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Monavie Review Miracle Health Drink or Pyramid Scam?

What is this Monavie Juice that was on Oprah? Is it a scam?

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Do the ingredients cause any side effects?

Here is our honest review.

MonaVie is a specially formulated health drink rich in antioxidants. It features the acai berry alongside other healthy fruity ingredients. Its claim is that the juice contains great natural healing properties in a special formula which makes the combined juices blend much more powerful than any single juice. Its most important selling point is that the acai berry comes from only remote regions of the Amazon rain forest as well as Monavie’s ORAC value.

As with any product there are positive testimonials as well as complaints.

Compensation Plan

The home business opportunity that MonaVie creates relates to their offer to provide compensation to independent distributors of the product. Here is a quick overview of what they are offering:

• Direct sales;
• Bulk order bonus;
• First order bonus;
• Team commissions;
• Multiple business centers.
• Virtual Office;

These may not all mean anything to you, but there is an informative download from their website providing details on all aspects of compensation. In short they offer to pay out 50% of the sales volume in commission. Like most compensation plans, the more people you recruit for the product the more money you will make.


Each bottle of MonaVie costs around $45 USD and there are discounts for buying a month’s supply. This price is quite high in comparison to other health drinks, which can become a very important factor in the success of any distribution and compensation opportunity. In the case of MonaVie, many users will buy the product based on the marketing and income opportunities, rather than the juice itself, which could be its failing.

Legitimate way to make money?

It is hard to see how MonaVie juice differs from any other fruit juice or vitamin enriched drink. There is no denying that such juices are healthy, but whether it is worth the expense is another question. Their website is very well designed, and the product looks high class and stylish. However, there is much competition in this area and MonaVie may not stand up to its rivals in terms of how much it costs and what it really delivers.

In short, when trying to make money from MonaVie you will probably be selling the opportunity rather than the juice itself. While this does not make the opportunity itself a scam, it does not mean it will make you thousands either. Although the company will provide you with help, you will need some experience in effective marketing to sell this product that really does not offer anything above similar products on the market.

Please leave your comments below please.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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11 Comments on Monavie Review Miracle Health Drink or Pyramid Scam?

  1. Susan Roberts // February 6, 2009 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    I know many people that joined Monavie, and all have quit. Yes, looking at the ingredients, it is a good product. However, we are in the midst of a recession, and the average person is financially struggling. Spending hundreds of dollars each month on juice is not in the budget. Then to recruit others to spend hundreds of dollars…not for me. Too much of a financial investment.

    I promote AquaLyteBiz. The product is affordable at $25 month, and it has allowed me to reclaim my health and live a quality life. AquaLyte has also allowed my old, arthritic Wheaten Terrier to live a pain-free life rather than be put asleep. I am a true advocate and very grateful. Quality of life…for only $25 a month. One takeout meal is more expensive.

    This is my blog. You can read about me, dog Lukey, and about AquaLyteBiz.

    AquaLyteBiz is doing well. I enrolled two months ago, and I have 110 paid members under me as of today from the company’s database spillover. You can read about the compensation plan on my blog. If you have any questions, please call my associate Jim. His number is on the website.

    Best wishes to all of you in your quest for health and prosperity!

  2. Ex mona vie distributor // February 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    As an ex distributor of mona vie…I can say the product is good. However, it is expensive and the only real way to make money is to get people in your downline. I also have found it to be extremely culty and brainwashy the way they lure you in.

  3. Trader Joe’s Antioxidant juice works pretty well. And its only $5.

  4. I am closely associated with someone who is a very avid user of Monavie. She gives me a bottle once and a while. When I use it, I can tell a difference in my inner self.
    Her husband had a fatal disease that there is no cure for, and one doctor visit, they were amazed because it was gone! The doctor asked what he was doing…he said nothing, just using Monavie. The nurse immediately bought some.
    I don’t sell it, just making my comment because I know how good it is.
    You can read more about me, and what I give away at my website.

  5. HEY if mona vie isnt 4 you it isnt 4 you but it works beter than any products that does the same thing. and health comes first! even in this economic time 130 a month for a cell phone that gives cancer couldn’t be better than 130 a month for something that helps keep it from happening and gives something that helps keep your body like it should! 1month on mona vie i am a believer!and making money is only for tha leaders who are committed to self and family and whos serious about wellness and prosperity with advancements inthis serious time. mona vie tha real, or…. ….that other stuff? u get what u pay for folks.I VE MADE O FROM MONA VIE but real is real

  6. I don’t think it is “brainwashy the way they lure you in”…I am a distributor now, but I used it three months before I started to share my experience with other people…this stuff is really works! Check out my site and try it yourself!

  7. MonaVie works. Thats the bottom line. There are many health drinks out there but do they contain the same amount of the acai berry or any other ingredient they claim to contain. Most contain water first and sugar second leaving the “important” ingredient for last. Check the list for MonaVie…..that will be why it works. The recommended “retail” price is $40-$45, I order for all my friends and family at cost so they too can be healthy. The true reward is in giving. For all ex distributors of “any” product, it’s not necessarily that they didn’t make money because “it” doesn’t work, but rather that “they” didn’t work. As for “cost”, let’s be real, with all the crap people spend money on……..$40.00 for real health is a steal.

  8. Judy Barnes // October 6, 2009 at 8:03 am // Reply

    I took Monavie Active for 2 months in hopes that it would relieve my aching joints.

    My ankles would swell up to the same circumference as my shins, so it looked like I had tree trunks for legs. My finger joints swelled up and made typing something like this very painful. I could not walk for any long distance. Shopping was a nightmare.

    I started suffering from night-time leg cramps. My right eye developed dry eye, and tears excessively.

    I stopped taking the juice about 2 weeks ago. Within 3 days, my joints started feeling back to normal. Haven’t woken up with painful leg cramps since then. My eye still tears excessively. I figure it is something I will have to put up with the rest of my life for being dumb enough for fall for this.

    For me this product was not the “American Dream”. It was the American Nightmare. My whole family is involved with it so I can’t say anything to them. But it is not worth it. Don’t get pulled in.

  9. monavie has only half the antioxidants as a 25cent apple , get with it could buy 560 apples for the monthly price !!!!

  10. The Truth RVL // November 21, 2010 at 10:32 pm // Reply

    People call it a scam because they are not sure what it is!! They say it sounds too good to be true!! But they never experience the value of the product or tried they business behind it!!

    It has helped me get back in the best shape of my life! Not just because I use it but because I made the changes necessary to maintain a healthy life style, otherwise ignored before I got involved with this amazing product.

    Talking negative of a product because some bad apples in the company are struggling to market themselves and failing at the business it’s very ignorant. Running around talking negative about an genuine opportunity because their own fear of failure!!!

  11. 90% of monavie anti oxidants go out of your body as urine,,
    its just an expensive juice,,you are better off buying fruits and making the juice yourself

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