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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 16

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor
3. Feature Article – Content is King!
4. Ask Susan! – NEW this week!
5. Bonus Goodies

1. Quote of the Week

“The world is filled with willing people; some willing to
work, the rest willing to let them.” – Robert Frost

2. From the Editor


Greetings everyone! Where DOES the time go? It’s hard to
believe that more half of the year is almost gone!

It seems the “hackers” have gone into full gear this summer
with many viruses and trojans circulating around the
Internet. Just last week we ran our SpyBot software and
found several items on our computer that were not put there
by us! See our bonus goodies today for information on how
you can scan your computer and make certain you are safe!

Our feature article today is excellent and a must read for
anyone who has a website or runs an ezine/newsletter. It’s
full of great resources and information on making your
content KING!

Have a great week and may your business continue to grow
and prosper.

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

4. Feature Article – Content is King

Content is King by Teresa King

I’ve been rather amazed at the inquiries that I get from
people asking me about how to get content for their site.

It’s easy.

You simply find articles that you like and use them. If you
are wise, you’ll find articles that the author will allow
you to use your affiliate link to their product in their
resource box.

You can even ask the author if they would mind if you
changed a couple of lines so that the article will have
more keywords for your content. Or, put a lead into the
article with some rich key words.

Add articles with a link that can make you a potential
income, have it come up in a new window.

If you post an article where you don’t get any credit you
can simply not link to their resource box. Oh, yes you must
have it in, but it does not have to have an active link. I
like to give people credit where it is due, though and do
allow a live link that opens in a new window. It helps
their search engine popularity, just as having content will
help yours.

If their article is too much direct competition, you’ll
have to find another article. Just keep searching the
Internet for articles with your keywords, and see what you
can find.

You can find articles in real magazines and write the
author for permission to publish on your website.

You can use those 2000 reports that all over the Internet,
and find parts of those to use for content. If you don’t
have those reports and are not an Internet Warrior,
consider joining them by choosing one of these two books,
which will get you in as a member.

The Global Tycoon
Money Power Interview with Allen Says

Both these books get you a membership into the warrior’s
area, and there are tons of reports that you can use to get
content for your site. Some of the reports are from the
1990’s, but still are perfectly good for site content.

You can interview people in your field, and use that
interview on your website.

You can find stuff in the public domain that you can
publish on your site.

You can write a report or an article yourself and add it to
your site.

Now, the secret is to fill your site with keyword rich
content. Let’s pretend you are selling a hot book on the
best bait for different fish.

Well, you don’t want to give away all the bait secrets and
put them on your website, however, you can put articles in,
fish stories, jokes, and of course, affiliate links to
boats, fishing gear, and vacation spots and even delicious
fish recipes.

The jokes can have headlines with your keywords in the
title of the joke.

Man tells Amazing Fish Bait Story (put the story in and
change words around a little bit to make it get the
keywords you want into your web pages.)

Bass Bait – isn’t Night Crawlers or is it?

Kid discovers that raising worms for bait is really easy to
make money. (notice here how a simple story on how to
create a worm bed, can build content for a make money site)

You can start a forum, and a newsletter on fishing and
other sports. Your newsletter, may just be a clean joke per
week, or fisherman stories of the FISH that got away.

You could find out about fishing contests, and post them to
your site, to give your visitors to not only come back but
to recommend a friend. You can also create a good page of

Your site could move from fish bait to small engine repair,
or even something as different as selling coffee. What
fisherman doesn’t have that wonderful cup of coffee in the

So, you might affiliate with a coffee selling site, then
tell the story about how a kid makes money with raising
worms, and how he puts wet coffee grounds on the dirt
because worms love coffee grounds.

(you see we are creating content for fish bait, and for
coffee grounds and making money)

You can do this with anything that you want to sell. Get
busy, think outside the box.

Good Luck!

Teresa King is the author of many books on the
Internet, and has been teaching marketing full time on the
Internet for almost five years. Recently, she has been
directing her energies toward the women’s market.

5. Ask Susan! –

This week’s Question was submitted by:
Richard M. Rhoads

Q. I have been unable to use the Express Mail Server. I have
followed all the readme instructions, but still I am unable
to even send a email to myself. I have entered my DNS
number in order complete the mailing process. My ISP is
AOL. Could this be the problem?

A. Yes Richard, that is most definitely the problem! The
Express Mail Server along with many of the mass mailers on
the market today require an open Port 25 connection. AOL as
well as many other ISP’s block Port 25 to prevent their
customers from sending out bulk e-mail. Unfortunately, the
only way around this is to find an ISP with an open Port 25
connection which is quite difficult these days. You might
also look into a mailer which does NOT require an open Port
25 connection. A simple search on Google should bring up
some possibilities.

6. Bonus Goodies!

Get a free pc scan at
There are lots of Trojans running around.

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