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M And G Home Business Review – Scam or Legit?

m and g home business

Hello all,

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We are looking for some info or a  M&G Home Business Review founded by Michael Flores and Glenn Manger.

We are not calling this a scam or a pyramid scheme, just looking for some real life results.
We understand this to be a MLM lead generation platform and we are looking for an honest review of how this is working out for you.

Are the leads that M And G Home Business  provide responsive and do you use them to promote another home based business or are you trying to sell the M&G Home Business?

All the reviews about M&G Home Business we read don’t say much about results but about trying to get you to join.

As we reviewed some info it appears as if the leads are automatically loaded for you into an autoresponder with messages for your opportunity are sent out.

The compensation plan appears to be a 2×10 forced matrix which we personally do not like because these pay plans seem to always stall out.

However we like the fact that you are 100% on the initial purchase.

Also how are you paid and how much does it cost?

Is this an instant pay type program that utilizes  Paypal or do they cut you a check.

Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts and  leave your comments below.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan

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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

55 Comments on M And G Home Business Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. I can honestly say that M&G is not a scam because I have over 12K leads in the system. How the system works is that you pay the initial one time fee of $44.95 and your month is free, after that you pay $39.95/mo which I know is well worth it. I joined in the beginning of Feb when the system was first launched to the public and I have to say there were a few bugs that needed to fixed. Now all is well..Here is how the system works:
    You get 400 leads loaded into your autoeresponder DAILY in which the system sends them confirmation emails, once they have confirmed, they are then placed into your autoresponder inside the system which has your edited follow up emails. Now you do not have to do anything for this to work, the system will do it all. The 2X10 forced matrix is amazing if you are placed in the right position. I was fortunate enough to have been in the number 1 spot under one the members in the leaderboard, so HUGE spillover for me…

    In the beginning, the pay plan was all through PayPal which have changed and now you can start your membership up paying via credit card. All commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of the month and payments are made through an ewallet system.

    Since the launch went public, thousands have joined and it literally crashed the system, so the owners had to do some revamping to handle the fast flow traffic that was coming in. But all is well now…

    When you first join, there is only level which is Bronze leve, you get 400 leads added into your system EACH DAY…total of 10K plus prospects that you can contact. I personally like to call each one of them or use text messages. You can promote M&G to make 100% commission on all initial sales or you can promote other businesses, it doesn’t matter, the system works and the leads are all U.S. leads who have opted into a list wanting to know more about home based businesses. I am not going to give you my link to join but I do recommend that you check it out and see if this is right for you. If you have trouble building a list or recruiting, then I would say M&G Home Business is what you need. For $39.95/mo to get 10K leads a month is more than enough…

  2. I am a subscriber to M&G Homebusiness. I am using the leads to drive traffic to my my primary business. In the 2 months I have been a member, I have already seen improvements.i highly recommend it.

  3. You had asked about M&G Home Business. I am actually marketing that product, and think it is so simple, it is genius. At the lowest level, you get 300 QUALIFIED and TARGETED leads, loaded for you into Level 1 of your autoresponder. Once those leads opt in, they are presented with YOUR offer, which in my case is to become a reseller of M&G, but could be anything else. The pre-loaded message sequence is designed to feed them more information, and further qualify their interest. If they show interest at Level I by clicking your link, they are taken to a Level II autoresponder sequence that has more information, and can contain other offers.

    By the time your prospects get to Level II, you know there is interest, that interest is in your target market, and they are primed to buy.

    This is truly an autopilot system. While I have added my own touches to my Level II messaging, it was not necessary. I also added other free offers, and opportunities as incentives.

    Do I think this is a scam? No, I do not. I have been on board with M&G for about a month, and with only minimal effort, have 15 in my downline. I’ve gotten back my initial investment + residual income coming in. And every day, 7 days a week, I get 300 more leads to keep feeding this engine.

