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Any Push Button Xtreme Reviews? Is PBX a Scam?

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Anybody got any experience or a review with this program called PushButton Xtreme?

$15K A Month Starting Now
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Upon first look this thing screams Scam to us.

Earn up to $1980.00 Per month. Just get in line and get paid!

Yea right, where have we seen that before?

We filled out the form and and we were taken to the next page where the payplan is explained.

The payplan is called Cycling Forced Matrix where new members join below you and you are forced up.

The money from new members is used to pay the other members.

This is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme.

There is a one time set up fee of sixty seven dollars and a monthly fee of thirty seven dollars.

We have no doubt the ones who got in early will make a lot of money but the ones who didn’t are out of luck.

We welcome all comments one way or the other, just keep it civil.

Personally, we are not going to join this and we place this in the Scam folder.

What do you think about this?


Charles & Susan

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60 Comments on Any Push Button Xtreme Reviews? Is PBX a Scam?

  1. Crystal Pennington-Weckerly // January 24, 2009 at 11:34 pm // Reply

    Hi Charles and Susan,

    I can’t disagree in the income diclaimer, it’s pretty out there in
    terms of realistic. Anyone who believes that PBX means “push
    a button” and money will spit out of their PC are strongly earged
    by me, not to join on that account.

    However, I am a member of PBX but I will not be biased due to
    that. What I can say is that the PBXMessenger, PBXResponse,
    PBXcapture pages and marketing system, is IDEAL for anyone
    who joins for the purpose of owning the tools to build an opt-in
    list. That is what PushButtonXtreme is, push a button capture
    page, push the next button and attach the AR, push another
    button and your site is live and ready for subscribers in any niche,
    mlm, network marketing, affiliate programs ect.

    Using the PBX system, I established 126 subscribers in 2 days. The
    product offered is definetly no scam, it works and works flawlessly.
    I don’t believe you could get more value for the price of PBX

    In terms of the money train? If you’re a pro and already own an
    opt-in list or have the resources to build a business with PBX, go
    for it. If you are new to online ventures and actually believe you
    can get paid big money doing nothing…please, PBX is not for you,
    unless you are planning to use the tools and get the training to be
    successful with list building using PBX.

    Just my opinion, thanks for letting me share 🙂

    Crystal Pennington-Weckerly
    MOS Network Admin

  2. Martin Withers // January 25, 2009 at 7:22 pm // Reply

    Sounds like another 12dailypro to me, regards, Martin.

  3. I don’t see what they you are saying on the site?

    This is a matrix that is actually set up
    with a lot of thought. I am including
    and explanation from Scott Whacker
    the owner at the end of this message.

    The program is not a ponzi scheme

    It is a list building site using capture pages
    which I am all for.
    And yes of course it is going to slow down
    after an initial run for those who don’t
    promote but since there is a monthly
    fee which includes the list building part
    this is onefabulous site for serious people
    whowant residual income.

    It has stickablilty because those that
    set up there capture pages are not
    going to want to leave them

    Scott and Kevin run two very responsible
    programs on the net. Profimatic and Lawn
    Chair Millionaire and this is the third and
    and I predict it will be around for a long

    Those who got in early will cycle in the
    matrixes and those that don’t will take
    a lot longer but as you can see from
    Scott’s explanation, it is desinged to
    help those who can'[t promote.

    If you haven’t signed up yet I hope you will
    join me

    All the best
    Jo Beiger

    PS Scott explanation of the matrix
    You can share this with anyone who wants to know
    If you were to start drawing a 2×10 matrix before
    reading this explanation, it will be much more clear.

    Draw one circle at the top of your page. That’s level 1.
    Draw 2 circles under it. Thats level 2. Draw 2 circles
    under each of the circles on level 2. Thats level 3 and
    it has 4 circles on it.

    Now draw 2 circles under each of the 4 circles on
    level 3. Thats level 4 and it has 8 circles on it. Now
    draw 2 circles under each of the 8 circles on level 4.
    Thats level 5 and it has 16 circles on it.

    Keep going. Soon you’ll see that as you go down in
    levels, the number of members per level grows.

