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Read Our Wake Up Now Review – Scam or Not?

Wake Up Now Review

wake up now reviewToday we take a look and review the Wake Up Now MLM opportunity by Kirby Cochran which some call a scam.

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Stumbled across Wake Up Now online? If you have then you will most likely know that this is a system that is designed for getting people discounts on all manner of products. It claims it can save you up to 90% on vacations, reduction on condos, grocery coupons, and all manner of other discounts. Sounds fantastic right? Well, let us explain why it is not as fantastic at it says on the tin in this review.

Wake Up Now is not actually that bad of a product compared to most other products you find online. It is one of just a few which actually does what it claims (i.e. delivers discounts). However not is all that it seems. The discounts here are not that great. They are not a secret to the WakeUpNow system. Absolutely every discount that you can get through WakeUpNow can be sourced for free from elsewhere. Here you will be locking yourself into a system and a not so good compensation plan.

The worst part about WakeUpNow is that you will be paying for others to receive money. When you sign up to the system you will be greeted with a plethora of different discounts. It can be quite overwhelming.

You will stumble across one that excites you and click through. Perhaps you will make a purchase. The problem however is that when you make a purchase the person who put the link up on the WakeUpNow system is actually making cash too. This means not only will you be paying for your subscription, but you will also be giving the WakeUpNow system cash from the commission that they earn from advertising the offer to you.

This is the worst type of marketing scheme. We would have absolutely no qualms if they ran a system which allowed you to click these links for free. It would make it quite a good system and we would have no problems recommending it. However, when people are earning more money from you by charging a subscription to access links that are free absolutely everywhere else online then WE DO have a problem. We have quite a big problem in fact.
If you really want to get value from the WakeUpNow system then you are going to actively recruit others. If you don’t then you will not earn a single penny back from the system. The problem is, if you do actively recruit then you will have to feel guilty knowing that you are getting your friends and family to sign up to a system which they can get free from elsewhere.
So, is it worth signing up to the WakeUpNow system? In our opinion it is not.

Now, we won’t lie. This product is not actually a scam as such. It does what it says on the tin and will give you discounts on all manner of things. However, as we mentioned above, these discounts can be gained for free elsewhere.

It is nice to bring everything under ‘one roof’ so to speak. However, all it takes is a single Google search for whatever discount you are looking for and you will have everything at your disposal.

Do you think Wake Up Now is a scam or a fraud?

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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3 Comments on Read Our Wake Up Now Review – Scam or Not?

  1. I do not know anything about them but from what you said sounds like a scam to me. I will charge you a subscription so that I can send you links that are normally free and get paid for doing that is not right in my book.

  2. Jesse Stewart // October 4, 2014 at 11:32 pm // Reply

    Hello Charles,

    I happen to be a part of WUN and am happy that I am. Your right, this company is far from a SCAM and it’s true there are SOME offers that can be found online elsewhere if you seek them out. However, the purpose of having the HUB which they term that houses these discounts is to save the individual the headache of doing so online. We all know how tedious it could be searching for the correct and right discount for a specific product, and the many emails, sign ups, etc… you must go through in order to qualify for the discount, and WUN manages to take all that away. As far as them gaining commission off of advertising links to their associates…I think is genius as my Job working for HILTON does the same exact thing. In fact, Bank of America did the same thing in their employee discount portal. So it’s just business in my opinion. Every business out there will capitalize off of their workers at some point in the game. I think the most important thing here is do they deliver what is promised? The answer is yes they do. Do they have a compensation plan in place for those who are looking to create a business? The answer is YES. Is it right for everyone? The answer is NO…However, what business really is. I’ve been involved with 8 business opportunities since i’ve started internet marketing and I have to say WUN is one of the best in my opinion. I love the products that they offer which are exclusive like, WUNfinance, WUNspeak, WUNfit, WUNlocal, WUN Vacation Club, just to name a few…They all help those trying to save money and manage money better, do so effectively and efficiently. Yes it’s $99.95 to join and get access to all the benefits, but a small price to pay to start a full fledged business. Personally, I think there are opportunities out there that charge a hell of a lot more, where you have to recruit countless numbers of reps before you can earn one penny. In WUN you can have 12 people on your team and earn $600 residually. Now you earn weekly commissions for referring people to WUN products to purchase and PV. So you no longer earn it primarily through recruiting people. You can earn it through referring products directly from your hub. I know this article was written 5 months ago, so i’m hoping you would take another look at the company and see how much it has developed since your review. You can’t find every discount they offer online. There are some that are absolutely exclusive, trust me, I searched myself. So just something to think about.


    Charles & Susan

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