    When I compare to many of the other systems I have tried, I am getting better results for almost no effort, and constantly building my list. I will be adding a third level of autoresponder shortly that takes over to promote OTHER initiatives. I’m a believer and may shortly be upgrading to the next level.

  4. Hi Charles & Susan,

    It’s a good program because you get 300 leads every day
    and you can do whatever you want Promote other products
    if you want and you build your leads on every marketer needs a list and it goes really fast’ve already 5,400 leads in two weeks and you automatically Promote M & G
    it takes the first $ 49 and then $ 39 each month
    it’s really good
    Go to my website and see for you self

    Have A Great Day,


  5. Hi Charles and Susan ,

    I have been a member of M&G for about 4 weeks now and have over 9000 leads with only 3 optins . Thats at the $49 1st level for 1st month and then goes to $39 monthly. The next level up is $139 and you are supposed to get higher quality leads . I’m still testing it out so it’s early yet – so far not that impressed with the optin rate . Leadership seems to be really good and quick to respond – they do a really good job with their webinars and seems like some really good people.

  6. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments and sharing your experiences.
    We have been looking at MandG Home Business Marketing system for a while.
    Everyone needs a list of prospects.

    @Somkhit: Do you have a rough estimate of the leads that click the confirmation link and are actually added to your autoresponder?
    Not trying to pin you down, just a rough number.
    We know this business is a numbers game.

    @Richard Moyer: It sounds like you are doing well with system.
    We wish you continued success.

    @Randy E Dobbin: We can see where 3 opt ins out of 9000 would be a concern but it will probably take a little while to get an accurate snapshot.

    Don’t know what you are using for a landing page but if you can offer something for free, it may increase the opt in rate and then you can send your primary offer.

    Once again thanks to all for the feedback.
    Charles & Susan

  7. Charles & Susan,

    I have to look at the percentage of roughly how many do click, but I do have about 30 that have confirmed into my autoresponder. It takes some time for those that are new to the system to see results, which didnt bother me because I am making profit with the matrix, because of the massive spillover that I am getting..i have over 400 in my matrix. Im not the type to let a system fully automate the conversions for me and everybody should not see faster results, contact these leads by calling them and introducing yourself..just by doing that, you will get results

  8. Hi Somkhit,
    We understand that you get out what you put in.

    Nothing really runs on autopilot.

    Charles & Susan

  9. Honestly, the leads in this system have not worked for me yet. I have joined a few mlm companies and I’m no stranger to network marketing, but the company that I am making money on right now is Ingreso Cybernetico..I make money every other day with this company.

  10. I joined they have placed two FREE sign-ups under me
    I now have 7865 leads in my Back-Office with M&G Systems
    I have only e-mailed about 3000 or them so far they don’t seem to be very responsive
    I haven’t spend much time learning this system yet !

  11. I’m a member and part of the business for the last two weeks. It is a new company and they take a different approach. Rather than you buy expensive leads they adopt a multilevel appoach. For all memebers, they get 300-400 leads a day and you can choose to let the auto responder promote your business to them OR do that and download your leads (address, name, phone and email) daily and you can call them as well. Cost $49 the first and $39 per month thereafter. One person I know was able to sell his product with a month worth of leads and got 200 sales. Some others got nine and I for one think either number is GREAT. In addition to that, when you sign someone up to get leads as well (the MLM approach) you get paid too. You get paid for people wanting leads as well as selling up to 50 of your businesses using an autoresponder. I really think it isnt a scam at all. Im always guarded about anything but comfortable with this one.

  12. Hi Charles and Susan,

    Yes, I am in it, and NOT too happy…

    I have 6,000 leads so far…NO subscribers, and NO sign ups.

    They charge ten dollars for fees with ewallet…so you get $39.00 out of
    the $49.00.


  13. Hi Charles,

    Yes I’ve been in it for 2 weeks now, getting a lot of leads, the leads take time to filter through, but they are working.



