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Will Microsoft Lose The Browser Wars?

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1.) Quote of the Week
2.) From the Editor
3.) Success Tip of the Week – Links? Just ask for them.
4.) Charles & Susan Recommend
5.) Feature Article – Will Microsoft Lose The Browser Wars?
6.) Ask Susan
7.) Bonus Goodies

1.) Quote of the Week

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of
preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

~ General Colin L. Powell

2.) From the Editor


Greetings! We hope this finds everyone happy and in good
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3.) Success Tip of the Week

Need Links? Just ask for them.

Much like getting a testimonial, the easiest way to get
links back to your site is by asking for them. If you find
a site that looks complimentary to yours, email the
webmaster of the site and politely ask them if they would
be interested in reciprocal links. DO NOT send out mass
email to a lot of sites at once using the same wording in
every email. That is spam. A personal email to the owner of
each site will usually not cause any problems.

Don’t be surprised if only one out of 10 emails you send
gets you a positive response, but that means if you send
out 1000 emails over a period of time, it is likely you
will get 100 links back to your site. Another great traffic

4.) Charles & Susan Recommend

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5.) Feature Article – Will Microsoft Lose The Browser Wars?

– by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved

Until recently, software giant, Microsoft’s Internet
Explorer Web browser enjoyed a relatively unchallenged
position as the most popular Web browser in the world.

Despite lawsuits and charges of unfair competition from the
likes of Netscape and others, Microsoft dominates browser
software with over 90% market share.

Microsoft’s dominance of the browser market stems mainly
from the simple fact that the majority of computers get
delivered with Microsoft Windows as the default operating

Internet Explorer (IE) comes standard with all Windows
software and, thus, virtually everyone automatically gets
the IE browser.

By default, Microsoft owns the browser market because they
catch consumers early, get them conditioned to using the IE
software, and, until recently, no other software offered a
compelling enough reason to switch.

However, with a seemingly endless rash of security
problems, consumers started looking elsewhere for
alternative Web browser options.

This consumer demand may well spell the end of Microsoft’s
dominance in the browser marketplace.

In response to severe security vulnerabilities, several
alternative Web browsers recently gained significant market

** **

One of the original “alternative” browsers, “Opera” offers
a significant number of interesting tweaks over Internet
Explorer, including the ability to open more than one html
page within the browser, as opposed to one page per window
with IE.

The free version of Opera carries advertising messages, but
for $39 you can turn off the advertising and unlock
additional features.

** **

Mozilla actually offers two choices for alternative Web
browsing. Mozilla 1.7, the current version of the original
Mozilla software, includes an email program, newsgroup
reader, and even a chat feature.

Mozilla also offers a newer browser called “Firefox” that
has many people raving about enhanced features. Both
browsers come free of charge and do not appear to carry any
third party advertising.

** **

Netscape, one of the original Web browsers, still offers
its browser software free, though you must do some
searching on their site to find it.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Download Latest Netscape

Based on their site, Netscape seems to be in the middle of
an identity crisis since they look more like Yahoo! than a
software provider.

** An 800 lb. Gorilla on the horizon? **

Online search engine powerhouse, Google, has never shied
away from taking on Microsoft.

In fact, they’ve done something Microsoft couldn’t do,
namely turn a profit with a search engine.

Based on past behavior, how long do you think it will take
Google to release a Web browser of their own?

Despite statements to the contrary, I believe Google will
come out with their own Web browser within the next 18

Look at their alternative, Gmail, at

Google gave away so much storage space they forced Hotmail
to make major concessions in their free service.

Google Desktop blows away the Microsoft search utility for
your PC.

Don’t for a second think Google doesn’t have a browser in
development and a strategy to release it (for free) if they
can cut Microsoft off at the knees.

— Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website or affiliate links…

6.) Ask Susan

This week’s Question was submitted by:
Joseph Hart

Q. I am trying to build my internet business but it seems
like every time I turn around, I have to pay for
information, resources and tools. Is there anywhere on the
Net I can get these things for free?

A. Joseph, it is possible to run across some useful
information, tools and resources for free on the Net but
the truth of the matter is that you’re going to have to
plan on spending some money to make money. There seems to
be a misconception on the Internet that you can run a
legitimate business and earn money without having to invest
money. This simply is not the case. You would not expect to
own a business in the conventional world without any

Do your research and invest in the tools,
resources and information you need to run your online
business. We know of NO successful internet marketer who
has built their online business for free!

Do you have any questions about home business
opportunities, marketing methods, or anything about
business in general? We will pick one question per week and
add it right here in this newsletter for everyone to
benefit from!
To Submit your Question to Susan, visit:

7.) Bonus Goodies

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