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Spider Web Marketing System Review – Free System or Online Scam?

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What is Spider Web Marketing?

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Spider Web Marketing is a ‘free’ MLM system created by Kimball Roundy. Once you have signed up you will be given access to videos that will help you set up your online business and your various income streams.

Spider Web works by providing you with the tools to set up your own automated blog. It automatically fills it with content each week, apparently using a team of professional writers. This updated content is what will draw in traffic for your income streams.

The blog is set up on a .ws domain which is registered with Global Domains International (GDI). You earn money once you refer others to register this type of domain. Income also comes from other sources including Google Adsense, Commission Junction and by referring users to use PPC programs.

Is Spider Web Marketing A Scam?

This is a free system, but once you sign up you will immediately notice that the first requirement is to register your domain with GDI – and this is not free. This costs users $10 a month so it is important to be cautious as a charge like this will really add up if you are not matching it with income and commissions.

The Spider Web program also includes the use of marketing social media sites including Direct Matches which you can sign up to for free. However, if you want to use it to its full potential you will have to pay monthly for this aspect as well.

Another question you may find yourself asking of the system regards the automated blogs. While this is legal, does it really make sense to run an automated blog? They claim to give you many traffic-boosting techniques, but nothing beats good quality when it comes to blogging and churned out, automated content may not be all too appealing to potential referrals.

While there are multiple streams of income involved with Spider Webs, they are not free and should not be marketed as such. Technically this does not make the program a scam, as it is free to sign up for the initial stages.

In conclusion it seems as though this program is not a scam, but you should still be careful about how much money you want to spend. The cost of the domain will be money well spent if you can make up for it in the income you generate, though this will all depend on the techniques and traffic that the program is able to deliver.

If you are a member of or have knowledge of the Spiderweb Marketing System please leave your comments below.

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Charles & Susan

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22 Comments on Spider Web Marketing System Review – Free System or Online Scam?

  1. An interesting review of the SMS, in fact, many skip the GDI step and use the Spiderweb net via dot net slash their user id. The marketing concepts are sound and SMS affords exposure to several good affiliations such as DirectMatches and Squidoo but Zenzuu and Yuwie have not proving to be paying Social Memberships from my experience. SMS can and probably does pay some but in order for it to do so, one must signup for the subscriptions and bid for add words to a certain amount via Google, Yahoo, and Miva or pay into the Black Widow program a monthly subscription fee for Kimball to promote; Self-Bank Mobile is one of the income streams and it seems to hold the potential to pay for those can afford the subscription but nothing is free, at some point, everything costs something because you can’t get something for nothing – and the investment of time alone will not guarantee anyone from receiving pay from SMS or much else and if they do, it will hardly be substantial enough to support a person’s living expenses; there are no magic bullets – even the Lottery requires an investment!

  2. Hi Charles and Susan,
    Technically the spider web system is free, but you have to take certain steps within the program that may cost some money and it is totally up to you to spend anything at all. The system doesn’t cost a penny to join, just an internet connection. You get free websites that they set up for you, but anyone should know that you will need someone to host it. Even though I feel they should offer you more options than GDI, it’s actually not a bad deal. GDI gives you seven days to cancel before they charge you if you get a change of mind and feel their services is not for you. I like GDI for reasons of having already being set up with another website and I could just add to my current site. I don’t feel it’s a scam either. How do you scam people with free information on opportunity? You also don’t have to research where to make your opportunity grow, it’s already mapped out for you. You can choose to take the free information and learn how it works and never spend a penny, or you can choose to partner with the up and coming.

  3. Spiderweb is an integrated affiliate system. In my opinion large companies may choose to use the network in the future for commercial advertising on a more relationship basis. This is just a random thought; not many people with so many options for hosting and website creation would want to make a long time commitment to GDI. A month ago or so I heard Africa was getting more internet connectivity in regions previously in the dark. Since GDI and Roundy’s programs are so user friendly and have so many features, it may be worth the time to start emailing some those 419 scammers some promotions. Encouraging them to promote in their own country and start earning money instead of stealing it. Just a random thought; no facts or research to back it…

  4. Hi, I also joined spider web and yes it is the truth they do give you a lot of free options however the chances that you can make a living from using the free options or even earn a resealable income is very limited. The alternative is to go for the pay options if you really want to make a business out of it and then you must really put effort into it.

    I have to say at least they try to give people a opportunity to start a internet business without it costing them a arm and a leg.