    • It seems like there is a great deal of disagreement in the quality of the leads
      and we are inclined to spend our money in something more productive.
      To be honest, we have seen a lot better opt in numbers with free safelist.

      Charles & Susan

  14. I have 3200 leads. All pending. No active. Admin in the support forum is very rude to paying customers who have legitimate questions/concerns.

    • Hi Jim,
      If we may ask why are your leads pending and not active?
      Being rude to to people paying or not is not a good idea
      but especially if they are paying you money?
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

      Charles & Susan

  15. The pending leads are supposed to be leads that have opted in to receive information about home business opportunities, and have started receiving messages from your autoresponder #1, which sends a generic message about home business opportunities. There is a link in the messages from autoresponder #1 for them to click to get more information on your opportunity. Once they click on this link, they are supposed to be classifed as “active” and start receiving messages from your autoresponder #2, which you can edit to send information regarding your opportunity that you are promoting.

    So they are “pending” until they click on that link in the first set of messages from autoresponder #1. It does seem like a good system but I have seen a lot of people in the forums concerned about having a lot of leads but these leads are all still “pending” and very few, if any, are “active”.


    • Hi Jim,
      Well that is not good.
      Maybe they need to tweak the subject line of the
      initial email so more prospects will click the link
      to become active.
      Thank you for leaving your comments and good luck.
      Charles & Susan

  16. Claire Washington // March 31, 2014 at 4:54 pm // Reply


    Thought I would stop by and comment on this as I have become a member of M & G. My decision to join was because of the leads not the matrix opportunity that comes with it, although, building your matrix can cover your costs to run this system, so that is a plus.

    I have been in it a couple of weeks. I am receiving around 400 leads a day, these are people looking into a home business and are automatically sent a series of 5 emails which are generic and contain a confirmation link. Once they have clicked on the confirmation link, they get redirected to your business and added as a confirmed subscriber.

    They now get followed up with a separate series of emails which you can amend and personalise to suit yourself and your opportunity. You can now broadcast to these that have confirmed too. You get to download all leads, not just confirmed but ones that haven’t clicked on the confirmation link yet, so you can potentially download 400 leads a day. You get full name, email, address and telephone number. Do be careful though you still need to comply with spam laws, emailing them could get you into trouble, which is why I am not sure what to do with them once I have downloaded them. I have thought about calling them, but 400 a day!

    I believe M and G are introducing gauranteed subscribers instead of leads, you wont get as many but these are guaranteed subscribers who will see your opportunity and who you are free to email and broadcast to, these I will try and call. I believe there will be two options to choose from soon, leads or subscribers? I will keep you posted, as this is a new development.

    I received two people in my matrix within two days of signing up and there is training within the back office on how to use the system. I personally haven’t experienced any negativity from support.



    Contact Me:
    Skype: claire.washington1

    • Hi Claire,
      As usual you had an in depth and useful comment that helps us better understand.
      One question, are you noticing the low rate of confirmation clicks that some others are experiencing?

      Thanks again.
      Charles & Susan

  17. Claire Washington // April 5, 2014 at 3:05 am // Reply

    Hi Chalres and Susan,

    Yes being honest the confirmation clicks are lower then I would like. I have just switched from leads to subscribers. let me explain:

    The Guaranteed Subscribers from MandG are real-time, form filled, opt in leads that are added directly into your personal MandG autoresponder. These people fill out an information request form about a generic home based business and the moment they click the submit button they are added to your personal list. From there you get their phone number or you can just let your messages begin to drip on them. It’s up to you. The key point is that your information is the first they get while they are actively searching.

    I joined MandG when this option wasn’t available and I was getting 400 leads daily, but that was proving slow, because those leads were then sent a series of email messages with a confirmation link inside and unless they clicked that confirmation link they were not directed to my opportunity, and only once they clicked the link was i then able to message them properly because of spam laws. I am in the middle of switching my account from leads to subscribers, I would much rather have 150 subscribers I can message properly than the leads. So i have no results to show from the subscribers yet as I am just switching, but I think the potential is good.