    And also notice that if you were the left circle on level
    2, the 3rd and 4th circle on level 3 are not under you.
    Neither are the 5th – 8th circles on level 3. But the other
    circles on levels 2 and 3 are under you.

    Also notice that if you are the 8th circle on level 3, the
    first few circles who join on level 4 are not under you.

    Understanding the above will make this explanation
    more clear.

    Typically, in other matrix programs your position in the
    matrix never changes. Where you get placed when you
    join is where you stay. And you get paid based on how
    many people are below you in the matrix.

    Of course the deeper you are in the matrix, the less likely
    it is that new members would fall under you. As you go
    to deeper levels in a matrix, there are more and more
    people on those levels. Deep levels have thousands of
    members on the same level. At those levels it is rare
    that new members actually get placed under you. Instead,
    new members get placed beside you on the same level
    you are on, which does not benefit you.

    For this reason we did not design the EXTREME matrix
    as a typical static matrix. We disagree with designing a
    matrix were people get stuck at worthless, lower levels
    and never make any money, while sitting around getting
    promised thousands of dollars that will never happen all
    due to their permanent position in the matrix.

    The EXTREME Matrix was designed in a way to get
    money into the hands of everyone. Rather than making
    people wait for thousands and thousands to join under
    them before they get paid, which for most people never
    happens, we divided the payout requirements into
    smaller sections.

    The EXTREME Matrix is a company wide 2×14 forced
    matrix. So all members are in the same matrix. Your
    position in the EXTREME matrix is not static. Your
    position in the EXTREME matrix changes as current
    members above you in the matrix cycle, and are pulled out.

    As new members join they are placed in the next available
    spot in the matrix. As existing members cycle, they are
    pulled out of the matrix above you and are then re-entered
    in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom of the matrix.

    The matrix has 5 payout levels which are $27, $57, $97, $127
    and $167. Once you get 27 people placed under you in the
    matrix you cycle, get paid $27, and then you are pulled
    out of your current position and re-entered in the matrix in
    the next available spot at the bottom. Then when you get
    57 under you in the matrix you cycle, get paid $57, and then
    you are pulled out of your current position and re-entered
    in the matrix in the next available spot at the bottom.
    Then when you get 97 under you in the matrix you cycle,
    get paid $97, and then you are pulled out of your current
    position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available
    spot at the bottom. Then when you get 127 under you in
    the matrix you cycle, get paid $127, and then you are
    pulled out of your current position and re-entered in the
    matrix in the next available spot at the bottom. Then
    when you get 167 under you in the matrix you cycle,
    get paid $167, and then you are pulled out of your current
    position and re-entered in the matrix in the next available
    spot at the bottom.

    $167 is the 5th payout level. Once you cycle at that level
    you start over at needing 27 people to be placed under
    you in the matrix.

    So to recap, as members above you in the matrix cycle
    and get repositioned to the bottom of the matrix, this
    causes those members below to move vertically up in
    the matrix one spot. As you keep getting bumped up
    vertically one position you are also moving to a new level.

    Say you are on level 10 and you get bumped up to
    level 9. Because level 9 has way less people on it
    than level 10, the likelihood of another member getting
    placed under you is that much greater. Meaning, that
    you will start to cycle faster.

    Think of a triangle – wide at the bottom, narrow at the
    top. If you are half way down the triangle and on the
    far left side, new members who join arent always
    placed under you. Many are getting placed over on
    the right side. But as you move towards the top where
    the triangle is more narrow, more of these new members
    are falling under you.

    So the higher you get bumped in the matrix, the faster
    you start getting people placed under you. So if you
    have gotten your $127 payout and you are now waiting
    for 167 people to be placed below you in the matrix,
    AND if you are far down in the matrix, you will get
    a few people here and there placed below you but
    as you keep bumping up the levels, people start getting
    placed under you faster because you are higher in the
    matrix where the levels are narrower which means
    more people are falling under you.

  4. Felix Becker // January 26, 2009 at 2:11 pm // Reply

    Sounds all good so far! Only concern when I read that operators are from Miami/Florida: Is Phil Piccolo (people who never heard that name, google his name) involved? If so, we all may say ‘bye bye’ to our money!!!

