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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 6

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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 6
March 1, 2004

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1. From the Editor – Spring Cleaning!
2. Best Web Hosting
3. Feature Article – “Are you a Victim of the Internet?”

1. From the Editor – Spring Cleaning

Hello ,

Not sure what the weather is like on your end. Here is
South Carolina it feels like a Spring day which got us to
thinking about…Spring Cleaning. Not something we look
forward to, but something that must be done. The same
applies to your computer and your work space. Here are
some ideas for sprucing up your work environment:

– Go through your e-mail folders and delete anything
you no longer need. The same thing goes for the folders
and files on your “C” drive.

– Perform a Disk Cleanup on your “C” drive. To do this:
from the “Start” menu, click accessories”, then “System
Tools”, then “Disk Cleanup”.

– Perform a thorough ScanDisk on your computer. From
the “Start” menu, click “Accessories, then “System Tools,
then “Scan Disk”.

– Perform a Disk Defragmenter on your hard drive. From
the “Start” menu, click Accessories”, then “System
Tools”, then “Disk Defragmenter”

– Clean out your file cabinet and organize your work
space so that everything has a proper

– Make a Daily “To Do” List and stick to it! (see
Feature Article)

Until next time!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

2. Best Web Hosting!

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3. Feature Article – Are you a Victim of the Internet?

Are YOU a victim of the Internet?

By: Paul Hughes

When I first began to develop an internet business I
discovered that I was making almost no progress. I spent
hours and hours in front of my computer, working as hard
as I could (so I thought).

But, in spite of by best efforts I was getting almost
nothing accomplished.

I know that just about everyone goes through this same

Why? If you are working (you think) for hours and hours,
surely you should be getting something accomplished, right?
Not necessarily so.

What was the problem?

What I discovered was that I was allowing myself to become
a victim of the Internet!

The Internet is such a fascinating place, Almost everywhere
you go on it there is a link to somewhere else that you
want to check out!

What you find is you spend nearly all your time following
one link after another, occasionally downloading this or
that, then trying to find your most recent download on your
computer, then trying to figure out how to work this
magnificent piece of free software that you just had to

Even worse than that is all those oh-so-informative free
ebooks that you download. You just have to take time to
read them.

Before you know it, your day is gone and you haven’t gotten
anything done as far as building your website or promoting
your website goes!

Stay focused.

The real problem turned out to be right between my ears! I
was failing to stay focused on the job at hand.

Instead of doing one job until it was finished and then
going to the next job and doing it until it was finished I
was allowing myself to be distracted by all the wonders of
the Internet!

What was the answer?

For me the answer turned out to be a daily “To Do” list.
Once I began to make such a list every night for things to
do the next day, my focus began to improve.

I found that I was beginning to make some progress. The more
progress I made, the more I began to stick to my list.

It is a great feeling to be able to scratch off each item
as it is completed, knowing you have actually accomplished

Pretty soon I was getting entire projects completed, just
by doing little items each day.

I believe this system will work for anyone. All you have to
do is give it a try. Pretty soon it becomes second nature
to you and you will be surprised at how much you will get
accomplished and how good it will make you feel!

Paul Hughes, The Lazy Dog

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