    We will see and I will keep you informed.

    More details on MandG can be found here:

    Any questions, feel free to contact me.



    Skype: claire.washington1

  18. Nick Jordan // April 10, 2014 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    M&G Is A Scam. None Of The Leads Are Optins. SPam complaints All Over The Place. The Company Makes Excuses About Why Delays In Paying Commissions. Many People I Know Have Been Charged Over And Over Multiple Times For 1 Position. They Are A Bad Company For This Great Industry

    • Hi Nick,
      Are you sure about this?
      If so this is not a good sign.
      This is a new program and they maybe just having
      some growing pains.
      We wonder if other members are having these problems or
      if this is an isolated incident?
      Thank you so much for leaving your comments.

      Charles & Susan

  19. Claire Washington // April 11, 2014 at 10:51 am // Reply


    I would just like to update everyone. As I mentioned I was switching from leads to subscribers as I was getting a low rate of opt-ins. I had to pay extra to get transferred and expected it to be done pretty much straight away, however, it wasn’t. I waited a couple of days and emailed support to find out when I would start seeing subscribers. I didn’t get a response, so another couple of days passed and still nothing so I emailed again. I kept checking in my back office and noticed my leads had changed from subscribers a couple of days ago. I still hadn’t got a response from support.

    If you are thinking about joining I would hold fire. I am getting subscribers now and I can email them and download their details, but it is still too early to say what the quality is like.

    The person that introduced me into the system, sent me an email saying he has left, as he wasn’t getting any leads and support were not getting back in touch with him.

    We do get emails saying they are having issues, whether this is new business start up issues or more I don’t know. I will keep with it for a little longer and see how we go.

    I will keep you posted.


    Need traffic for your business:

    • Hi Claire,
      There does seem to be a lot of irritated members at M&G at this time.
      We understand that there are glitches and such in the beginning however
      when support does not respond or gets irritated when a member ask a question
      is unacceptable.
      This is just our assumption from other comments.
      Please keep us informed and thank you for sharing.

      Charles & Susan

  20. Here is a copy of the latest response to a question by a paying member in the forum:


    WHY is it that people can come in here and
    WRITE but they don’t seem to be able to READ ??

    Right at the VERY TOP of this section, in BIG LETTERS there is >>>

    ” >>>*** A MESSAGE FROM MICHAEL Re Suspended Accounts *** ”

    Link :: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=470

    And STILL people come here and POST about it …… WHAT !!!!!

    OK … LAST ONE … any More and …….. DELETE !!!!!!!



    • Hi Jim,
      That is not a good way to do business.
      There is starting to look like a lot of complaints
      and unhappy folks in M&G right now.
      Seem as if there is no support.
      We are starting to think this is a scam and we are
      staying away from opportunity.
      You know what they say, Bad news travels faster than good news.
      Thank you so much for commenting.
      Charles & Susan

      • I would just say that I understand the problem with the system and have no problem with it not functioning properly while it is being upgraded. However, I do have a problem with the attitude of the forum admin towards M&G clients. I think a lot of people are asking questions on the forum because their support tickets are not responded to. So they may be first time forum users who don’t know that their questions may be somewhere else on the forum. So a simple “Please refer to …thank you” would suffice instead of yelling in boldblack caps. Anyways I guess for me it boils down to I don’t care for rude people especially when they are taking your money. I’m done ranting…thanks.

  21. I can tell you this, it is not a scam. I just got paid today from them and paydays are the 1st and 15th of each month. Those who are having issues with the system, the reason being is because the system is going through a lot of growing pains right now and they honestly did not expect to grow this fast in a short amount of time. So it is not scam. I recently upgraded to Silver membership, which is $139/mo and with that, I get 700 real-time opt ins per month into my autoresponder, in which I have received many conversions as new subscribes are being added daily. Like I said, I have been with them since Feb 18 and have not had any issues with them as far as not receiving leads or leads not subscribing.