  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    In our WordPress stats we already see searches for:

    I am not cycling in the pbx

    Maybe we are wrong about this, But we doubt it.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Charles & Susan

  6. Crystal Pennington-Weckerly // January 28, 2009 at 12:40 am // Reply

    Hi Charles and Susan,
    You are absolutely correct and have every right to your opinion and the advise you offer your readers.

    I wanted to come back and see the converse that had followed since I posted…it does seem some understand the Extreme Matrix development much better than I did, which was very helpful to me (thank you Jo Beiger).

    What I understood, was that when you cycled, you would receive an email of those details. I was nearly to write that I had not cycled since joining on the 22nd. However, while working on a new capture page tonight I thought to check my commissions. As it turns out, I have cycled, not once but three times and was completely unaware of it. Therefore, I have to say the Extreme Matrix is working for me, but hopefully a notice to support that their emails are not coming through for the cycling will ease those who have cycled but don’t know it.

    Is this the case for any others?

    Thanks for allowing me to comment here.


  7. I only think this program works if you sign up early. I know a few people who are trying out this program and haven’t seen any dramatic results that they claim. Although I don’t believe this is scam, I smell deception with some of their ads. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Only time will tell within the next few months.

  8. I just want to know if it’s true and really works before I invest in it.It claims “up to $1980.00 a month” TO ME THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY!! It does not say that is what you will get. I would like to know the average pay for a month with out sponsering anyone. so if any members can give me a ball park price. and how often I would haft to push the red button. I would be very greatful.
    P.S I would prefer to hear from some that has only been a member for a month or two.
    thank you

  9. Hi, Thank you all for the interesting comments. bI have lost a lot of money with all sorts of schemes on the internet. One of the the so claimed lawn chair millionaire. It is not there fault they are smarter than me. However they started of similar to push button extreme stating a x amount of $ when you join waiting for you even showing on the web page how the amount was accumulating. After you join it is a total different story. This is a ponzi scheme there is no other name for it. The only people that will make money are those that got in early. The only thing that make it a legal business is the mailing list you can get.

    Please be very careful and investigate first.

    As Charles and Susan said it is there opinion and I tend to agree with them. Good luck to those that join late


  10. Yes just wanted to say since i joined on the 28th i have not recycled once in fact i have not even moved 1 spot stuck in limbo in the matrix need neo’s help, loads of people are joining daily still not moving so if you get put in a certain place in the matrix you dont move just wanted to add my 2 cents worth thank you.

  11. I agree Rudy, I am in the same boat. I have cycled once and I am now stuck in limbo like you. It says I need another 57 members to join before I cycle again, problem is that its been saying this for over a week now……………..I am smelling SCAM!!

  12. I am on my third day at Pushbutton xtreme being stuck at level 13 with no movements at all. While those people at higher levels are moving and earning. At this rate, the $495 per week cannot be attained as promised and only those people at higher levels are earning. Being stuck at level 13 means you need 8192 people before you can get your 2 downlines out of 27 people before you cycle. Am I wrong in choosing Pushbutton xtreme and I just throw away my $107 enrollment fee which is my very last fund after I get layed-off from my current job? How will I feed my family then…

    here’s my site to verify that I really joined this system:

  13. Hello everyone,

    We are not surprised to see folks not cycling.
    That is what happens to all these cycle type programs.
    Any program that says “Just get in line and get paid” stay
    away and far away.
    We believe this program was started by the the same crooks
    that started LawnchairMillionaire scam.

    Rex we feel for you, we really do.
    One thing we always tell folks we speak with on the phone or
    through email is not to use your rent, mortgage, grocery money
    etc.. to join ANY program.

    We thank everyone for taking the time to stop by and leaving comments.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  14. Newsflash!!!!! I just got terminated from PushButtonXtreme! I sent an email to the address they posted in (abuse at but all I received is a Mailer-Daemon Failure notice saying “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table”. I cannot login to my account. So they actually “steal” the money from a jobless man seeking to improve his financial status. Right now, I have these things in mind:

    1. They should reinstate my account, I will not cancel my membership even after the 30-day period they advertise. I am not after the refund. I just want to see if after a month, I can earn money from their system. I can even promote their site if this happen.

