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Setting your Business Up for Success

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1.) Quote of the Week
2.) From the Editor
3.) Success Tip of the Week – Make sure your Email/Ads
are being Read!
4.) Charles & Susan Recommend
5.) Feature Article – Setting your Business Up for Success!
6.) Ask Susan
7.) Bonus Goodies

1.) Quote of the Week

“The road to success is always under construction.”

– William Holst

2.) From the Editor


Greetings, This is our first issue of the
New Year and the beginning of what we hope will be a
profitable and successful year for everyone:)

In this first issue of 2013 – we have an article which we
encourage you to read and put into action. The article
focuses on setting yourself up for success and the six
essentials you MUST have to run your online business!

You’ll benefit from today’s success tip and bonus goodie as

Make it a great week and may your business continue to grow
and prosper.

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett, Editors

3.) Success Tip of the Week

Make sure your Email/Ads are being Read!

When writing ads, e-mails, headlines keep in mind you only
have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention so
your headline/subject line should be powerful.

According to a Yale University Study, the following words
are the most powerful words in the English language: Money,
Discovery, Save, Easy, New, Love, Health, Proven, You,
Results, Guaranteed, Safety

Other power words that consistently work: Breakthrough,
Discover, Discovery, Easy, Free Guaranteed, Hidden,
Incredible, Love, Master, Money, New, Powerful, Profits,
Proven, Results, Revealed, Scientific, Secret, Shocked,
Shocking, Ultimate, Uncovered, You, Your

4.) Charles & Susan Recommend

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5.) Feature Article – Setting your Business Up for Success!

“Six Essentials you MUST have in place for your online business”
By: Charles & Susan Truett

There is a common misconception that an “online business”
requires no investment…that you can make money online
without spending any.

When we hear this from people who are desperately trying to
build a successful online business it makes us angry!

We believe the misconception is primarily due to all of the
hype and false promises that arrive daily in our in boxes.
Emails promising us that we can make millions of dollars
with no financial output while we sit at home and do
nothing. It’s insane and it’s not the truth.

The truth is that you must treat an online business just as
you would a business in the conventional world. You must
plan on investing time, money and effort to ensure your
success. The good news is that your investment in an online
business will be MUCH, MUCH less than that of a business in
the conventional world.

With an online business, there are essentials that you must
have in order for your business to run smoothly and become
successful. You can literally run an effective online
business for $100-$200 a month. Later in this article, we
will show you how you can access many of these essentials
in one place for less that $10.00 a month!

But first…

Here are six essentials that you MUST have to run your
online business.

1. Your Own Website

This includes a domain name and web hosting for your site.
You must have a central place to send your customers, even
if you are selling multiple products or services.

2. A Professional Autoresponder

An absolute MUST for any online business. If you’re not
using an autoresponder, you’re losing money! That’s the
bottom line. Your autoresponder should have the ability to
create subscriptions via email and web form and should be a
professional one with no ads!

3. Ad Tracker

This is probably the most underused tool that we know of.
Consider this – most people who are NOT making money on the
Net have never used an Ad Tracker. Yet, ALL of the people
that we know who ARE making money on the Net – use one
daily. It makes no sense to spend money and time on
advertising if you’re not going to be able to determine
which ads are producing and which ones are not. An Ad
Tracker will solve this problem and save you time and money
in the long run.

4. Products or Services

You must have something to sell! This can be a service such
as web or graphic design, an mlm/affiliate program or
products, tangible or digital. If you don’t have a specific
product or service in mind, there are thousands of
profitable digital products that come with resell rights.
This means you can resell them and keep 100% of the profit!
5. You must know HOW and WHERE to advertise to bring
targeted prospects to your Website!

You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money
and frustration by learning the effective advertising
methods that are available online. There are countless
worthless ones that are simply a waste of time. If you’re
new online, you won’t know this unless you find someone who
is successful online and follow their lead. Find a mentor
or a membership site that offers step by step Tutorials on
online promotion. Make sure that the tutorials are updated
frequently to keep up with the changing times of the

6. Leads

The lifeline of any online business! Just because you have
a website and products to sell, that doesn’t mean you’re
going to make money! To make money, you must drive targeted
visitors to your website. There are THOUSANDS of companies
on the web that sell Leads but if you just pick one out of
the blue, it’s trial and error. Do some research and find a
good source for leads. Again, you can achieve this by
finding someone who is succcessful and following their
lead. Or join a membership site that includes Leads as a
part of their package.

We promised we’d tell you about a membership site that
includes many of these essential items in one place. Have a
look at With your membership,
you get a professional autoresponder, ad tracking, Leads,
Digital Products with resell rights, step by step training
tutorials AND you can earn money by referring others to the
site. The tutorials are updated frequently and NEW products
are added each month so that you always have something new
to offer your customers!

So there you have it. With these six essentials, you’ve got
the foundation for a successful online business. Without
them, it’s going to be a tough road ahead. Use them as a
“checklist” and make sure your online business is armed for

6.) Ask Susan

This week’s Question was submitted by:
Marilyn Thompson

Q. I have heard that Google AdWords is a good way to advertise
my website and bring targeted traffic to my site but I
don’t understand it and don’t know how to get started.

A. Google’s AdWords, in our opinion, is one of the most
effective advertising methods available. However, if you
don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily make a lot of
mistakes with it by bidding on the wrong keywords, bidding
too much, etc. Our advice to anyone considering starting a
Google AdWords campaign is to do some research first by
finding and reading a good step by step tutorial. For an
excellent Google AdWords tutorial and more step by step
tutorials, visit
Do you have any questions about home business
opportunities, marketing methods, or anything about
business in general? We will pick one question per week and
add it right here in this newsletter for everyone to
benefit from!
To Submit your Question to Susan, visit:

7.) Bonus Goodies

“The eBay Traffic Funnel”

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