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Partners In Success Ezine Monday, March 2, 2020

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1.) Quote of the Month


All things are difficult before they are easy.

~Thomas Fuller


2.) From the Editor



Greetings & Welcome to all of our new Subscribers. It’s
hard to believe it’s March already! Does it seem like
2020 is flying by? They say the older you get, days go by
slow and the years go by fast. So true.

In today’s issue of The Partners in Success Ezine, our
guest author, Joseph Casey shares Tips to Landing Page
Success. We’ve all heard that follow up is key. Landing
pages can be THE difference in converting visitors to sales
and we can certainly all use some tips, right?

We’ve also included more tips and a couple of freebies that
you can use to help grow your online business.

We hope you enjoy today’s issue of the Ezine and until next
time, may your business continue to grow and prosper.

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett
Partners In


3.) Success Tip of the Month


Here’s an easy and totally Free Advertising method:

How many emails do your send or answer every day? Why not
use those emails to advertise your business, or to
advertise the mailing list for your business? Most email
programs offer you a way to create a custom signature that
you can add automatically to emails you send. To use it as
a mini ad, simply add a link to your website or a call to
action to sign up for your website mailing list under your
email signature.


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5.) Freebie of the Month


This Month’s Freebies are listed below. We hope
you enjoy them and put them to good use!

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6.) Feature Article

4 Tips to Landing Page Success
By: Joseph Casey

Landing pages, also known as “name squeeze pages” or “lead
capture pages”, are the first step in you marketing
‘funnel’. Your squeeze page will consist of a good
headline, a sub-headline, a number of hard hitting bullet
points – and most important, the reason for the page – a
form for collecting email addresses.

This email collection form is normally created with your
autoresponder account that you will have with say Aweber or
GetResponse (there are many others, these are very
popular). I have a number of times heard that the more
basic, uglier email collection pages have been known to
induce more visitors to enter their email address than a
stylish fancy landing pages. So try both!

Your autoresponder, like Aweber or GetResponse, is where
the actual list of email addresses will reside allowing you
to send regular mails out with your newsletter and more
product offers. These offers can be either your own
products or affiliate products developed by others.
Affiliate product offers pay you a commission which can be
as much as 50%, all the way to 100% of the price of the
product (because the product developer knows that they can
market more offers to the people who buy their product from
your efforts).

You build your mailing list by funneling the visitors of
your own website, or through solo ad buys, or advertising
on Facebook, etc., through this lead capture page. Once you
have your landing page in place your primary focus will be
to start funneling as much traffic, from as many traffic
sources as possible onto your landing page. You set this up
just once and then work on driving the traffic.

Use these tips to create your own successful landing page
and convert your visitors into subscribers! For even more
emarketing strategies check out Emarketers Club Here.

Success Tip 1: Offer a free item in exchange for your
visitor’s email address. This can be a free report, a list
of something (the top 10 or top 3, whatever, you get the
idea). It could also be a free computer program or
WordPress plugin that will help them with something. Some
survey’s show that people will respond to a free computer
program or plugin more than a free report. The difference
is not huge but there is a leaning towards the free

Success Tip 2: Your landing page needs to be written in a
clear professional manner. When you create your landing
page write the copy as if you are writing a sales letter.
Because it is a sales letter, albeit a very short one. A
headline to get attention and make them stop and pay
attention, followed by a sentence or two and a few bullet
points all pointing out benefits of having what you are
giving them. You’re NOT making a hard sale or trying to get
them to buy your product on your squeeze page. You’re
simply encouraging your visitors to give their email
details. Nothing more.

Success Tip 3: Remember, you have one purpose for your lead
capture page – getting their emails. So other than your
opt-in form, there should be no other links on your landing

Success Tip 4: Within the copy on your landing page, the
headline followed by sub-headline and bullet points you
will focus on the benefits of the free item they will be
receiving. If you can, also point out where they are
experiencing some pain if they don’t get your free item.
Primary focus is encouraging them to download your free
offer. And reaffirm that he or she have nothing to pay for
the free item.

You will want to get very familiar with landing pages
because they are your first tool to having your own list of
prospects to sell to.

For more marketing strategies for emarketers and
entrepreneurs check out Emarketers Club. For a limited time
you can claim a free silver membership! Click here.


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