    I also got to meet some very interesting and nice honest people that introduced me to spider web.


  5. Hello:

    I gotta say i did joined the spider web system because the free program with the 22 streams of income sound it really good but then after all that time spent watching videos and doing all they told me to do i noticed at the end of everything in order to get yourself making any money, you had to PAY to advertise ( not a surprise) because if i wanted to advertise using google adwords and pay expensive campaigns i would have done it myself and not waste time watching videos.

    I do agree its just very hard to make decent money with the free system, as we know nothing in life comes free( except for love), i do thank the system though for showing me the GDI opportunity which i still use because it is actually a good opportunity if you work on it, but my success is not with any “FREE SYSTEM” although you never see the spider web members on top in GDI leaderboards is always the creators of course and we making them more richer..

    So what i done is simply paid the $10 dollars a month for the domain of GDI out of my earnings from PTC sites or complete offers and get paid sites which are truly free to join…well thats my 2 cent i hope this helps and if anyone wants to see my videos please 🙂

  6. George Wendelstadt // February 24, 2009 at 1:06 am // Reply


    Either the intentions where noble or a very good thought out scam. I also joined got caught with the $10 a month web hosting and all the free stuff no money to be made without spending money. If you don’t pay for advertising you can not make money on this site. Read it carefully if you skip anything or are not prepared to pay you loose out and whatever income you generate is past on to your sponsor.

    I mentioned before though that I did meet some very good and hard working people through this site

  7. I have just finished getstarted page videos. Its quite interesting overall. But i cannot afford 10$/month domain name fees because i get domain name for 6-9$ / year and free hosting (ok, i need to use some time on setup and configuration, but i can afford that).

    So if there is no other option in SpiderWeb Marketing system, ill let it go and just watch videos for education. I have also seen same GDI affiliate connection used on other “free” money making systems.

    Also id like to get confirmation, if the messages really come from downlines, which inform that i dont have stage completed. There is a tiny change, that messages can be auto generated just to rush people to act. I dont like any untransparent systems.

  8. I joined a while back…I guess sometime in January. You are right unless you put money into it there is no “Real” chance of even seeing a residual income. I was very disappointed! I already had an account with GDI and Direct Matches, so they were nothing new to me. All in all I can say it is a bit disappointing!

  9. Rocky McDaniel // April 27, 2009 at 11:02 am // Reply

    I was active in spiderweb about a year and a half ago. the automated blog feature was still being built and I could not use it, even as a real blog written by me. I abandonded SM shortly after realizing I couldnt make a dime with it. I am still signed up with commission junction and clickbank and every affiliate except GDI. I was in GDI first and lasted about a year with them and never signed anyone up or made any money. For a real funded proposal funnel site I recommend MLMleadsystem Pro though it wil cost you $47 a month, the training is excellent and you can leave anytime. I already did.
    There is NO program that will make you money without massive traffic. Generate traffic in any program and you can succeed.

  10. Well, maybe another sucker here. Took the plunge into the web about 7-8 months ago. No automatic blogger at that stage, was being worked on. By the time I finished all 22 levels, I forgot who the heck I was. Well all the advertising in the world and seo and ffa, traffic exchanges, etc. etc. etc. Zippidy do dah. I dropped it, to me it is a come on, scam border line, legal description almost fits most of the junk out there. Free is not Free on the web, it is worthless. Free domain, big deal, now where do you host it. My advise and take, and this purely my opinion==== STAY AWAY OR THE SPIDER JUST MAY HAVE YOU FOR LUNCH.

  11. I feel it’s not a scam…but after many years in the industry realize nothing is for free…I took a look at it and before the halfway point you needed to sign up in 3 or 4 different programs to be fully on board…information over load…it’s basically a mike dillards students version of what he learned from Mike…like MLM Pro….funded proposal…attraction marketing…There are too many other programs out there to choose from…it has an amateur feel to it…Anyway the owner seems like a nice guy and I wish him well…bottom line no matter what your involved with its all about marketing….

  12. I, like many of you got sucked into the SWS.
    The “FREE” aspect of this system is what it… BUT…all those streams cost money and if you are not a seasoned marketer, you are not going to lead traffic to those streams to make the ends meet.
    The support is almost nonexistent. I tried several times to contact my upline to be responded with an auto responder on several occasions and then not at all. So I tried to reach the next level up, same thing.
    I have seen many people get into this who were genuine in trying to make it work only to have their dreams dashed and their pockets hit hard. I got out before it came to that.
    I did keep GDI for my web hosting which I now use for my successful, profitable, 24 hour support business, without promoting GDI itself.
    Kimball Roundy is a great guy, make no mistake on that, but I do believe his promotion of a “FREE” business is misleading and misguided.

