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Nick Bramble Dream Lifestyle System Review

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Hello everyone,

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Anybody heard of this Dream Lifestyle System by Nick Bramble?

He and his wife Wendie are currently doing Empower Network pushing a money order scheme program called Infinity Income Dealership and The Freedom Fighters Network and IPAS2.

We are not members but we have been observing and we  are not impressed with what we see.

This looks like another program that says you can just push a button and start making two hundred dollars over and over again.

The website says it is like placing an order for money and it just shows up.

Kind of like ordering pizza or Chinese food.

Guess what?

Aint gonna Happen!

Despite what Nick Bramble says on this Dream Lifestyle website you do need some marketing knowledge or at the very least be willing to learn.

Here is a reality check, There Is No Magic Button!

And of course you have the same group of so-called Guru’s who jump from program to program almost weekly promoting this.

As a matter of fact Nick was promoting The Three Way Wealth System only three weeks ago.

If something is working for you why would they do this?

Think about that for a minute.

How does this look to members who have just joined you in the last business you were in?

Not good.

Now we have decision to make.

We can join Nick Bramble’s Dream Lifestyle System and make some short term money and jeopardize our credibility and reputation or we can continue working our current program that continues to work well.

That is not a very hard choice.

One more thing we want to add is that we read that there is an additional $197.00 fee for this so called push button advertising system.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Please let us know so we don’t mislead anyone.

If you have any comments one way or the other please leave them below.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,000.00 Dollars In One Month?
Click Here For All The Info!

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37 Comments on Nick Bramble Dream Lifestyle System Review

  1. Th program is great and works like magic. I made 3000$ my first week using Nick Bramble program.

    • Hi Sam,

      That is great news.

      You are exactly the type person we are speaking of
      when we say people jump from program to program.

      According to Google on 05/18/09 your
      site was a landing page for Perpetual Cash.

      What happened to that?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      Charles & Susan

  2. Mort Holland // May 25, 2009 at 11:10 pm // Reply

    I order from Nick Bramble and paid $200.00 on May 12, 09 and the $47.00 was wavied and the product was shipped according to the email on May 12 as I gave them my mailing address and website. When I tried to access the website I could not so I could advertise as I needed a user name and password. I emailed him 3 x and called 3x and no response and as of today May 25,09 no contact from him and no product. I have been scammed and my attorney wrote him a letter demanding a refund. This person lives in Michigan and I am calling the attorney gereral comsumer fraud division on May 26,09 as I will be relesss in my pursuit to shut this guy down and his organization. I am sick of people who make promises. Passport to wealth I lost $1,000 too as prosmises were broken. As a insurance and financial professional if I did this I would be prosecuted and lose my licenses. Sincerely, Mort Holland

  3. Thanks Charles and Susan for this post (and the comment to Sam above; I’d love to hear that response!) because you are absolutely right. It seems that every time I see a new opportunity, it’s the same folks who are starting them.

    • Hi Kesha,

      We would also like to hear a the reason.
      Maybe there is a good one?
      We shall wait and see.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving you comments.

      Charles & Susan

  4. Great Review. I am still looking for that program where:

    You push a button and the site does ALL the work
    Your wonderful upline guru who is going to recruit upteen jillion people into your downline will make you rich
    As soon as everyone finds about this it will change the internet overnight website
    The secret by the flat broke worker who made millions is going to revel to how to get rich

    that actually works. This sound like another one that makes the ones selling the info rich and leaves everyone else shaking there head.

    Last I heard it still takes work and common sense.

    I just found you blog but will be back for more.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

  5. Hi Bo,

    It is very true that is Still takes work.

    Not hard work but still work.

    Thank you for stopping by and hope to
    hear from you soon.

    BTW, You have a nice blog.

    Charles & Susan

  6. No matter what we (my wife and I) do or have done there is no way the promises anyone makes about any programmes are actually realistic; just look at the ‘disclaimer’ on the site they ALL use.
    Why do YOU need to publish such a disclaimer also?
    What makes YOU different?
    We have spent 1000s of hours and tens of $1000s on internet businesses and followed the instructions etc etc and guess what?
    Zilch in profits after more than 2 years and luckily I still have a job or else we would be on the streets.
    Be honest with us! Are you really making money as you claim and are you really going to share EXACTLY how we can make more than you make?
    Wow! That would make you worth joining wouldn’t it?
    Got some real proof backed up by some real intructions and real help??
    Call me on 006478786366 Pacific time

  7. Ok will do and the results get published back here too, fair?

  8. It used to be taboo to be involved with more than one company.
    People would say you lacked integrity.
    Nowadays, everyone talks about multiple streams of income under
    the guise of jumping from program to program.
    I joined an ex pizza delivery guy in EDC Gold and the following week
    he was pitching me on RoadMap to Riches.
    He left R2R a month later to join GRN/RFS. The list goes on.
    There definitely seems to be a shelf life with most of these online
    I’d be shocked if anyone commenting on this blog hasn’t been involved in more than three different programs in the last year or so.

