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1. From the Editor – The Exploding Growth of the Internet!
2. Must have software – unbelievable price!
3. Feature Article – Secret Formula’s for Writing
Headlines that Sell!

1. From the Editor – The Exploding Growth of the Internet!


Worried about running out of prospects on the Internet?
Stop worrying! Over half a billion, yes that’s BILLION,
people worldwide now have Internet access according to the
latest Nielsen-Netratings study (Dec. 02). According to
the latest study, 580 million people have Net access as
compared to 563 million in the third quarter of 2002. It
gets even better…the projected figures for the Internet
population in 2004 are 709 million (eMarketer) and 945
million (Computer Industry Almanac). It’s no wonder the
thought of an online business is attractive to so many
people. Where else would you be able to start your own
business at very low cost with an endless supply of
potential customers?

Bill Gates has said “10 years from now there will be two
types of business, those doing business on the Internet,
and those out of business”! We’re inclined to agree with

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

2. Must have software – unbelievable price!

This is a must have! Mike Chen’s Web Army Knife has become
the hottest software on the Internet. The software is a
collection of utilities which includes all of the following:

The Mini Site Machine
The Web Site Colorer
The Deadline Generator
The Meta Tag Generator
The Email Scrambler
Timed Bonus Popup
Affiliate Link Cloaker
The Popup Generator
Opt-In Alert Generator
Tell A Friend Generator
AND much MORE!

This software currently sells from the Manufacturer’s site
for $69.77. We have negotiated a deal which allows us to
offer the software exclusively to you for the unbelievable
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3. Feature Article – Secret Formulas for Writing Headlines
that Sell.

By Shelley Lowery

We all know the importance of a powerful headline. However,
writing a great headline isn’t as easy as it sounds.

An effective headline will literally force your potential
customers to learn more. It will instantly ignite a certain
emotion and intrigue them to read on.

In order to write an effective headline, you must learn how
to use specific words to achieve a specific reaction.

Before writing your headline, you must first learn a little
bit about the basic human motivators. According to
psychologist Abraham Maslow, human behavior is always the
result of one or more of five basic needs. He listed these
needs in a sequence that he refers to as “the hierarchy of
human needs.”

He believes that until a less important need is met there
won’t be any desire to pursue a more important need. Below
are the five human motivators, beginning with the basic
needs and continuing to the most important needs.

Physiological – Basic human needs include hunger, thirst,
shelter, clothing and sex. Safety (Security) – Human need
for physical, emotional and financial security. Social
(Affiliation) – Human need for love, affection,
companionship and acceptance. Esteem (Self Esteem) – Human
need for achievement, recognition, attention and respect.
Self-actualization – Human need to reach their full

When you are aware of the basic human needs, you can
incorporate these needs into your writing. A great headline
will appeal to your potential customers’ emotions. You must
feel their needs, wants and desires and write your headlines
with passion and emotion.

When writing your headlines, keep in mind, you only have a
few seconds to grab your potential customers’ attention. If
your headline doesn’t immediately catch their attention,
they’ll simply move on and never return. Below are several
different formulas used by professional copywriters to
write compelling headlines.

How to

“How to Increase Your Sales Up to 500% by Using This One
Simple Strategy”

Headlines beginning with ‘how to’ are very successful, as
the Internet is all about information. Internet users have
a strong desire to learn. A headline beginning with ‘how
to’ immediately grabs your potential customers’ attention
and forces them to read on.


“Are You Sick and Tired of Working For Someone Else?”

Headlines written in the form of a question are very
effective, as they appeal to your potential customers’
emotions. When they read a headline written as a question,
they’ll answer the question in their mind. If the question
identifies a specific need, want or desire, they’ll read


“Double Your Income Within the Next 12 months —

A command headline focuses on the most important benefit
your product or service has to offer. It instantly demands
your potential customers’ attention and intrigues them to
read on.


“Announcing a Brand New Breakthrough in E-Publishing”

News headlines are very effective and used to announce new
products and services. They are written in the form of an
announcement or introduction and create curiosity.


“Internet Marketing Exclusive is Pure Genius — Our Sales
Have Increased by 40%!”

Headlines written in the form of a testimonial are very
effective, as they instantly begin building trust.

When writing your headlines, certain words, when combined
together, will literally draw your readers’ attention to
your ad. Below are of few of these “Power Words” that
consistently work.

Breakthrough Discover Discovery Easy Free Guaranteed
Hidden Incredible Love Master Money New Powerful
Profits Proven Results Revealed Scientific Secret
Shocked Shocking Ultimate Uncovered You Your

According to a Yale University study, the following words
are the most powerful words in the English language.

Money Discovery Save Easy New Love Health Proven
You Results Guaranteed Safety

Just as certain words ignite different emotions, certain
subjects have a broader interest than others do. Some of
the most popular subjects include wealth, love, health and

Take your time and try the different formulas according to
your needs. Use a combination of the power words and write
headline that sells. By learning the art of writing
headlines that focus on the basic human needs and emotions,
you can increase your sales considerably.

Copyright © 2001, all rights reserved

About the Author:

Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebook Starter – A complete
ebook design kit. Subscribe to Etips, for a wealth of
quality information to assist you in Web Design, Internet
Marketing & Ecommerce. All new subscribers receive a free
copy of the highly acclaimed ebook, “Killer Internet
Marketing Strategies.”

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