    • Hi Somkhit,
      We are expressing our opinion about this.
      There are quite a few folks who are unhappy with M&G.
      We always say if a program is working for you and you are happy
      with it by all means continue and prosper.
      But there is no excuse for support being rude to a paying customer
      or anyone else for that matter.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Charles & Susan

  22. Claire Washington // April 19, 2014 at 8:26 am // Reply


    Thought I would mention my thoughts as well here.

    I am receiving opt-ins everyday like the program said. I haven’t had any conversions yet.

    I have emailed support several times with the same query and I have not had one single reply, in my opinion this is not how you do business.

    They have kept people informed with the glitches they have had and I understand that glitches happens being a relatively new business startup. It happens, I understand that.

    However, I also feel that there is no need for rudeness and no need not to respond to someone at all. I expect a reply when I email someone and I reply to every email I receive, i expect others to do the same.

    I will not be renewing my membership for M&G purely based on there customer service. The opt-ins are coming and probably should stick it out a bit longer as conversions may happen, but I cannot recommend this to others when I am not getting any response or the level of customer service I expect myself.

    Thats my thoughts



  23. A complete scam and they are rude when you contact them for help.

    Please do not waste your money. I should have just let mine fly out of the window.

  24. Thanks for all reviews. I was considering signing up today but from what I read I have changed my mind.

    Greetings from Norway.


    • Hi Marius,
      Yes, it seem as if M&G has a problem with how to deal with customers as
      rudeness and ignoring people is their way of doing business.
      If this continues we think this business will have a short life.

      Thank you so much for stopping and commenting.
      Charles & Susan

  25. Charles and Susan,

    This is a great blog and comments collection you’ve put together about the questionable MandG product/system.

    To me, who joined them almost three weeks ago, the only thing that matters is meaningful data – How many “leads made available” versus how many of those “leads opted-in” for more info.

    My stats to date are similar to those mentioned already in this comments section: 6,799 leads made available to me, with 0 (zero) opting in.

    Yes, I now have almost 7k leads to do with what I think fit, but, as also already mentioned, any contact I make with these folks (except phone calls IF they aren’t on the DNC list) is technically considered UCE. As an advertiser/business owner, do you want that negative impression with your first step in contacting them?

    As well, even though the record for each lead shows their alleged IPA, there is no sign-in date provided for whatever site they supposedly visited and requested home biz info from, nor is there any indication/sample of what type of splash page they actually landed on.

    This could indicate the leads may have been harvested, or acquired using other “below-board” techniques, and may not be truly home-biz-interested at all.

    The non-to-low opt-in rate also tends to indicate an almost NO interest in the web-site information, OR, the web-site splash page is not written/designed well enough to draw them in to the next step (the opt-in).

    Side-Note: If one reads the auto-responder series that goes out to those who DO opt in, the follow-up emails are poorly written and unprofessional, and will be totally ineffective at getting any opt-in to buy/do anything, even after “7 times” seen.

    Whatever the reason, and regardless of the well-intentioned videos and rationalization updates from the admin behind MandG, the numbers speak for themselves.

    I could accept a 1-in-1000 opt-in rate from this “shadow” system, but zero in 7k is a bust, and further funds shall not be provided for another month of same. (As a comparison, I can purchase 1000, 5-15% response-rate, opt-in leads from at least one long-standing, reputable lead source for the same $40 that MandG charges.)

    Just as in direct mail, there are certain aspects of advertising that must be measured to enable the advertiser to know what the ROI is, and therefore to know if further expenditure/pursuit using that method is warranted.

    The ROI on my initial $49 investment is negative/zero % after 18 days, and the others posting here with similar results should also make the decision to cut the cord.

    Hope this helps…


  26. Considering ordering M & G service, but what I’m gathering here is mixed results from customers.

    Some are saying it’s great, with no issues none whatsoever.