    In response to could teach yourself the internet mktg game by paying attention and watching what the money makers are doing.
    There is a lot of free content online from people who know what they are doing.
    The new model seems to be..give away 80% of your content and make money off of the 20%.
    This comment is getting too long. I’ll stop here.

  9. Hi all,

    Spoke to a gentleman today and he indeed says that
    there is a 197.00 fee for the advertising.


    Seems deceptive to us.

    Anyone care to comment?

    Charles & Susan

  10. I don’t think that is at all deceptive. I just reviewed this opportunity and it seemed obvious that you would have to subscribe to the marketing or do it yourself. $197 is cheap. One sale covers that. Two sales and you have doubled your marketing investment.

    I’ve been a full time marketer for more than five years and if you can plug into a marketing system that cheap you can start making money. Other than that any business you start online including this one you will have to learn to market. It’s not that hard to learn but if you can start off making money while you learn you are ahead of the game.

    As I said I have only just reviewed the website so my comments are just based on industry experience.

  11. Lewis J Bame // June 5, 2009 at 11:43 am // Reply

    Hi Charles,

    I really appreciate what I have been reading concerning nick’s

    business opportunity,it has kept me from making another bad

    mistake.We are senior citizens and need to pay off Dr bills and

    get out of debt…..I wish there was a way to find a really true


    Thanks again for info ,it

    saved me from myself!


  12. Thank You, Charles and Susan for this information.
    I have promised myself to never be in a hurry to
    “SIGN UP NOW” before it’s too late or “SIGN UP NOW” before the current low priced system increases to a higher rate of investment.
    Let alone ALL the fees of which we are often never made aware.
    Mort, I hope and pray the Attorney General of Michigan
    takes what has happened to you very seriously and follows the law to the point that you get the refund you deserve.
    Right Is Right .. Wrong Is Wrong ..
    THIS entire deal is very wrong ..

  13. Hi Charles,

    I am in cross roads to choose between Nick brambles or IPC, which one is really turning sales mostly on autopilot.

    Also it must make sense



  14. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Tanette and I have joined Dreamlifestyle System and I am very happy. I will not go into how much I made, but just that it does work with some advertising of your own.

    With the push button marketing it does work for some quicker for some slower but it does work. I get leads from it everyday and my mentor got a sale from the post cards that they send out in the co op for you.

    I also have the advantage of having a great mentor and being on a good team that gives anyone that joins us support. We tell you what works and what does not work.

    I believe having different income streams is not a bad thing as long as you have a marketing strategy and you choose wisely. In fact it can be a wise choice so that you can help anyone with any kind of budget.

    Don’t get me wrong you should not mislead people and you should not push people to join you in another opportunity if you have not helped them make money with the first one. I believe that if you help people and you show them how to make money they will stay with you and you can build friendships and relationships.

    Thank You Charles and Susan for allowing me to voice my opinion.

  15. Bruce Pott // June 18, 2009 at 11:21 am // Reply

    I am an entrepenuer who started several offline businesses in my life, most were successful and some were not. There are NOT any gaurantees folks. In every case there was an investment of money and lots of hard work. The same is true online. The more information you have about the business that you want to start, the better positioned you will be have success. You also MUST have both feet in the boat. If you are splitting your time and resources with more than one business, you will most likely fail at both. There is NO click and $97 =Wealth.

  16. Is this a scam? Here is my experience with Nick Bramble’s Dream Lifestyle System (DLS).

    I am usually a very cautious swedish woman, soon 60yrs, but a complete newbie in this industry and in dire need of money. I got an email about the DLS-site, and after reading all “free info”, I thought, this is for me. You pay a one time fee and get a business up and going. Splendid chance to get some extra money. And in the meantime, learn HOW and WHAT to do, just following the tutorial-program inside. So…I took my very last money and gave it a GO!

