over the internet you will find mixed opinions on this system. Cash gifting in general has worked to make people money, and therefore people have made money from programs such as Epic Wealth Systems.

In short, you will need guidance and marketing tools to effectively get people to sign up underneath you and to make money. People are quick to point out that this way of making money is out of kindness, and a simple gift as an individual that is not related to a specific business or product. However, this really is a grey area and you should be careful to do your research if you choose to try and make money this way.

We choose not to be involved in cash gifting because we can make just as much and more legally straight to our account. If you are interested check our:

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Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett

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    my cell number is 251 366 7219

  2. Phil Miranda // May 28, 2009 at 11:40 am // Reply

    Phil Miranda here… Excellent explanation on the truth about what cash gifting is and what cash gifting is not. Much success to you!

    Phil Miranda

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