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Partners in Success Ezine – 9/21/16

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Partners In Success Ezine
Thursday, September 22, 2016

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1.) Quote of the Month

2.) From the Editor

3.) Success Tip of the Month – Believe in yourself.

4.) Charles & Susan Recommend – Special Offer For Subscribers

5.) Freebies of the Month – 7 Ways to Use Instagram
& How to Be Happy

6.) Feature Article – Website Pet Peeves:
How Guilty is Your Website?

7.) Advertising Rates


1.) Quote of the Month


My favorite things in life don’t cost any money.
It’s really clear that the most precious resource
we all have is time.

~ Steve Jobs


2.) From the Editor


Hi ,

Greetings & Welcome to all of our new Subscribers.
It is hard to believe that today is the first
day of FALL! This year has flown by and before
we know it, the holidays will be here again!

We hope you enjoy today’s issue of The Partners
in Success Ezine. In this Issue, we’ve got great
tips and freebies and be sure to check out our
feature article by guest author, Vinny La Barbera,
who discusses “Website Pet Peeves”. Be sure to
read it and make sure that your website doesn’t
have any of these pet peeves that may be driving
people away!

Until next time, may your business continue to
grow and prosper and HAPPY FALL!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett,

P.S. There is NEW content on our Blog.
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3.) Success Tip of the Month


Believe in yourself.

As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or
think you can’t, you’re right.” Believe that you can
succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles.
If you don’t, you’ll just find excuses.


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5.) Freebie of the Month


This Month’s Freebies are listed below. We hope
you enjoy them and put them to good use!

Freebie #1: 7 Ways to Use Instagram.
Freebie #2: How to Be Happy!

To Download Today’s Freebies, visit:



6.) Feature Article


Website Pet Peeves: How Guilty is Your Website?
By: Vinny La Barbera
Copyright 2016

Does your website contain some of the most annoying
elements that continuously drive visitors away?

If you’re not sure, then there’s a good chance that it
does. I want to help you change that though.

In this article I am going to make you aware of the most
common website pet peeves, explain why they’re bad for your
site and give you some guidance on how to fix or replace

Serious Issues or Just Annoyances?

Although a pet peeve is actually defined as a “minor
annoyance” its affect on a website is often times far more

Think of it like this…

You’re probably spending a lot of time, money or effort to
get people to your website.

Would you want them to leave because of some outdated,
broken, annoying or inconvenient element on your website?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Don’t let something that [usually] can be easily fixed have
a negative influence on your website visitors.

Yes, most website pet peeves are technically minor
annoyances, but all it takes is one annoyance or
inconvenience to chase away what could have been a
returning or prospective customer.

Common Website Pet Peeves That Chase Visitors Away

Everyone has their own pet peeves when it comes to browsing
and using websites. Some of us tolerate these things, but
many of us do not as we’re becoming less complacent with
mediocrity and more impatient with poor experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common website pet
peeves that are preventing many websites from being

Slow Load Times

I’m starting with this one because there’s nothing more
frustrating in web browsing then hitting a slow loading

As our access to faster Internet speeds and browsing
devices increases so do our levels of impatience with
websites that take longer than a couple seconds to load.

You cannot afford to have a slow website these days. Even a
few extra seconds of loading time can push visitors away,
often times for good. What You Should Do:

Run a speed test to get an idea of how slow your website
is. Anything over 3-4 seconds is too slow.

Check your Google Analytics account (Behavior > Site Speed
> Overview) to see where delays are happening

Talk to your website developer about optimizing your site’s
code and server setup

Move your website to a professional website development
company that builds efficient websites and proactively
manages performance

Splash Pages

If your goal is to achieve a 90%+ bounce rate, then make
your visitors sit through a splash page / intro before
seeing your site.

Splash pages used to be very popular. Thankfully they have
died off as a web design trend over the past few years.
Unfortunately many websites have not been updated yet and
continue to use these annoying intros.

If your website still uses a splash intro, then get rid of
it immediately. Your bounce rate will thank you.

What You Should Do:

Ask your website developer to remove the unnecessary splash
page and just have users land on the homepage

Have your website rebuilt by a professional development
company that has experience building user-friendly,
mobile-friendly websites

Homepages That Still Use Flash

Similar to using a splash page, homepages that use flash to
load any navigational elements are going to kill your
site’s traffic and engagement.