    2. If after a week I stayed terminated, I will use all my time (which is pretty much a lot being jobless) to broadcast to the world how their system will not work, and discourage people from joining their system and their future programs. I already did my own review and just waiting for the right time to reveal.

    Either way, I will put-up my own website, social networking sites, forums and hubpages dedicated for them. How the content goes will depend on how they act on my termination case. Keyword would be PUSH BUTTON XTREME SCAM. Good publicity or bad publicity all depends on them.

  15. If you are not one of the top dogs or signed up right under one, it doesn’t seem to work. I joined a week ago, have been stuck in the same spot the entire time, paid them 160.00 to send out 4500 “emails”. Not one sign up. But remember it was SUPPOSED to be that you didn’t have to sign anyone up. The way I see it, even if someone had signed up with me, and the other FOUR people in my matrix don’t get anyone, it really doesn’t do any good. Rudy…Thank you so much for your post. I will make sure that I cancel the same way. They are not getting another dime of my money!!! I am also going to get the acct. # on the credit card I used, changed. The return(if they give it to me)will still credit. Take care. Maria

  16. Just cancelled, feel better now, just was not confident I was gonna make any money out of it. I got the feeling that after I cycled to $27 they wanted me to ‘buy’ a credit card for $20 ! I just did’nt and waited till I cycled again, but I did’nt and have been stuck in limbo for all eternity. I reckon this will fizzle out eventually, at least I’ve bought Jane Mark a few cocktails………scammer!!

  17. I have been invited but am very skeptical….Is there anything online that REALLY WORKS?


  18. Kirston Murray // February 11, 2009 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    I was contemplating on signing up with these people but looking at the comments I have lost all confidence with this.

    I was just waiting to see the comments of people that have already signed up with them just to see how they are doing, which dos’nt seem to be very successful.

    I shall keep on looking for something more genuine to do but the problem is the Internet is saturated with rogues and spoils it for all the genuine opportunities out there and you seem to look at all of them as scams in the end.

    If only there was a way to close them all down especially in the financial situation we have throughout the world.

    I am glad that I found your site to look over as I might have been another one to get scammed…

    Regards to all and be careful whatever you do…

    (United Kingdom)

  19. Yes just a little update pushbuttonxtreme support has not e-mailed me concerning my refund request and now since i have canceled i can no longer reach there support i suggest you request refund and wait and see if you get it before canceling that way you can still keep in touch with support not that they will answer any ways but at least you can still communicate. Michael and Kirston if you are looking for something honest and legitimate e-mail me at thanks.

  20. WOW!!! Nice blog site! I almost purchased “pushbuttonextreme” but after reading the blogs, NO WAY! Charles&Susan THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!

  21. I’ve also emailed support to request a refund, and yes you guessed it…… response……So please stay away from these money sucking thieves!!

  22. Thanx to all as I was about to signup. I lost my job after 14 years there last week and I’m most likely going to lose my house so it all sounded great altho that lil voice in my head was saying “too good to be true, pass, pass” I had a stupid moment!!

    Thanx for helping me back to reality!!

    Guess I don’t need a house anyway!!


  23. Hey room OK I was in the same boat with pbx I spent over $400 on advertising online ,google adds,yahoo adds,the pbx emailer,guaranteed traffic websites youtube. So I think I can atleast say I gave this pbx system 100% And ok i have moved maybe 5spots since I joined BIG Deal! I will say right now that its a SCAM and people giving it good reviews are just trying to fool YOU like they did ME. So if I saved atleast one pearson money I em HAPPY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME JONATHAN

  24. I had cycled $27 about 10 days after joining PBX. Nothing else happened……got the 57 people needed under you to cycle the next cycle. I realized that I probably won’t cycle that much at all…and that I would mostly be paying my monthly fee’s instead of actually making any money here. The only people making money here are the one’s referring others…in this SCAM – VERY MISLEADING to people who plan on not referring. I requested a refund of the $37.90 well before the 30 days…..and all I got was a notice saying they closed my account. NO mention of my request for refund.
    Now I cannot log in to try to contact them……because the account is closed. I found an old email from them…and wrote to support again saying they closed the account…but didnt give me the refund……going on 6 days now….no response.