  13. Hi, I just read your review on SpiderWeb. Somehow I have missed this one. I read about different happens in the internet marketing world but this hasn’t showed up from the people I read. I don’t see much about MLM’s which I fully believe, at least for me, are a waste of time. I do look for work at home where there are many scams. I always read the fine print and, if there is any doubt, or charges, I say no. My daughter and I do a couple of data entry, she has a transcription and customer service that she does. Mostly, I am working on websites and blogs.


  14. Hi, I joined sws when it first began, within the first 20 people.
    Okay, it all looked and sounded good, so I paid to join all that I had to, sent it out to my lists, advertised it etc., so here are the results from my personal experience.
    I had 78 subscribers from my lists, who were all good secure regular paying customers that had been with me for a long time, and trusted me to steer them in the right direction. Guess what,—–I ended up losing everyone of them because of the on going costs and the total lack of support from Kimball. As for Self-Bank they have never paid me any of the money they owe me since I began with them, and that also goes for the people I signed up. Some of them were actually personal friends that no longer have anything to do with me.
    I ended up paying some of them, that really needed the money they were owed, out of my own pocket and that cost me several THOUSANDS of Dollars.
    From my own personal experience I would STRONGLY recommend that you stay well away from anything to do with Kimball and his program, and as far as I am concerned it is just another SCAM.

  15. I was with the SMS website for one year and never generated any income. I ended up paying money I really couldn’t afford to bring out of my pocket. Never generated my levels even with Direct Matches was all a scam…you met good people that all you’ll meet but where was the support for this kind of Scam concocked.

  16. Juanita Osborne // April 9, 2011 at 3:15 am // Reply

    the spider web marketing system is a dead program. It went belly up a couple of years ago. It did have a lot of promise but bad administrator Kimball Roundy, in that he couldn’t keep it afloat or was inventive enough to keep re creating interest in the system.

  17. It is a scam and YOU’LL NEVER MAKE A DIME with this program!

  18. I think that mlm is a good consept,but in order to earn money you have to constently refer new people into the program. And for the most it is hard enough to find just 2.
    I use a nother method of generating income and I´ll show you how for free. just click my name.

  19. It is a SCAM, because nobody ever made a dime with this program, including me. I subscribed to all the “income streams” and ended up paying quite a lot of money. I generated enough leads using Google adwords advertising (as they showed me) and followed all the steps lined out in the members area. Guess what… many of my leads upgraded to all levels but my revenue was $0, zilch… nada. So please people, don’t waste your hard earned money on this scam. There are programs out there that made me some nice income, but I’m not here to promote anything I just want to help you avoid being scammed. I don’t know how mr. Kimball Roundy slleps at night knowing, he borke many peoples dreams for a better life.

  20. I thought the Spider Web System had failed. I joined it a few years ago and it went kerplock. l knew it was a boderline program so it is back again?

  21. Donald Brown // March 15, 2017 at 11:17 am // Reply

    Although I never got into this program, I can already see that it is a scam.

    To begin, many scams like this say that their program is free, and just leave it at that because that’s how they get people into it to begin with. However, like was mentioned, there are fees to pay for the program in order to get it to work properly, and if you all remember the Empower Network, they too had blogs that were automatically filled but you had to pay $19 per month just for the blogging platform itself.

    Also, even though I didn’t visit the main site for this program, I am sure that they waved boatloads of money in your face and showed you supposedly money made from the program, but what most people don’t realize is that even if the money was real, it was probably money made selling the program and not from actually using it.

    If they’re not telling people straight up front that they will have to pay for stuff, then it is a scam. And then, you have to really ask yourself, if you’re using many of the same techniques tht everybody else uses to make money such as paying for ads and such, then how is that program really different than anything else that is being promoted out there?

    You could sell your own products and use paid advertising to make money and keep all the money that you make and so on without having to join some complicated jumbled up program filled with so-called training and such. Then there’s that other question regarding uniqueness. Does everybody get the same blog and does everybody get the same kind of web site? That is a question that you need to ask because more than likely you will get some sort of cookie cutter blog that looks like everybody else’s in the program.

    These are all things that you really need to think about when you join anything online these days. Don’t just look at the so-called income proof and such because more than likely, it is faked.

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