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Are you safe from Hackers?

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor – Are you safe from Hackers?
3. Earning$$ POWER – Our Recommended Product of the
4. Feature Article – Are You Safe From Hackers?
5. Bonus Goodies

1. Quote of the Week

“Success…seems to be connected with action.
Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but
they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

2. From the Editor


Greetings Everyone! We’d like to wish all the Mothers
out there an early Happy Mother’s Day! The year is
flying by, it’s hard to believe it is May already!

We had a very busy week and one “disturbing” day which
we explain in our feature article in this issue. Be
sure to check it out! It could happen to you as well!

Be sure to have a look at this week’s “Recommended
Product”. We have sold a ton of these the last couple
of weeks. This package is hot and it sells!

Enjoy this jam packed issue and have a great week!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

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4. Feature Article – Are You Safe From Hackers?

Are You Safe From Hackers?
By: Charles & Susan Truett

We don’t use E-gold very often since most of our
online business and customer sales are conducted
through our online merchant account. However, we
occasionally have someone who will request paying by
E-gold so we keep an account there for this reason.
Once a month or so we withdraw the funds and decided
to do so yesterday. Imagine our dismay when we logged
into our E-gold account yesterday and found our
balance to be a big fat ZERO! We had checked the
balance just a few days ago so we knew this was not
correct. After investigating the history of the
account, we found that a spend had been made to
another e-gold account user WITHOUT our knowledge or
authorization. We had been hacked!

Since we have up to date anti-virus and firewall
software on our computer, we assumed we were safe. Not
so! It seems this is not enough to keep away the
hackers as the software does not prevent “Spyware”
from being installed on your computer.

“Spyware” is software that gets onto your computer and
literally “spies” on your activities.

The spying can range from relatively harmless use of
cookies tracking you across multiple websites… to
extremely dangerous “keystroke loggers” which record
passwords, credit cards, and other personal data. That
data then gets relayed to the person who put the
software on your computer.

Spyware gets on your computer in one of several
different ways.

First, it rides along with software you download from
the ‘Net and install on your system.

Second, they come as email attachments (much like
viruses) and automatically install themselves on your
computer when you open the email message.

Third, hackers find an open port on your computer and
use the “back door” to install basically anything they

And fourth, the more malicious types, like keystroke
loggers, can even get installed by someone with direct
physical access to your computer such as an employer,
suspicious spouse, business competitor, or someone who
wants to know exactly what you’re doing.

So how do you protect yourself against these malicious
hackers? You need a program that specifically scans
your system for the tens-of-thousands of existing
spyware programs along with the new ones appearing

Below are two programs which specifically check for
and remove spyware from your system:

“Spybot Search & Destroy” –

You may have spyware lurking on your computer right
now so protect yourself today by downloading one of
the above programs!

As a point of reference, we contacted E-gold and
informed them that we had been hacked. We provided
them with the account number of the person who
received the funds and asked for a contact e-mail
address on the person. E-gold informed us that they
could not provide that information without a “court
order” and that basically there was no way of getting
the money back!

Take action today to protect yourself from this
growing threat! The bottom line is:

– Keep your anti-virus program current
– Install a firewall
– Carefully screen software before installing it
– Scan specifically for spyware weekly
– Stay current on this growing threat.
We hope this article will prevent happening to you what happened to us.

Charles & Susan Truett

5. Bonus Goodies!

For those of you who missed it the last time, this is
an excellent resource and a timeless classic now in
e-book format! “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill

Download it here:


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