  25. I have recieved a few emails about pbx. Anything that says just join and get paid, is remote at best. The only way to make money online, and in networking is to go to work. Learn, study, practice, and take action.

  26. Just wanted to update from my previous post – I did receive my refund of $37.90 finally today – But I still am not sure about this program and don’t think it will last. I am glad that they honored the refund policy. When they closed my account with no mention of the refund….and it took quite a few days…… concerned me.

    Hope those of you who choose to stay with PBX…..that you will be successful. Just be cautious.

  27. Well I wished I had found this forum before signing up 5 days ago. I haven’t moved one spot and was planning on purchasing the least amount of leads today. But when I logged into my account, it says that the system was being updated check back.

    I had two questions for support and opened a ticket. It took them several days to get back to me but they finally did.

    When I joined, I never believed that I could make even the $27 and cycle once without sponsoring anyone.

    I’ll keep everyone updated with my progress (or lack of progress), but I don’t think I am going to get too far. I’m reading posts from the end of January where people are calling that a late sign-up date. So I guess mid February will make me no profits at all.

  28. THIS SITE TOOK AWAY $104.00!!!

    I never cycle after a month of joining?! Never got any kind of refund back whatsoever….

    This site is still so new, and there hasn’t been much review about it lately. So be careful guys!

  29. Hi guys ,I haven’t joined up with PBX , first wanted to do same research but by the comments on this site I have changed my mind.

    I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some insight on the fact that if PBX is a scam then why does a site like seems to highly recommend it.


  30. Hi everyone,

    We are glad to see some seem to get refunds but some do not.

    If they don’t give you a refund just contact your credit card

    company and they will get their attention. Guaranteed.

    Shaqueel, Scamxposer does not really expose scams.

    They call some programs scams but what they are really doing
    is trying to sway you to join their program.

    It’s only a scam to them when it is convenient to them.

    We write real reviews and we don’t call a program a scam

    unless we know in our hearts it is a scam.

    PBX fits in that category.

    We are not going to sacrifice our integrity to make a dollar.

    When you have been in this business as long as we have you will

    notice that these are the same people who jump on these bandwagons

    over and over again.

    They are called “Program Hoppers”.

    Just do your research and do what your gut instinct tells you and you
    won’t go wrong.

    Thank you again for stopping by and reading and leaving your comments.

    If we can be of assistance just holler.

    Charles & Susan

  31. Debora Humphries // March 5, 2009 at 10:58 pm // Reply

    Charles and Susan,

    I was very disappointed with PBX. I had ordered the 4500 leads program for $169 and I cycled once worth $27, for joy. I got out of that SCAM immediately.

    I also learned a hard lesson, the big guys promoting this program who are millionaires (I won’t mention any names!) We all know. When you buy a product and attempt to try and help yourself, they are continuously bombarding you with another GREAT thing.

    They tell you how you can miss out on the money, personally I believe they are missing out on a GREAT DEAL of money! If they would actually take the time to advertise a program that would take a new marketer and help them to learn to avoid scams and actually make money and stick to that one program, they would have a great deal of the 98% failures as loyal customers for life (go figure, put a dollar amount on that and you will be unbelievable rich.)

    Instead they go by the dollar for a moment attitude. I personally now delete every email from any of them that I once looked up too and I shun their mentor programs after getting a call weeks after losing soooo much money.

    I found an excellent program that I won’t even bother mentioning (as I am not advertising here). I am so happy to be out of the loop of small time marketing.

    I do appreciate the fact that you both are taking the time to review these programs and ask others opinions. Too bad all the new marketers do not have access to this information first.


