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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 1 January 26, 2004

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1. From the Editor – Introduction

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Hello ,

Welcome to the first edition of the Partners in Success
Ezine! We are Charles & Susan Truett, internet marketers
and owners of We have been marketing
online now for a few years and wanted to create a venue by
which we could share what we have learned (as well as the
mistakes we have made) with our online partners. We hope
to accomplish this through this ezine. The ezine will be
published every month. Each month we will
include marketing tips, featured articles, bonus goodies
and more designed to assist you in achieving success in
your online business efforts!

As always, we welcome your input and would love to hear
from you regarding ideas/subjects YOU would like to see
included in this ezine. Simply reply to this e-mail with
your suggestions and then watch for them in upcoming issues!

Until then…enjoy!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

2. All the tools you need for your website with resell

It is rare that we come across a software package that we
truly believe in. The truth be told, there is an awful lot
of JUNK floating around the Internet these days and we
don’t give most of these packages a second look. However,
this one caught our eye for two reasons. The first is that
the package truly does have over 50 USEFUL software
programs for anyone who has their own website and the
second, the packages comes with FULL master resale rights!
We have successfully sold a number of these packages
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We are pleased to be able to offer the package to our
Partners at an unbelievable price! You won’t believe all
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The special price on the package is only available to our
Partners, so please do not share this with anyone else.

The best part is that you receive full resale rights with
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To make it even easier for you, we will even let you use
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You won’t find a better deal than this!

3. Feature Article – Are You Looking for Long-Term Success
or a Quick Fix? by…Terry Dean

It’s a pretty regular occurrence for someone to contact me
asking a way to earn $10,000 or more over a weekend. And in
almost every case where I get these emails, they also tell
me their sad story of how they will lose everything if they
don’t earn that much by Monday.

These emails can be hard on your emotions. You want to help
them, but you also know the truth.

The truth is that Internet marketing is a business, not an
overnight riches scheme. Is it possible to earn a lot of
money quickly online? Of course it is. I’ve done it many
times and my students have done it as well.

Here’s a quick formula for success:

1. Find a Hot Product Selling to a Hungry Market.

This is essential. If you don’t have a product that people
are wanting and literally demanding to buy from someone,
you’ll have trouble making sales.

You can create the product yourself or you can license it
from someone else. Creating a good high quality product
will most likely take you longer than a weekend. I have
personally written an entire ebook in a weekend, but that
was HARD work and meant I did nothing else that weekend.

Licensing the product of course would be quicker, but the
key here is to make sure you license something that is
still a hot seller. It needs to have good sales materials
and be targeted to a group of customers who are HUNGRY for
the type of product you’re going to sell.

Whether you create it yourself or license it, you have to
control the product.

2. Develop Powerful Sales Materials.

You can have the best product in the world and it will die
of underexposure. Your sales copy and ads have to be
powerful and hit your customer’s hot emotional buttons.

I learned this years ago, but it seems most online
marketers are still having trouble with it. Your ad has to
be written first to your customers emotions…and then to
their logic. They don’t buy based on logic. They buy based
on emotions. Then they justify their decision with logic.

So they buy your product for the “feelings” they get owning
it and the fact it pushes them closer to whatever their
dreams are. They justify their decision to friends and
family based on the logic of how great your product is.

Ask anyone why they bought that Mercedes and see what
logical reasons they give you (but you know the real reason
is because of how it makes them feel).

If you license a product, it should already come with a
powerful sales piece. If you create your own, you’ll either
have to write a sales letter or pay $5,000+ to have a good
copywriter do one for you.

3. Find Joint Venture Partners to Promote It.

This is the key to making money quickly. If you want to
earn a good income in a short period of time, you HAVE to
do joint ventures. There is no other good way of doing it.

A joint venture is simply finding someone who already has
your target customers in their email list or on their
customer list. Then you convince them to endorse your
product to their list for a share of the profits.

This is why having control of the product you’re selling is
SO important. If you don’t control it, how can you offer
someone else 50% to 80% or more of the profits on it. If
you’re just an affiliate for other people’s products,
you’re limited in your ability to find partners.

Big joint venture partners aren’t going to work for 10%,
20%, or even 30% of the money. They want good deals and big
profits if they’re going to endorse you to their list.

So you have to offer it to them. Here are your options for
big money…

Give more than 50% of your profits to someone who has a
list of 100,000 targeted subscribers, or take years to
build that list and relationship with them (the
relationship with the subscribers is what takes time as a
list can be built very quickly).

So that’s the simple three step plan…

1. Find a Hot Product to a Hungry Market.
2. Develop Powerful Sales Materials.
3. Find Joint Venture Partners to Promote It.

Can the above be done quickly? The answer is yes. I’ve seen
customers do it in 30 days or less. I have NOT seen it done
from scratch by a beginner in a weekend.

And I’ve seen the majority of customers take much longer
than 30 days to complete the above steps. So don’t get down
on yourself if it takes you 6 months or a year to start
earning money online.

Ask that McDonald’s owner how long it took them to get into
profit. They didn’t do it the first month, the first year,
or even the first few years. It takes them a lot of time,
money, and energy to get it producing consistent income
above their investment.

Aren’t you glad the Internet doesn’t have all that
overhead? We can do it so much quicker and with less
stress. So don’t stress yourself out by trying to Get Rich

If you’re looking for a no risk income that you have to
earn by a certain date, then get a job. Your employer will
be required to pay you on payday.

If you want a business with unlimited income, then realize
it is a business. It takes time. It takes risk. And it
takes a serious commitment to run a business.

But the rewards are worth it…

4. Bonus Goodies!

Discover the Hidden Strategies to Increasing your Traffic,
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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

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