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Unselfish Wealth Review – Is This A Scam or The Real Deal?

Unselfish Wealth Team was started by Jim Reynolds and Barry Eschenberg with the intent to help members of the Travelencia home base business build the business by sharing and using the team concept where everyone pulls together for the good of the team.

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In our review of this program we set out to find out if it is real or just another fly by night scam.

Travelencia is a travel business membership site which offer members up to seventy per cent discounts on all your travel needs including rental cars, hotels and lodging.

From what we can find out Unselfish Wealth works on the pay it forward principle meaning if you help other people get what they want you will also eventually.

This is how it works in a nutshell:

The Unselfish Wealth Team advertises the newest members site until they have placed four referrals under the new team members and then they do the same all over again.

All team members agree to advertise weekly and contribute to the team advertising co-op which is targeted again at the newest team members who have yet to receive their first four referrals.

The cost of the the team co-op is five dollars per month in the beginning. That is cheap enough.

After you receive your referrals you will continue to promote the team and the process repeats it self again and again.

After you start making some money you agree to place more ads including some low to moderate priced ads in various classified and and other marketing portals.

Unselfish Wealth Team provides all members ad copy to use as well as effective places to use for their advertising including classifieds and online forums.

Our only concern with this concept is what happens when the lazy affiliates do nothing and you know there will be some. You know, the ones who want something for nothing and and depend on the efforts of others.

If they implement some kind of system which can weed out the lazy people, we think this could be a great a little program to jump in.

So in our conclusion, The Unselfish Wealth Team is not a scam and possibly something to take a closer look at.

If you are a member this program please leave your comments below.


Charles & Susan
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6 Comments on Unselfish Wealth Review – Is This A Scam or The Real Deal?

  1. I can promise it’s the real deal No Scam here. I been a member since the start and I’m doing quite well. We are even offering free trial membership. You can test drive our team building system at no cost. If your serious about team building and want to connect with a super team and fantastic company, Check it out at our free offer you have nothing to lose.

  2. Unselfish Wealth is not a scam. I have been with Unselfish Wealth for two months and making money for the first time on the Internet. It has a great team approach and there is always support. If you want to earn money you can’t be lazy and sit back and do nothing. You will get no where in any program you join doing nothing. Travelenica have a great pay plan and pays on time. People who join and promote and put a bit of effort in is great and I know getting members is hard but it helps. People who join and do nothing helps no one and definitely won’t help them. UW is a great business!

  3. I have nothing but GREWAT things to say about Unselfish Wealth and Travelencia. They are GREAT, they pay every week on time every time which is Friday. I love to check my e-mail and see Travelencia Commission Payment-Please Accept in my inbox. this is for real and if you are new to the internet and want to start a business this is the one for you GUARANTEED!

  4. I’m just signing up and I was doing some scam test before I came here. I’m however encouraged by the comments of those before me.

  5. Hi all,

    We are glad Unselfish Wealth is working for you.
    Thank you for participating and leaving your comments.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  6. go2travelencia // September 30, 2008 at 7:20 pm // Reply

    travelencia is a great program and i see alot of potential. Unselfish Wealth has good intentions but as you mentioned, if your upline is lazy or seemingly not around; like mine, then it takes a lot longer. i have been a member for 3 months and have had very little contact with my upline, no spillover referrals and very vague answers to my questions from the guys at the top.

    travelencia however is excellent. great support and so much to offer, including the $1800 worth of free marketing downloads with resale rights that is being offered to new members. i am sticking with this because i can see such great potential.

    i am dedicated to helping my downline and forming a supportive team. i am new at this and i am still looking for my first of four personal referrals, so if anyone would like to consider joining my team contact me to get to know me so that you can make an informed decision. i didn’t and i think that has been what has slowed me down (but not for long), i should have got to know who i was joining under. i have some great support from team members of other teams in the UW network, one with over 30 years experience in Network Marketing; who gave me excellent marketing advice and a great marketing system. i have just spent the last month getting other things sorted out and intend to go full throttle in October with this business.

    i am not going to let the laziness or inconsideration of a few ruin my chances of success in this business. i believe this is the one and i believe i can be making more than $10,000 each month within a years time. the Unselfish Wealth system is the best way to get success in Travelencia. It’s just the luck of the draw on who you join under. I plan to turn our team around and be the starting point of success from my point downwards.

    if you have the drive, patience and willingness to work together to succeed. please contact me via this blog or mine.


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