    God Bless

    Debora Humphries

  32. I’m confused here. So the whole purpose of this page is to put down other companys and programs just so people will join yours? I mean is this how this all works? You two are seeling the IPC program right? Are you two making $8,000.00 a month like you claim? Sounds too good to be true! If it smells like a dog, looks like dog and sounds like a dog, must be a dog. Now insert the word scam in that last sentence. I want to know! Are there any honest people out there any more on the internet? Scam after scam after scam! I want to know how you people sleep at night. Is there any honest program out there? I need to know that I’m not wasting my time searching for it! Does it exist? All I want is to help support and take care of my two children. I don’t care if it’s even $100 dollars a week. Every little bit counts. Please if there is an honest person out there who can help me, let me know! Thank you for your time, and I hope all you scammers take what I’ve said to heart. CJ

  33. PBX is a scam pure and simple. Anyone want to go to Florida?? These people should be hung! I really didn’t expect to make $495 a week doing nothing but I thought I might cycle a few times a month since I joined on the 23rd of Jan.

    Two words of advice. STAY AWAY!

  34. CJ,

    The only reviews on this site that we called a scam
    are Worldwide Loan Club and PBX.

    Worldwide Loan Club was a scam and we think PBX is also.
    We don’t bash sites just to get them to join us in another

    Actually we encourage folks if they have a program that is
    working for them, by all means stick with it.

    More power to them!

    And yes we do promote the IPC program and we have done
    very well with it.

    When we make a sale we get paid,nobody touches our money
    but us.

    And yes we do also put our ads on our blog, but we do not

    promote any scams.

    Thanks again for your comments and we hope you do find
    something you enjoy and profitable.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  35. I joined PBX, but then canceled my membership. They state”$1980./mo, and with just 1 referral, cycle an unlimited number of times” In my opinion, the income pitch is nothing but hype. I signed up 1 person, and got stuck a the #53 position for a month! In my opinion, PBX is not an up front, honestly advertised op.

  36. I believe you’re right about PBX. I joined on January 27 and have yet to cycle ONCE!I’m getting out ASAP!
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  37. I joined on Jan 28 of this year. I decided to give it 2 months to work. I also bought 2000 leads from PushButton Traffic. Right now my out of pocket expense is $231.80 So far I have not cycled once!! Not even once! I have moved from 27 to 20. 7 spots in about 6 weeks. I thought I was doing everything right. I even bought the leads to help things out. Not one of these leads have bought the program. Right now I am actually glad they haven’t. Not sure I want on my conscience another person looking anxiously at the stats every day only to be disappointed. There have been some weeks where I haven’t moved one spot. I am going to stay in for another couple of weeks and then I will cancel. I really wanted to see how long it actually takes to cycle.

  38. hi every one out there, i signed up for Bush button a while back and read charles & susan blog , soon after i call to cancel my membership. left a message for a call back. days later got a call back from????? and said i wanted my money back, out of $166.00 was given a refund of $ 59.00 dollors… what a scam. thank’s charles & susan

  39. cool website… I am so glad I did not purschace pbx!!! It is so hard to find real online money making oppurtunites… It’s sad how scammers don’t care that we actually work hard for our money!! I am not going to give up though, I have always wanted to make money from home, others are doing it, so I have faith that one day I will find a true money making oppurtunity. thanks Charles and Susan. This helped a lot, espically since the economy has really affected me leaving me unemployed and spending unnessecary money is not something I can afford to do these days!!!

  40. Rachel Long is still advertising this program. Is she such a shameless person without no conscience whatsoever. Is it money that they all think about. Rachel let me tell you that prostitution is better than what you are doing now.


  41. Marja Opsteegh // March 22, 2009 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    Hello everyone,

    I am a member of PBX for a few months now.
    At first i want to correct what Jo Beiger said about the payments.
    It’s $27, $57, $97, $137 and $177 which equals $495.
    I have cycled once and earned $27.
    I signed up for the payoneer card but now PBX has changed the
    payment options, that’s why some people had to wait longer for
    their payments. You can now be paid by Alertpay which is much
    easier and faster. My Payoneer card is now worthless, because
    i am not going to fund the card because it is to expensive.
    I think this is an improvement for all PBX members.
    Second i want to say that PBX has stated that the onetime fee
    of the membership setup will not be returned.
    I don’t know if it is possible to cycle 5 times in a month, but
    maybe the guru’s can reach this. Maybe if you stay long enough
    you can also reach this.
    I joined very early and also under a guru, but i did not cycle that
    fast. I think that alot of programs are hypened up just to attrack
    people to join.
    I don’t know how much i can earn in the future with PBX, but one
    thing is sure. If you cancel your account you’ll loose the money, or you should cancel just before the next payment is due. If it takes 3 or 4 months to earn the $495 i am still in profit.
    There are different programs where you don’t have to recruit in order to earn money, but it is always better if you do recruit and
    build your own list.
    Just look at the guru’s. Will they let the program do there follow up? I don’t think so.
    You can make money if you put your efforts in it, and that is for
    every program you join.