    I joined DLS on May 19th and paid $200 to the affiliate and $47 to Bramble, got access to the backoffice. First thing here – customize the site to work properly in the auto system…it is a great help with the videos, to get the steps right, on to Aweber and autopilot. And it is VERY EASY to follow, even for a newbie like me.

    Next I was eager to learn, what Nick Bramble’s Success Blueprint was all about, only to find that there was NO LINKS to the videos and a message saying they where re-doing them, due to some technical problem….They all work now, after weeks of waiting.

    So, with no videolinks, I figured, best to take advantage of Bramble’s offer “Private Coaching Group for a Lifetime”, which cost another $247 (a one time fee). Only 150 people allowed and it has been 31 spots left from start, also after I signed up. Not updated at all. The coaching consists of weekly videos that so far, seem to be a mix of Bramble’s own recent lessons and some older ones, by him and other authors. I had to wait for them as well to come in my email.

    This weeks 5 videos (of 16) about Aweber and a program called Track That AD, by another author/speaker. “Track that ad” was from 2004 and last updated April 10th 2007. Free to use, but with an old graphic layout. Now, that seems a bit outdated to me. Please remember, I am a newbie and maybe this is a good upgraded and valid program in other places on internet.

    Having no knowledge of how to drive traffic to my very first site, I realized I have to pay another $197 (1 “share” = 1month targeted ads) for that famous easy ”Push Button Marketing” = Ad-Coop. If you don’t have your own resources and knowhow, you are really sucked in here). My Ad-Coop started the 21 -22 of May. Today is 20th June.

    Last, but not the least, and this is really bad! It is not until you have paid the fee, you realize that there are no customer guaranties for refunds, except on the page where you purchase the Ad Coop-shares, which says it is non refundable, that being money already spent on advertising. This is bad business ethics. “100% guaranty, proven and tested to work for you” is NOT the same as a Refund Policy.

    Summary: I do NOT recommend Dream Lifestyle System. Please… save your money!

    I’m sick and tired of all the hyped up ads and videos, promoting DLS on Google and elsewhere. All have the same text-layout-formula, more or less. I have deleted the few ads I had in a couple of traffic exchanges. This is not a descent or honest business and to lure others into it is not my way.

    At this very moment, 20th June, the Ad Coop has resulted in 13 subscribers, NO SALES, I repeat NO SALES. I find this equation very strange and not worth the money ($197). Where is that promised, guarantied cashflow? Additional costs for other traffic exchange services, both paid traffic and my own surfing, valued in time and clicks with NO SALES. Total loss $780. I’ve been had …

    Is this a pyramid scam? I say YES! The swedish law say YES! Have I been naive? Oh Yes! This offer is cleverly disguised and gives the impression that you buy your own business and everything is done for you, i.e as long as you pay for the tools offered at the backoffice When signing up for one of these offers just to check it out, a squeeze page with a MLM offer from the owners appears on several of the tools. You feel trapped in this tight inner circle that makes all the money, on gullible, poor people like me. I have sent this letter (slightly edited) today and filed a ticket for a refund. I will update my progress here. Zarah

  17. Charles and Susan,
    I have searched the internet over to find some type of at home computer based business. I have spent some money for systems only to find out that I need to spend a ton more to get websites etc. I dont have a product, I dont have a website, so where do I get these websites from?? My rear end? Anyway, I would be interested in what you have to say about the company you have, the costs etc. I am a very dedicated hard worker and can put approximately 6-8 hours a day into it if need be. I do have full time job but have flexibility with that as well. Please let me know if you have time to speak and go over your system with me. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Nicole,

      We would be happy to speak with you and help
      in anyway we can.

      We understand the frustration that you have because
      it is hard to weed through all the programs.

      If you will send an email to links @ (remove spaces)
      with your number and a good time to call.

      Thank you for visiting and best regards,
      Charles & Susan

  18. Hi, the “dream lifestyle system” is exactly that, a dream! This guy took my cash, and the $197 co-op delivered 6 opt ins, and of course no sales. When emailing support, 5 days later they sent an email showing me a screenshot of how many people saw the page. So, emailed back and said if the 20k people looked at the page and only 6 people opted in, sounds like your 30% opt in sales pitch is bull$*&^

  19. i looked the program over and decided to do some research. weather it be hub pages, article alley, or this site. the thing i’m hearing alot is people getting ripped off, straight up. no access to the back office, no website, no help, and worst of all, no responce from the recruiter. that’s not good folks. the other thing is the hidden costs for advertising that yeids few opt ins, and no sales. the one thing i must stress to everyone is, please do your research before you join ANY online opportunity. it will no doubt save you money and grief. affiliate programs seem to be the easiest way to make money online, as long as you promote legit companies/products with a good reputation.

