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GeneWize Review By Life Sciences – Scam or DNA Genetic Breakthrough?

What is Genewize Life Sciences opportunity (AKA) Genelink that is being promoted by top training teams and  sponsors including Jonathan Budd, Bram Smith, Franco Gonzalez and Katie Freiling?

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Here is our article review.
GeneWize claims to be a revolutionary method by which nutritional supplements are created completely for each individual according to their genetic makeup. This means that whatever area of nutrition you are lacking as an individual, there will be a supplement to compensate. Your needs can be measured using a simple at home DNA test from which GeneWize Life Sciences will determine what it is your body needs for optimum performance.

GeneWize have created a unique system by which ordinary people can share in their wealth by referring customers to the product and receiving their own nutrition system completely free. Hence, there has been a recent popular trend in marketing the GeneWize system as an online income opportunity.

Compensation Summary

You will receive monthly discounts once you have enrolled your first customer, increasing to a free system each month so long as you have four customers enrolled and ordering the system every month.

Their site advertises the product for $3 per day before subtracting these referral bonuses, though the company does not seem to advertise exactly how much it is going to cost which will factor into the success of the referral system.

As well as receiving the system free there is potential for greater earnings through their more complicated compensation plan, available to download from their website. Your earnings will be maximized when you enroll your own affiliates and they start to enroll customers.

Legitimate Product?

The truth behind the claims of GeneWize is extremely hard to reach. Most online ‘reviews’ will concentrate on the marketing aspects rather than the product and its success, and are undeniably biased as with any online opportunity.

The idea behind the product, of a swab of DNA, is extremely appealing and simple; one that will get many on board. The truth is that GeneWize’s claims are revolutionary. No other company has yet set up a completely individualized DNA based nutrition system.

GeneWize is also part of a the established 14-year-old company GeneLink inc. GeneWize itself has only recently been formed, with thousands of affiliates signing up to the marketing organization before the launch.

Legitimate Earnings?

There is no doubt that the affiliate program has become hugely popular in the short months since it was created, though it seems too early to make a concrete judgment on the legitimacy of the program.

As it stands it may be a good idea to wait through the hype to determine the perceived benefits of the product against its cost. The exact cost of the system will need to be revealed for a better consideration of the success of GeneWize as an online income opportunity.

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3 Comments on GeneWize Review By Life Sciences – Scam or DNA Genetic Breakthrough?

  1. Jay @ work at home // August 15, 2009 at 2:10 pm // Reply

    I think this affiliate program will grow a little faster. People love supplements and the benefits from them.

  2. So obviously you wrote this before the FTC filed a complaint against this company for their misleading pseudoscientific BS

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