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Xseed Health Review – Another new pre launch scam?

The moment a capitalist yells “make ridiculous amounts of money.” it’s a sign to stay as far away as possible. Given this Xseed Health review is based on a pre-launch with very little information available about the actual products, marketing scheme and crucial details, some warning signs are bound to pop up. Jason Lyons and Brian Thayer are the proud owners of this multi million dollar enterprise for which they need capital.

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According to the advert, or rather opportunity, people get to sell company products before it reaches a global market. In other words, selling products (of which details cannot be disclosed at this time) before everyone else get their hands on it. The catch line involves comparisons to Google and Facebook in regards to investing before the companies made millions. It goes on to repeat that “after you watch this video you will…..” Interesting choice of words and some would consider it to be a strategic sub-conscious target phrase if repeated.

Nearing the end of the video there is a picture with people holding buckets, standing underneath a shower of money. These people seemingly represent those who so wisely take part. It’s unclear how much money the field marketer actually stands to make or what needs to be contributed. The compensation plan is divided into 9 divisions, designed to confuse anybody without a degree in business management. Just like they integrate with each other in accordance with making money, it might end up being their excuse not to pay. Characteristics of a pyramid scheme can be detected.
The products are health related and has been promoted by many reality show doctors who all agree in the cutting edge fat busting miracle. It’s supposed to be nutritional and should be incorporated into your daily life. Consisting of 6 products which include supplements, meal replacement shakes, weight management, vitamins and antioxidants. A low quality video can also be found about a “lawyer” pitching the sale through an “honest” testimony about legitimacy.

The presentation maintains a professional look and feel. Apart from the over-excited narrator, they show an image of stability and promise. They have taken precaution from being categorized with the cheap scams section. Along the way they talk about rolling out the red carpet after making millions of dollars. You would be entering a “circle” of winners.

The odd part about the pre-launch and the products being shown on national television comes down to where can this footage or information be found? There are no links or product names that allow any research to be done. If these details can’t be disclosed to the person investing then where is the proof of endorsements and clinical tests Xseed Health boasts about? An extensive search only revealed questionable testimonies and cheap talk.

Whether this is a legitimate company remains to be seen. It would seem they focus more on getting you to become a marketer and less on promoting their fantastic brands. There are some facts that are quite obvious though, for example risk. At some point a contribution will be asked during the starting phase. If not then why are they opening it up to the public when they don’t need the capital? Maybe they are trying a cheaper way of pushing sales, although miracle products tend to promote themselves.

At this stage everything is theory and success or failure can only be determined after the actual launch. A lot of doubt lingers around whether there will be an actual launch. Taking into consideration the execution of the whole Xseed Health advert, one has to wonder if they are really trying to sell or recruit.

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