The worst offenders are the homepages that have long flash
intros that load important navigation options forcing you
to wait until everything has loaded before you can navigate
the site.

If your website is guilty of this one, then you need to
fire your web development company immediately and get this
changed as soon as possible. Not only is flash not
mobile-friendly, but it adds to page load time – something
you can’t afford to see an increase in. What You Should Do:

Have all Flash elements replaced with something
mobile-friendly like jQuery

If your website developer tries to convince you that Flash
is still ok, then find a new website development company

Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

If your website is not mobile friendly at this point, then
you have no one to blame but yourself.

Google has been very vocal about the importance of a
website being mobile-friendly. Even if you haven’t followed
these communications, then you surely have experienced, and
have been frustrated by, websites that force you pinch,
zoom and scroll left and right to view content on your
mobile device.

If your website doesn’t provide a smooth, simple mobile
experience, then your SEO and conversion rates are going to
suffer. What You Should Do:

Talk to your website developer about rebuilding your
website to make it responsive and replacing all non-mobile
friendly elements (e.g. Flash) with something that will
work on mobile (e.g. jQuery)

Find a website development company that specializes in
making effective, mobile-friendly websites

Music or Videos on Auto-Play

We love music and we especially love our fair share of
videos – except when they start blaring out of our computer
speakers or headphones.

In these situations, many of us – myself included – will
often times close the browser window instead of just
stopping the video or muting the audio. This is the
reaction you want to avoid. Remember that many people
browse the web at work and the last thing they want or need
is a loud, obnoxious video or song blaring from their

Simply opt to not auto-play your videos. As for music, get
rid of it. It’s not creative or fun. No one likes it. Get
rid of it. What You Should Do:

Remove all music or audio files (especially from the

Change video or audio file settings to only play when the
user opts for them to do so

If you absolutely must have an audio file playing (I’d love
to know what your reason is), then at least make the mute
or pause buttons very easy to find and use

Complex reCAPTCHA Forms

If I can’t see or accurately complete the reCAPTCHA on your
web form on the first attempt, then you lost me and most of
your visitors as well.

I understand that you need to prevent spam. However, if
your spam issues are so bad that you need to force me to
decipher a blurry word, then you need to revisit what type
of traffic you’re attracting and how poor your site’s
server and security checks are setup.

You will see a drop in conversions on your web forms if
your reCAPTCHAs are too difficult to complete. This is
low-hanging fruit to improve your conversion rate. Go do it
now. What You Should Do:

Check your server logs and Analytics for abusive traffic
that you may be better off blocking entirely

Use Google’s reCAPTCHA instead

If you’re on WordPress, then take advantage of Akismet from

Re-evaluate your marketing efforts to make sure that you’re
driving relevant, legitimate traffic to your website

Reset Buttons on Forms

Before you carelessly let a RESET button sit next to the
SUBMIT button on your web forms, ask yourself this…

Who completes a form and then needs to entirely clear the
whole thing?

They may need to change one or two entries, but no one
needs to clear ALL of the fields they just filled out. If,
in some use case that is unbeknownst to me, a RESET button
provides utility, then please do not put it right next to
the SUBMIT button. What You Should Do:

Remove RESET buttons from your forms. They’re more
frustrating than they are helpful

Use multi-step web forms so users focus on specific
sections or fields at a time

Although this is more of a lighthearted article for me, the
subject matter is actually very serious.

These elements can and will cripple your website’s

The good news is that you can easily prevent them from
doing so before it’s too late. My recommendation is to work
on one of these things at a time. And for some of the
larger issues (e.g. website that’s not mobile-friendly),
consult with an experienced web development company.

If you want your website to generate business for you, then
you need to give it the time, attention and investment that
it needs to be effective. This includes looking at your
website objectively to improve user experiences.

No more outdated website. No more losing valuable website
visitors. Make these changes today (one at a time). Your
visitors will thank you.

Vinny La Barbera

I’ve been working in online marketing since 2000 and have
helped thousands of companies improve their online presence
and grow their business through better web / mobile design,
development and online marketing. Follow him on Twitter at:


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