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My Pre Builder Review

Anybody heard of this program called or Prosperity Formula?

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Squeeze page says it is a 2×2 matrix – whatever that is.

We could not really find out much about this program except it might be owned by Randal Williams.

There sure is a lot of hype going around about this program and it seems to come from the same people that jump from one thing to another constantly.

How do these people build a business or any credibility by jumping around so much and why would they do this if they really are making money?

Makes you think doesn’t It?

We don’t know if it is a scam or not but we think we will skip it and stay with what we know works.

If you have experience with or have a question about it just leave a comment below.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan

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2 Comments on My Pre Builder Review

  1. Dear Susan and Charles,

    Yes, I have recently experienced Push Button Xtreme, PBX (uck!) -it’s a very misleading program – my sense is that these predators – all get together and put their programs all together in one place and cross promote each other, meanwhile if your new and not familiar with these program – you will only get a headache, as I have. I believe this person (group) is testing the market to see how much they can get away with. Is this a good way to do business on the net. I would say not because we need to keep the medium as high ground as possible or people won’t use it.

    In my experience I got one response to my help request about their capture page product. Other questions I submitted would be redirected to the produce page topic! Keep in mind that there is no way to contact them. There is no way to varify it’s a legitimacy. However, I begin we are beginning to see the answer to this.

    I had a billing question to do with when my trial period would be over. No response. No way to contact them. No answer from them. They billed me anyway! I immediatly called my bank to dispute the payment; and they are going thru the process of dispute. A headache!! Luckily there are very strict rules when it comes to mlm businesses. However, I have no time to fool around with preditors, but I do think they need to be taken down because their claims are ridiculous, not realistic. Also, there is no money back gurantee. This should be standard in business on the net; if it’s so good, true – this wouldn’t be a big deal, right?

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience.

    Warm regards,

  2. is a Squeeze page for

    They said it was designed with the newbie in mind,there automated system would get leads for you and there was no recruiting needed to make money.

    I never made any money, they lied it is not easy to make money with that program.

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