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Maverick Money Makers Review – Mack Michaels Scam?

Maverick Money Makers Club is an online system claiming to have been developed by millionaires, saying that the system can make at least $354.97 per day, working from home for a few hours a day.

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While it claims to have been developed by millionaires, a quick glance down the page will show you the creator of this club ‘Mack Michaels’. The Maverick Money Makers club costs $97 to join, though Mack claims it will soon be raised to at least $197. This money is to pay for the methods he will teach you to make money from home, in the form of a ‘quick start’ book with an 8 step affiliate training method.

Is Maverick Money Makers A Scam?

When you try to exit the website you will be offered an automated discount of $18, taking the price of joining the Maverick Money Makers program to $79. There is a fake sales representative offering you the discount, though this in itself does not mean the program is a scam.

It is hard to find an honest review about Maverick Money Makers due to the fact that many reviews are written by affiliates of the service, rather than members who have paid the $97 to join the club.

After a little digging it is clear to see that Mack Michaels has also gone by the name of Chris in the past, and has set up numerous money-making programs. Whilst this may make you cautious about the program, it is not an outright scam due to the fact that you are simply buying his affiliate marketing techniques, though read on to see whether they work.

Can the Program Earn You Money?

Since Mack Michaels uses the Clickbank affiliate program, he offers a 100% money back guarantee for the program as per Clickbank requirements, minimising your risk when signing up.

However, if you are signing up to join the club you will learn certain affiliate techniques that appear to be not ethical in many contexts. For example, Mack advises members to sign up to certain forums and promote affiliate links as much as possible – even though this is clearly against many forum rules.

It seems as though many people may be making money through Maverick Money Makers as an affiliate rather than a member. It is up to you what to think of his affiliate marketing tips, though it seems that there is something not quite right about Mack Michaels.

Until next time,
Charles & Susan
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P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,000.00 Dollars In One Month?
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7 Comments on Maverick Money Makers Review – Mack Michaels Scam?

  1. Big ticket To wealth // April 11, 2009 at 2:08 pm // Reply

    MMM is best wjen you apply all the tactics that he teaches.

  2. This review is a joke, right?

    It’s kind of like writing a book review in high school, based on reading the cover, and then hoping you somehow get a passing grade.

    F grade for obvious lack of effort – lol 🙂

    Yes, I am a MMM member. Yes, I’ve made money promoting MMM as an affiliate, however I’ve learned and made whole lot more money by applying MMM information to other activities and business I do.

    MMM is legit.


  3. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We take from your feedback you did
    not like our article much.
    That is OK.
    The purpose is not to please affiliates
    promoting MMM but to inform folks about
    the product.
    Are you also applying these techniques to your
    unethical and in our opinion illegal cash gifting?

    Please don’t send us to the IRS site to make
    appear as if it is legal.

    Good luck.
    Charles & Susan

  4. While you seem to suggest that MMM promotes unethical strategies, you are very vague in your assessment. The truth about promoting links in forums is that in almost every forum you are allowed to include a link in your signature file that promotes your affiliate program or webpage. This is not unethical it is a common internet marketing strategy.

    Also, you fail to mention whether you have become a member and therefore have personal insight or is just based on a review of the sales page.

    I am neither an affiliate or member just passing my opinion on your review

  5. i think it is all a scam i think it is a way to make money out their but no one will ever tell you because it will knock theme out of money. scam scam scam

  6. i bought maverick money makers cellphone program. i was sent an e-mail later giving me the chance to get the rest of the mmm program at no extra cost. i tried all different strategies suggested and never made a penny. ask for support and got e-mail from macks right hand woman always telling me another way to make it work but it never happened after 2 months i cancelled. even challenged them to prove what they say works and got a big NO. to me it is a 100% scam just my opinion

  7. JJ Albritton // October 30, 2011 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    Before computers/online crap, this person would be in prison for
    fraud. What happened to our laws which have been paid for already,
    don’t reinvent the wheel, where are they.

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