  42. Lori Plowman // March 30, 2009 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    I joined Push Button Extreme and stayed in for 3 weeks. I never cycled once nor did I make any money from this program. I bought leads through their system and advertised my push button extreme site through their recommended advertising programs. I do believe that I got scammed…..

  43. I joined PBX 2 1/2 months ago. Just 3 weeks ago i first cycled for $27 which i never got paid for. I sent numerous emails to support and they never answered me. I can assure you, if your question is about commissions, they will not answer you so they can keep their greedy fingers on your money. I was also livid this month i was charged twice from my bank account. I have this particular account for programs that i don’t really trust just yet, so the only amount of money i keep in it is what the monthly fees are each month. But i do have overdraft protection if the account goes over, so of course the extra $37.90 cost me another $34 in overdraft fees. This is the second time they caused my account to fall in overdraft. When i first joined in Janurary, i seen there was a 30 day free trial for one of their separate programs for advertising, and they stated you would not be billed till the 30 days is up which they ended up billing IMMEDIATELY. So another unnecessary overdraft. They did reimburse me the $19.95, but i still lost $34 in overdraft fees. They do whatever they want with your account because you have no way of contacting them but through support. Red flag right there when they do not provide an actual email address and phone number. Their phone number on my bank statement is nothing but a recording. They won’t call you back. Stay clear from these scamers. I believe the owner is also a part of Infinity 800, another scamming program. Enjoy your money now why you can scamers, because one day you will answer to a higher power, then your money won’t help you then. So what did i lose, $524.60. That includes the 2 overdrafts THEY caused and advertising i spent to promote this trash. All for $27 i never even got. Today it took me 4 hours to take off all my websites promoting PBX and posted fraud alerts for everyone to warn t them.

  44. I have been in over a month and have NOT Cycled yet and I purchase the AutoResponder and there Leads and have NOT made a RED PENNY !!!

    I got in line and Didn’t get Paid !!!

    I think they left the gate running Now there Stuck cause they Cann’t Back there WORDS !!!

    And how they get Rich No-Refundable FEE So I have to try make it Work some other way !!!

    I join cause My House got Flooded and I needed to make some Money and I promote ALL the Time I have Submitters,Blaster,ADS I send out and I purchase there stuff which was Suppost to work it’s there system and the suppost to be Fresh LEADS,in over a month I have NO one has Joined yet I’m still Hopping I didn’t get SCAMMED again !!!


  45. Crystal Pennington-Weckerly // April 23, 2009 at 5:03 am // Reply

    Just thought I would stop again, it’s been a couple months since I posted. After what seemed like fast cycles (possibly because of who I joined under) I too sit in limbo with cycling…never cycled again since my last post. While I like the tools for building video capture pages, autoresponder set-up…had PBX advertised their product as a product and not a money game, I think PBX would of still been a popular opportunity but probably not nearly as popular as the “get in line-get paid” promotion. That’s only made them popular in scam warning blogs such as this. Although I haven’t lost money (yet) I wouldn’t suggest anyone who has no use for the products in building your list or selling a better paying program with this sytem, should definetly steer clear.


  46. Hello,

    Well i am not quite sure what to make of PBX. It seems to be a toss of the coin either it will work for you or it wont it all depends on time and effort like everything else in the web.

    I have a few projects of my own to work on sites to build blogs to create . Tons of work ahead of me. I see all kinds of offers everyday, just have to be careful what you get involved with in the web just like you do in the world we walk. Some people are honest and some are not.

