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Review Of Home Income Alliance By Dan Miller

Today let’s take a look at and give an honest review Dan Miller’s new Home Income Alliance program and see if this is a scam or a legitimate business.

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Ok, Full disclosure here: We are members of Dan Miller‘s new program Home Income Alliance as we were grandfathered in as we are members Of Independent Profit Center (IPC) and IPC Instant Cash.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s proceed.

Home Income Alliance started in August of 2009 and is similar to the IPC program which we have been members for over a year and have done really well with it as many others of our team have as well.

In our criteria of any program we have to make sure we are selling a product and not just a gifting or Ponzi scheme as this is just a fraud plain and simple.

Home Income Alliance does have an impressive product package which consist of thousands of dollars in marketing type products.

One question we often receive are the products any good?

Our answer is simple:

Yes, If you use them!

You can also sell these products individually as you are provided with your own software store when you sign up.

That is pretty nice.

There are three different levels that you can join at and we will take a quick look at each of them now.

There are no monthly fees on any level. which is a big plus and you do not pass up sales.

Base Level Distributor – $99.00

You receive 100% per cent of all sales from your included software store.

You will also receive direct commissions of  $50 dollars as well as overrides from your direct sales of $20 dollars as well as swing line bonuses.

Standard Level Distributor – $249.00

You receive 100 per cent of all software sales from your store at this level as well.

You also receive $150.00 from direct sales and $50.00 over rides and swing line bonuses.

You will also be able to build your business at the Standard Level by receiving direct commissions of $50.00, overrides of $20.00 and swingline bonus members with Base Level sales.

Executive Level Distributor – $399.00

Again you will receive 100 per cent of all software sales form your Home Income Alliance store.

You also receive 250.00 on all direct sales as well as 100.00 from over rides from your downline as well as swing line bonuses.

You will also be able to build your business at the Executive Level by receiving direct commissions of $50.00, overrides of $20.00 and swingline bonus members with Base Level sales – direct commissions of $150.00, overrides of $50.00 and swingline bonuses with Standard Level sales.

Swing line bonuses are explained on the website as we don’t want to give it all away.

We think you will agree it is pretty powerful stuff.

Training: Step by step training is provided as well as weekly live training calls.

If you sign up under us you will also have telephone and email support from us.

Now we are not going to tell you we are the top earner in Home Income Alliance like some others do because we have no way of knowing but what we will tell you will not find a better sponsor than us if that means anything to you.

One more thing:

We will provide you with 1,000 Business Opportunity Leads a Day for six months.

If you are interested in the Home Income Alliance program take a look at our site here:

Click Here For Home Income Alliance

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett

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