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Polaris Media Group Review – Is it a Scam?

In this article we review Polaris Media Group and see if it is a scam.

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Polaris Media Group was created by Shane Krider, who co-founded Liberty League International.

Polaris Media Group
was set up to help achieve both men and women achieve success, gain financial independence, and increase their self confidence. They have also developed an international community of people with the entrepreneurial spirit and the idea to become self-sufficient.

When you log on to the website you’ll see a video of Shane and his family, who are proud to be able to travel with their children and spend quality time together as a result of building a home business.

Rebranding of the Polaris Media Group

Liberty League International has now been rebranded into Polaris Media Group, launched on September 9, 2009. The Polaris Media Group claim that the reason for this rebranding was simply to progress the company, however, some may think it’s part of a Polaris Media Group scam to help escape from some of the negative press that Liberty League International received, claimed to be a ‘pyramid scheme’. Whatever the reasons, it’s important to research both company names to get a real feel for what’s on offer.

The Products and Opportunity on Offer

There are a number of products designed to help bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals. They include 90 day courses in the form of DVDs, manuals, audio and more – each focusing on different areas of personal development. There are also the original products from Liberty League International that have been branded with different names, including conferences. In total, DVDs can be very cheap, at around $30, up to the most expensive products which are conferences costing up to $15,000.

Liberty League offered a ‘2 up’ style compensation plan which has now changed with Polaris Media Group. There is not much information available on the relevant page of their website until you sign up, but in general there are four levels to the plan, and you earn money each time you refer business to others.

Can It Make You Real Money, Or Is Polaris Media Group A Scam?

The truth is that there is not much information on the program since it’s so new. However, when it comes to the old company – Liberty League International – there are not many positive reviews of people making money with the scheme. The truth is that people have criticised the company for selling information that is readily available, but at a hugely inflated price (sometimes multiple thousands).

When asking the question of whether you can make money with Polaris Media Group, the truth is that it depends on you. There are real products on offer, so if you have the ability to market them – and if you believe in the products – you have a real chance of success. You just need to ask yourself whether these products are something worth paying for.

Perhaps more worryingly than the value of the products themselves. If they are seen as expensive rip offs, then Polaris Media Group could be seen as an MLM scam, whereby the only real work going on is promoting the business opportunity itself.

Until Next Time,

Charles & Susan

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  1. Ralph Goodwin // June 21, 2010 at 6:31 pm // Reply

    Good review..I appreciate the fact you brought up their bad press, but fairly mentioned the good also. The common sense advise for folks to do their due diligence on this (or any opportunity) shows an honest approach to your advise…


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