  47. PBX is totally a scam. I was a member for 3 months and only cycled 3 times. I also got introduced into the business through David Harris and which sucks cos I didn’t wanna get scammed in the first place. Remember the claim they make is that you’ll be able to make $495 a week which means you”ll cycle through all the income levels which i guarantee is an impossibility if you’re not in the top levels. As for no recruiting needed that’s an even bigger joke.

  48. Yes I fell for PBX, cycled once. Got 27.00. Placed it on the Payoneer card and within less than 60 days their fees ate it all up. I never recycled again in that time. BS Plan and if you fall and die over it you have been warned.

  49. PBX and Lawnchair Millionaire are same owner.In LCM you will be surprised to see your downlines suddenly dissapear after 3 months !

  50. All of you people that fell they are being SCAMMED // October 14, 2009 at 1:43 pm // Reply

    All of you people that feel they are being SCAMMED, do the rest of us a favor and post CONTACT NAMES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS ALONG WITH WEB ADDRESS. If all you do is complain about this company with no particulars of whom, where, and why, I have nothing to follow up on without being duped myself, which I wont allow. Im here to bust ANYONE that is scamming the American public. They could be terrorists. Just do your part and CALL THEM OUT! FBI WILL BE NOTIFIED!

  51. I give here my personal experience about PBX,
    I was registered three months on the site launch.
    All tools: mailing list, autoresponder.. was paid…
    scorn the publicity that you say the contrary, and
    after all my hard efforts to promote this system, the
    people who enrolled in my matrix the left fairly
    quickly. yes, this site allows the owners making
    lots of money and if you are able to recruit many
    people (who will stay?) you will profit too.
    Except that the matrix favors the first registered
    not newcomers. You promote your sponsors and they
    make big money. But you, you couldn’t even earn any
    money with them . Stay away from this kind of system to
    limit the scam. I consider these designers as real clever
    scammers, it’s my personal opinion do yours.

  52. Ridwan Ibrahim // June 25, 2010 at 5:42 am // Reply

    Hi Charles,

    To be honest I’ve seen this program quite sometime
    back but did not join it because I smell something fishy
    so I did not join and it looks like a ponzi to me.

    Something if it is too good to be true it is too
    good too be true. There is no such thing as free lunch
    you have to work on it to make it work.

    This my opinion regarding this program Charles.

    Best regards,
    Ridwan Ibrahim

  53. jb publisher // October 6, 2010 at 9:25 pm // Reply

    the arithmetic on this scam shows as it as a scam the first time there is an honest report of someone not being paid.
    people working from home need a variety of low entry barrier options so they can learn without being hammered.

  54. Walter Gavurnik // February 25, 2011 at 2:01 pm // Reply

    Great job Susan & Charles! Going to give some blog love now…
    This is the sort of info I need for my blog to help others decide on
    what programs they should try.

    @Rex, if you do not get everything sorted out get in touch with me
    an I can give you free hosting if you want to expose these scammers!

    TX again for the post,

  55. I joined PBX but didn’t get anywhere with it. It seemed like the only people who were making any money off of it were the people on top. I didn’t see a dime. So I cancelled my membership. I would not recommend this program to anyone.

  56. those of you who give negative comments about ScamXposer are the real scammers. I think it’s helpful that David Harris actually spends his own

    money to test the home businesses he reviews. Since he

    ACTUALLY SPENDS his OWN MONEY, he is trying to find out if

    what he’s investigating actually works or not. So again, if a

    business works, he gives it a positive review. So if he’s

    making money off a business he reviews, then why would that be

    wrong? How do you suppose a website like this can survive?

    David is NOT independently wealthy. Think about the hundreds

    of scams ScamXposer has uncovered and how much he has lost on

    them, as opposed to the few that actually make any money, and

    you might understand why considering ScamXposer a scam would

    be a totally wrong conclusion to come to.

  57. by the way, there’s not even a review of PBX so you are full of it, whoever said there was!

  58. Bobby Stewart // November 19, 2014 at 3:55 pm // Reply

    I stay away from anything that says push botton!

  59. Ralph Lampton // March 20, 2019 at 7:39 am // Reply

    I never seen the program before…but would not have joined it…because a matrix doesn’t work for most people unless you get at the very top and then it will soon stall

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