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Ez Wealth Solution Review – A Real Business Solution or A Scam?

Ez Wealth Solution is a program that claims to have $47 and $97 value sales coming into your inbox every day, but with only a small cost to get involved in. Sellers of the system are even offering to pay your way in, though you should note that this is standard in the Ez Wealth Solution method to ‘pay it forward’, where you will then pay for your first referral. Here is our review on how the Ez Wealth Solution really works.

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How Does Ez Wealth Solution Work?

The system has been setup to make sales automated and to allow you to make 100% of the profit from each sale underneath you. There are a number of different entry levels to suit all budgets, and here is how much you can earn with each package:

Package # 1: $47.00
Package # 2: $97.00
Package # 3: $247.00
Package # 4: $497.00
Package # 5: $997.00

When you buy into the system at entry level you will receive access to a number of different eBooks and training applications. This is what the fee goes towards covering, and if your sponsor pays your way in all you will have to do is pay a small administrative fee to register as a reseller of these packages.

When your entry to the program is paid for you, this works by the fact that you will pay for your own first referral. This means that the entry package fee you choose is effectively put off until you refer your first sale. After this you will make 100% profit on all of the sales you refer.

Ez Wealth Solution boasts that you will also have the resell rights to all of those products, which you can sell as a package, or individually, as a way of making money on top of referring users to Ez Wealth Solution. While this may be technically true, it is important to remember that the huge competition in selling products such as eBooks means making money in this way will involve a lot of effort.

What Is So Great About It?

Of course in theory this could make anyone money, but they need the resources to back this up, and to make it easy to market and gain referrals. The program is slightly different from others, as you will recruit members as your partners and work together to gain referrals. Your sponsors will therefore also be your mentors.

Legitimate Business Opportunity?

There are hundreds of reviews online, and it is hard to find anyone who states that Ez Wealth Solution is a scam, but this does not mean it is a sure fire way to make money either. The fact that you will not need to pay your way in until you make a referral gives you a good chance to test it out and do your own research before committing any money to the program.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett
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3 Comments on Ez Wealth Solution Review – A Real Business Solution or A Scam?

  1. stella neville // March 25, 2009 at 8:11 am // Reply

    I joined EZ wealth solution June 2008 till about a month ago.paid a monthly fee of $10.I never saw any $47 .or any other rmoney.not once,let alone every day.and I had plenty of sign ups.I never heard of any of them earning money.nor my sponsor.So you can make up your own mind about that.Thanks

  2. It’s comments like the one left by Stella that makes me realize that all people don’t hear or read information the same way.

    Quote From Stella: “never saw any $47 .or any other money.not once”

    First of all, you will never see the $47 because your sponsor is PAYING your way in on level 1 for $47.

    Secondly, this is an income opportunity just like others that exist online. You have to market it to make money and just because you get a few tour takers, it doesn’t mean they will upgrade.

    I personally made over $3500 my first month so go figure.

    Stellas quote only tells me one thing and that is that she may have poor follow up skills. Usually that’s the case if you get a lot of sign-ups.

    EZ Wealth Solution is an awesome income opportunity in that all you have to pay is $10 a month and you can earn instant cash payments of $47-$997.

    I’ve made more money from it than any other income opportunity ever.

  3. Joshua Ulriksen // April 1, 2011 at 10:42 pm // Reply

    Thanks for the thorough description provided in your blog. It really points out certain features about the site that can help decide whether someone would want to join or not, and by how it sounds, I’d prefer to stick with the site I’m working with at the moment.

    But overall, I think EZWealthSolution could still be a great opportunity. People just need to understand that opportunities like these do require effort to get them started. As I’ve continued to learn, you need to be up for a good challenge and remember that such opportunities are not just an automatic ATM machine!

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