  20. Hi guys,

    Good info. I just signed up for this system last night, got very excited, and now I’m reading all this. Got me pretty nervous about my investment and what will happen. I do have to say I’m going to stay optimistic about it, but I’m definitely now uneasy.

    I’m hoping it’s a situation that mirrors everything in life…….meaning not everyone will be successful at everything they try…….hopefully I’ll be a lucky one!

    Thanks for the info

  21. Kevin Mallory // August 1, 2009 at 8:14 am // Reply

    I almost jumped at Nick’s DLS but based upon my prior experience with him and Infinity 800 I decided not. He is hard to reach and only responds to support questions about 1/2 the time. I have talked to some people that have profited with DLS but I expect that this program will have a relatively short cycle time. Bottom line, if there is no money back guarantee (which as I read there is not) stay away!

  22. Hi Susan and Charles
    I did buy Nick’s program and the thing is I got scamed I didn’t make a dime and I bought 3 shares which is the marketing package they advertise…this program came highly recommended from Jason Magum another so called guru and I sent them both a letter and told them this was complete BS and they both sent a letter back saying I wasn’t trying hard enough and it really did work for everyone…so I’m now 850.00 out of pocket and didn’t make a dime..also in the disclaimer read carefully he states that you will not be getting your money back from him….Its a HUGE SCAM so stay away…I’ve been in it for over 3 months and nothing has happened and I have been doing my own advertising as well….
    If anyone knows of a online business that is not complicated and does make you an income I’d love to know because I’ve lost over 10 thousand dollars believing these idiots….
    I hope this helps someone from not join Nick Brambles program…

  23. I forgot to mention you buy shares for 197.00 and you can only buy 3 in a month and they are suppose to advertise your site all over the net for you….ya right….If only I had known….
    Thanks Shell

  24. elendu michael // August 2, 2009 at 4:52 am // Reply

    iam michael from ivory coast, iam intrested on your websit but iam afraid to give my money to start because i dont want to loose my money like that it is just my last card that i want to use to if it is scam i would not pardon my self.0so if you know what you will do to convince me please do so.


  25. I would consider myself a newbie. I was doing some reseach on online biz. opps and I ran accross IPC which lead me to a gentleman who was suppose to making a great deal of money with the program (according to his videos) and he was will to mentor. As I researched him I found that he was now doing DLS. I thought this was weird because if you are doing so wonderful with one program why would you switch. I called this gentleman yesterday, his website says call with questions. He was rude and dismissive. I went to the DSL site and he is the only testimony. I thought okay that is it. I have been researching for days on end. I absolutely cannot afford to waste a dime on a scam. I am not looking to jump into new $200.00 programs each 6 months.

    Charles and Susan I am very interested in finding out what you have to offer. I am getting ready to click on your link as soon as I finish this post.

    To all of the newbies out there that have found there way here. Be careful, when googling the program you are interested in people are taught in those programs to put positive posts on forums, blog positively and make videos that are inaccurate. It is very hard to get an unbiased opinion.

  26. Mort Holland: I am with you and anyone else who would like to band together and report Nick Bramble to the attorney general consumer fraud division. The following is my report to and Amyone have any other ideas of where I can report DLS and Nick Bramble? This ripoff artist MUST be stopped!

    For anyone looking for anything on this company before deciding to join, I hope this helps. I’m not sure not everyone that joins the Dream Lifestyle System is having the same experience, but I will warn you, do not give your money to “guru” Nick Bramble.

    First of all, the product in and of itself is just regurgitated crap that has been in Internet e-zines for a good while now, so the $200 you spend is really just throwing away good money. Nick the “Internet Guru” gives you all these..ahem “secrets” on how to advertise in various (and quite saturated) advertising venues (some free, some for a cost) that I have seen years ago and some of these venues aren’t even functional anymore?

    So, I decided to use Nick’s Dream Lifestyle System “Push Button Marketing Campaign” This is promoted on their web site as: “Totally hands off system.” All of the websites, marketing, autoresponders, selling, explaining etc. is done FOR YOU. You simply plug in and start raking in money. It’s push button easy, “even for a newbie.”

    When you go to pay the $197.00 to order your campaign, the claim that you’ll see is: “When you order your advertising campaign, your website will be placed in front of hundreds of thousands of people almost in an instant. You will get highly targeted, money spending traffic from several top resources including; our profit pulling postcards, E-zines, Email Marketing, Highly Targeted Redirect Visitors, and more.”

