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Any Reviews On Internet Lifestyle Network?

internet lifestyle network

internet lifestyle networkHello everybody,

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We are looking for some info or a short review  about Internet Lifestyle Network – Speed Wealth System  and we are also considering joining this business opportunity.

We understand the founders to be Mark Hoverson and Vincent Ortega Jr.

We have some questions if you are a member or if you have some knowledge about ILN – SPW.

1. Do you think Internet Lifestyle Network is a fraud or a pyramid scheme?

We are not leaning that way but would like to see others input.

2. How does this Internet Lifestyle Network compare to Empower Network?

We were in Empower Network but never tried to do a lot with it as we didn’t like it very much. Nothing against it just not for us.

3. The next question we have is how much does Internet Lifestyle Network cost and how much is the monthly cost if any?

4. Can someone explain the compensation plan to us?

5. What is an apprentice membership?

We also see there is a guarantee that you will make money within your first thirty days or they pay you a hundred dollars in cash.

Is this for real or is this a false marketing statement?

We understand that this is a quite a few questions but there is a lot of misinformation and we wanted  honest opinion’s  from folks we trust.

Please leave your comments below and thank you for reading.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan Truett

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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

16 Comments on Any Reviews On Internet Lifestyle Network?

  1. Dear Charles & Susan,
    I am not acquainted at all with the details of both companies you mentioned so I couldn’t be of help to you there.
    I recently enrolled in Team Quanta, which is a company that promotes empowerment programs that are right up my alley -hoping- to have materials in spanish soon since I am in Peru and as a Business Consultant those resources are always needed.
    I do enjoy your reports.

    Living with passion,

    José Salcedo

  2. Hi Charles & Susan,

    I would like to help you with your decision about joining the Internet Lifestyle Network family. Therefore, I am going to answer all of the questions that you have inquired about hopefully this will help you in making your decision.

    1. ILN is not a scam they are a legit company similar to Empower Network as I see you are very familiar with.

    2.ILN and Empower network are similar however; they are different in regards to passing up your income to you up line. ILN does not do that. You earn money on every sale and it does not go to anyone else but you also you cannot get started with Empower Network for free but you can get started with ILN for free so that within itself is a major plus.

    3.As of today if you go ahead and get started today I can show you how you can get in 100% free and it will cost you $37 a month if you choose to stay at the basic level which is the apprentice level. If you upgrade to higher-level memberships your monthly payment will be that of whichever membership that you choose plus the basic level training.

    4. Compensation there is a 50% payout on all the people you introduce to the ILN family. With the Pro Level member or above will you earn 10% on the efforts of your team members.

    5.Apprentice level is the basic level at $37 a month

    6.Yes, this is true that if you do not earn a significant income within 30 days the company will refund your money back. However, you have to provide proof to the company that you have put forth some type of effort using the training to earn money. If you can produce any proof that you’ve tried then they will refund the money back to you. If you cannot produce any proof then you will not receive a refund. I hope this has helped you.

    • Hi Tynesha,
      Thank you for answering the questions.
      We wanted to know how much is the Pro Level Membership?
      We think we may have read somewhere that it is 97.00 per month.
      Also do you earn 50% on the higher ticket products as well?

      Thank you,for stopping by and sharing.
      Charles & Susan

  3. The Pro level does cost $97 per month plus the apprentice level membership. In addition to that, yes you will receive 50% commission on the people that you introduce to ILN and 10% on your team members efforts. You are more than welcome and I am happy to help you understand ILN better.

    • Hi Tynesha,

      Now when you say 50% is that on the monthly fee as well or
      just the initial sale?
      You have helped us understand better and we appreciate you.
      Charles & Susan

  4. Ray Robinson // April 16, 2014 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    Hi Charles
    I just mow got involve ed with this program. But the idea of making 20.00 like right away got me excited I can see the potential in this business and it seems easy to do. I would go for it for just 37.00/mth you get you money back with just two people
    Good luck and let me know hope I helped you

  5. I confirm with Tynesha’s comments on April 12 and 16. I just recently got involved as well. This is not a scam and can be great for newbies starting out in Network Marketing. Though you can promote via Facebook to your friends and family, I like to keep my business separate and promote via my FB business fan page and buy traffic through paid advertising to my website. The majority on the leader boards are doing this as well. I have already made some sales within my first 48 hours on both the apprentice and pro level. This program has a high conversion rate and the products though similar in concept to Empower Network, but you get paid on your team but more at the pro level or higher.

    You are looking at a low entry Sales funnel with high end back end sales products that can make you big money. The products are digital based informational products which allows for Global growth. No shipping or billing on your part.

    Share the Wealth

    • Hi Frank,
      Can you sell the higher ticket products if you are at the apprentice
      level or do you have to purchase them first?
      If so, what is the difference in commissions?

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Charles & Susan

  6. Like most programs of this type it is highly recommended that one review the privacy policy, refund policy, income disclaimer, and terms of use before getting involved.

  7. Hello All,
    We do have one more question for whomever will answer.
    Can you use your own autoresponder because we have
    no interest in building Vincent Ortega’s email list.

    Thanks in advance.
    Charles & Susan

  8. Hi guys, I can’t understand why you would join a similar program as empower when you didn’t like it.
    I also joined empower and it didn’t take me long before I realized that it is a money grab so I decided to search for a legit product driven company and in doing so I discovered KingUni and Q.P.G. I couldn’t be any happier. Oh I also might mention that you can make money in both programs if you want to enter and be a passive member.

  9. Dennis Tchen // April 21, 2014 at 7:49 pm // Reply

    Hey Charles. There is a lot of people peddling ILN and EN. I have not join either company because I don’t want to be stuck paying up every month if you can have people joining. I know a lady from Colorado that is in EN at the $25 level an she is making roughly $1000 a week. She just started a few months ago. She is raving about it and I might join under her. By the way, what specifically about EN that you don’t like. I also leery about the idea of always recruiting people to make a sale. I am a newbie that have spent thousands of dollars buying too many “shiny objects” with great promises and rarely deliver.
    Really would like to know what kind of programs that you guys are in and is it making you any money.

    • Hi Dennis,
      When we joined Empower Network we joined The Prosperity Team and we were not impressed
      with the system. In the back office they want you to join this and join that and it was
      distracting and confusing in our opinion.
      We never promoted the program because we didn’t have a good feeling about.
      We are not saying it’s a bad program, just not for us.
      We also didn’t like the profanity used in emails and some ads, just not very professional
      looking to us.
      At the moment the only programs we are doing are ones we own and yes we are making money.
      We have been working at home for about seven years.
      We are looking for something else but have not found what we are looking for.

      Thank you for stopping and sharing.
      Charles & Susan

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