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My Fun Life Review – Read This Before You Get Scammed

Is My Fun Life A Scam Or Legit?

my fun life review

My Fun Life Travel App Review Scam or Not
Owner: Dan Edwards

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We have come across so many work at home scams, we are starting to imagine that every time some of the top earners and team builders says they doing great, that they are a scam artist. That’s why we were so surprised to come across a work at home opportunity that claimed to help people save on travel. Travel is almost always very expensive, and we were skeptical that savings would be substantial. We knew we had to get to the truth of the matter, if only to prove it was a scam and that people should stay away from it. So we started using the app that My Fun Life is based around.

My Fun Life review scam or not–it looks like a cool app. We have to admit that. It’s especially good for someone like us who likes to travel occasionally. You can book your own trips, or you can book trips or search for info for other people. When you book, you get a rebate, called “Cha-Ching”! It is run by Travelocity, so you know that it is legit.
my fun life review

Compensation Plan

However, the reason we wondered if “My FunLife Review Scam or Not?” article is that there is an entry fee to be in the matrix where you can earn even more money. We have to admit that $21 is not a lot of money. In fact, a lot of people spend more on that for one pair of jeans. Anyway, you need to use that $21 to get involved in the business opportunity, which consists of recruiting other people who then recruit others. We are always skeptical of things like this, because we while we have marketing experience we will not recruit people we know unless we can get behind something 100%, and we would feel kind of strange asking them to sign up for something like this.

That’s when we started reading the testimonials from people who are involved with My Fun Life. Not to be silly, but they really do sound like they are having a fun life. There are even some people who claim to be making six figures with it. When we looked at the compensation matrix, it seemed difficult to understand, but there are people who are using this system and explain it as if it were a Mother Goose story.
We were still skeptical, so we decided to give ourselves some time to think about it. We kept reading as much as we could about it, and we have to say that we are not nearly convinced about whether this is a good way to make money or not. It seems like it could work if you take the time to figure out how to build your downline, as that seems to be the most important component in making this whole thing work.

So–MyFunlife Review scam or not? We are not quite sure. But we sure are not going to invest 21 dollars to find out.

Until next time,
Charles & Susan
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P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,000.00 Dollars In One Month?
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  1. Funny how most of the people on Facebook who are marketing it state that “tons of successful 6-7 figure network marketers are quickly joining My Fun Life” but when I ask who they either block me or go off on an hour long rant because they are so emotionally attached to MFL -_-

    Joe Stewart from

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