    Well, much to my disappointment, after 3 weeks I have a total of 2, yes 2 opt ins in my Aweber autoresponder account!! DLS claims that you get “Massive, high quality traffic to your site with each month-long Push Button campaign.” This is absolutely false. Worse is, you have to buy an Aweber Autoresponder account for $19.00 per month because for $47 more dollars, you get a “replicated” web site (which everyone else out there gives for free) that doesn’t have that feature. You actually have to go and pay for a Go Daddy domain and point the domain to the carbon copy website that they sell you for $47.00!

    2 weeks ago, I e-mailed DLS support and told them about the issue and they said they would “look into” my campaign. Well 2 weeks (and several more e-mails) later I have heard nothing back from them. Nick Bramble ought to be ashamed of himself.

    On a more minor note, when I first got involved with this company, the set up was also a big problem. You are supposed to e-mail all of your sign up info to Ad Support so they can set up your web site (which is not unique; it is replicated like everyone else’s) along with the “confirmation number” they are supposed to e-mail to you after paying the $247.00 I never received an e-mail with a confirmation number and sent several e-mails to that effect.

    Finally, the guy who signed me up sent them an e-ail and they replied back that I sent them the wrong set up info!! The truth is I NEVER sent an e-mail with any info because I never got a confirmation e-mail from these imbeciles!

    I forwarded the e-mail they sent to my friend to support and they were like “oops, sorry wrong choice of words” Can you believe the lack of professionalism?? And on that note, when I explained all of this to the friend who sold me on this useless “money-maker” his response was “did you look at the back office article on “mind set?”

    Yeah Tony, I paid $197.00 for 2 opt ins and I’m supposed to have the right mind set????? He also had the audacity to ask me why so many other people, including newbies were doing well? I’ll give the “twice bankrupt father of 5” (which he actually publicly brags about) the benefit of the doubt that he completely missed my point. Twice bankrupt because of all the DLS type schemes he’s been ripped off by for the last 15 years. He reminded me of all the money he has had to spend over the years to get where he had to get (the only $$ he ever made recently was from an illegal gifting program) and I guess that was supposed to be the model in which I would live by to get where he is? Sorry Tony, I’m much too responsible to not pay off my debts (twice) and be ripped off again.

    Anyone considering going with Nick Brambles “Dream Lifestyle System” should reconsider. Nick, I’m sure you’re living the “dream” and I guess numerous requests for a refund will continue to be ignored. So, I will continue to report your scam whenever, and wherever I can. This report is a good start, wouldn’t you think Nick?

  27. Hey Guys,

    I know that all of you are having problems with the DLS, and to be honest the system DOES work, as long as you DO NOT use the company advertising. I have my own postcard campaign that I am using and getting very good results! I put together the whole postcard myself and send them out on my own. Its all about the lead list that you use! If anyone does join this program they defiantly need a mentor, because the the advertising co-op does not work. But the postcards that our team is using is bringing in great results. If anyone would like to give the DLS another try and use my resources I can help out with that! Even if your not on my team I love helping people and seeing people succeed. Any questions moneygifting 4 life at gmail dot com. (no spaces) Good luck to everyone and let this be prosperous rest of the year for all of us!

  28. Stanburkes // July 27, 2010 at 2:35 pm // Reply

    I would like you to do a review of Data Network Affiliates. Sign up .it is free. With your database you could feed starving kids all over the world offering thses products.

    I see people spending big money on “how to market” Where are the hundreds of people that will share their knowlage for free.? Networkers Magazine. Its Free

    New People to the internet business world find that there are little expenses to any business. Domains for one. Talking to people on the phone is another. Long distance, internet connection., and the lost you have when you don’t follow-up.

  29. I joined the Dreamlifestyle Sytem about 3 yrs ago. 247 to join, 197 to advertise, which I never saw an ad with my business in it. Another 197 to get into an automated lead follow up System. Visa fee, Paypal fee, Ad Weber fee, all to the tune of arond 8 to 9 hundred and never had one order come to me. As a matter of fact I would receive the Home Business Marketing flyer with all of the available opportunities and the dream Lifestyle Ad was from Nick Bramble’s web page. Total Scam, Now he is trying to sell some NUMIS System. I say stay away from these altogether.


  31. No products (digital files) that have buyers 99% of the time. Money is made from the huge joining fees ($3500+$295 to $22000+$495) of later joiners. A pyramid.

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