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Pro Matrix Plus Review – Is This A Scam or Not?

In our Pro Matrix Plus Review scam or not article, we are going to cover the products offered by Pro Matrix Plus and touch briefly on their compensation plan. Only after we have explained these details, will we give you our opinion on the product. Let us get started with looking at the product lineup.
pro matrix plus
The first product in our Pro Matrix Plus review is their GetLikes from This system helps you get likes and social media shares from top sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others. You receive 1000 credits to use for your site when you sign-up for the system. This product is supposed to be a powerful way to increase SEO ranking and your social media presence.

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The second product is called Advertise With Us. This product does not give us as much confidence as the first product. With the Advertise With Us system, you can build 3 text ads, 3 banner ads, 3 page ads. The ads are then included in a rotator system on the main site for ProMatrixPlus. Do not expect great results from this product, but it is a bonus in the system.

The third product is is the heart of the system . It is the Facebook marketing tips and guru techniques training module. This is where you learn how to leverage the power of Facebook to build your business. Facebook will be your number one traffic system for marketing the Pro Matrix Plus system. When you tie the techniques you learn here to the GetLikes system, you have the potential of a powerful marketing duo that helps you make money fast.

The final product is the most essential one. Pro Matrix Plus provides you with a complete email marketing autoresponse system. You use an autoresponder to keep in contact with people interested in the program and to answer their questions. Comparable products cost between $25 and $100 per month.

What about the compensation plan? We are not going to try to cover this in-depth in this article due to the complexity of the system. The system is a 10 layer multi-level marketing plan. You are paid a percentage of each person’s sales who joined under you, or people you sponsored, for 10 levels. The real advantage to their system is the ease of getting new members. The product is low cost and offers real benefits to members. The best way to understand the payment system is listen to the Pro Matrix Plus video.

On a personal note we do not like any program that incorporates a matrix type payplan.

What are the negative aspects since we called this article Pro Matrix Plus Review Scam or Not? The biggest negative is the surfbar you must add to your website. It adds a distraction to other sales funnels you might be promoting. If you are focused on only selling the Pro Matrix Plus system, the surfbar is not a distraction. We advise reviewing the terms of membership carefully before making your final decision.

What is the conclusion of our Pro Matrix Plus Review Scam or Not research? The company offers a solid suite of products and a legitimate money making opportunity. The system is not the easiest to understand and the surfbar is a minor annoyance. Take a few minutes to review the facts for yourself and see what you think.

As far as we are concerned we will not be joining this opportunity.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett

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9 Comments on Pro Matrix Plus Review – Is This A Scam or Not?

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    I have a Team that is FREE to Join.
    We help anyone who needs Paid signups.
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  2. is it true that u can work data entry job?

    • Hi Angel,

      We are not aware of any legitimate data entry programs.
      There may be some but we would really check them out first.
      Just do a Google search for the name of the company and you will be able to find some info.
      You can also ask to speak with them and see if they will oblige.

      We hope we have helped in a small way.
      Charles and Susan

  3. Hello, I am a full tym mom and looking for ways to earn an income. I’ve read about your article and I just want to be sure that when I decide to join, with the right people. Can you email me some details on how I can join the Plan Pro Matrix? Thanks

  4. hi charles and susan!! fantastic day to you guys, Im len from the philippines and planpromatrix is everywhere i must admit im often tempted to join however I am not so confident of the income i can get from them, because all i want is just the data entry job they offer,like online typing job.and thanks to you guys for your rewiew now i know i shall never join PPM. but i was hoping to get an online job really.

  5. Hi Doreen, I am member of Planpromatrix. Don’t hesitate to pm me if you have questions. If you want to join, pm me I will guide you. Thank you.

    • hi rosemarie. i am a member of this ppm almost 3 months now and im only interested on the data entry job. but the thing is there are no images loading even if i am online for 24/7. ive emailed the company many times but they always assure that there are no problems on the app for data entry. can you advice me on this. thank you.

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