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IPC Instant Cash Scam? Review of Dan Miller’s New Program

In this brief article review we take a look at Dan Miller’s little brother to the Independent Profit Center called IPC Instant Cash.

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OK, before we start we have to be upfront with you about this and tell you we are members of IPC Instant Cash and we really do like it. We are not going to give you a sales pitch, just an honest review.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look under the hood and see what it is all about.

What are the products?

When you join you receive over 1,000 dollars worth of products with resell rights that you can resell individually or as a package through the program as we do. It is much easier and more profitable this way.

Training and marketing:

Step by step training designed for newbies and beginners including over five hours of audio and video training is included. Also included is free email and phone support. This is a great feature not found in many programs.

Also included is auto responder messages that are easily integrated with Aweber or Getresponse that automatically follow up with all your prospects. This is important because most folks will not join on the first visit. This will greatly increase your sales. That is a promise.

The Payplan:

IPC Instant Cash has a unique payplan that is called  “The Staggered Three Up Compensation Plan“.

This is how it works.

Unlike a regular one up or two up aussie type comp plan where you pass up your first or in the case of the two up where you pass up two sales, with IPC Instant Cash you are paid on your first sale so there is no qualification involved. You then pass up your second, fourth and sixth sale to your sponsor.

The real power of this comp plan is everyone you bring in has to pass their 2nd, 4th and 6th sale to you also. This allows your income to grow week after week. You receive sixty dollars over and over again.

The cost:

The cost is very reasonable at ninety seven dollars total. This is a one time payment with no monthly fees where your sponsor receives sixty dollars and the admin gets thirty seven dollars.

The $5,000.00 Cash Reward:

Dan has so much confidence in IPC Instant Cash he is offering this reward.

This is a direct quote from Dan on the website:

“If anyone can prove that the methods and techniques included within our training system do not produce actual results online when applied properly, I will personally pay you $5,000.00 In Cash!”

All we can say is WOW!

As an added bonus we will provide you with 1,000 business opportunity leads a day for three months to get you off to a fast start and of course we will support you any way we can.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett
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