    Others on the other hand, are having problems, (awful support service) without any results (no conversions) from leads.

  27. Charles and Susan,

    Yes, the results are still zero.

    They’ve also had problems with the “affiliate” payout process, with several email announcements about the problems and the proposed fixes.

    In addition, I was seeing that some files of the “300 daily” leads had IPA’s for every lead record and some files did not have them for any record.

    I wanted to know if that was an error, or if part of the leads were being acquired using some method of “harvesting” (due to a predominant portion of the email addresses being to Yahoo and Gmail accounts), and in either case, could they send me a link to a representative sample of the landing/capture page being used. (Would be nice to refer to that page/site/theme in a follow-up)

    Also, on some days the files had no data (no leads) when downloaded, so I submitted a formal ticket on 4/29 regarding all of these concerns.

    The response to that multi-part inquiry only addressed the missing data files, in that they were working on improving the system.

    No mention of the IPA issue, the capture/landing page, or from where they actually acquired the leads.

    So I sent them a follow-up reply, asking for the clarification/answers to the other issues that were also in the initial correspondence.

    Never got an answer and today is 5/8.

    More importantly, not one lead has opted in for more information, and there have now been almost 10,000 leads “issued” to me since I joined.

    MandG is a bust in my opinion, and not worth the $49 initial or $39 monthly cost, unless… you have a “bullet-proof” email program to send all these leads a UCE. Many do it, but I do not. (Note: I DID run the email addies of 900 of the leads through an email address “validation” process and none failed. This merely indicates to me that the addresses are reasonably current.)

    Now, with all that said, I am also giving them “one last chance” as it were, and am preparing a campaign that will test the accuracy and responsiveness of the lead/contact information using direct mail.

    That will take me about three more weeks to finalize, drop in the USPS system, and track the initial test points. (Nixies, responses, opt-ins)

    Will be glad to give you an update when I have something more worth typing about.

    Until then, I’d say to anyone considering being involved with MandG, to “keep your cash in your wallet…”


  28. I joined mandg around March 27th. I have only had around 3 optins (haven’t checked in about a week). I started trying to cancel in the middle of April when a friend advised me she was canceling. To date they have not canceled and on May 1st when they couldn’t get money from my allied wallet (because I didn’t set it up) they went to my personal bank acct and took the 39.00 out. Even if you get a hold of someone (my feelings only,,,,,freedom of speech) I doubt if they cancel your acct. More than likely I will have to cancel my card. I just wanted to post my experience with them so people can make an inform decision before joining.

    • Hi Brenda,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience with M&G Home Business
      but it does not sound like you are alone.
      We appreciate your input and for stopping by.
      We don’t think this company will be around very long.

      Charles & Susan

  29. I am a member of MandG for a month now and all I can say is that I have had the worst experience ever ! For three of the 4 weeks of my first month I could not log into my leads. Then when I was able to, there were no leads. I have sent over 20 emails asking for help and a 5 min call to resolve the issue and all i get is ” we will forward this to admin”
    In addition I was billed a second time even though I said to cancel if I my issue was not resolve prior to the next billing date.

    If you have some way of contacting them I would appreciate you passing it along to me. Otherwise I say steer clear of this company. If you have a problem good luck in getting it resolved. I have also heard numerous complaints about compensation nightmares.

    Sincerely Mark Barnes

    If you have something that is making money please pass it along. I am in Infinity Downline income. Bought solo ads, I have an autoresponder with 24 follow messages, placed craigslist ads, submitted website to all the search engines, paid for traffic. I have made one sale!

  30. Hello everyone,

    Any updates on this program from anyone?
    Are your support questions being answered?
    Anyone having problems receiving their commissions?
    Hope not.

    Thank you in advance.
    Charles & Susan

  31. MandG Update: They finally canceled acct….promised a refund and before they issued my refund they pulled more money out of my acct. Very little support….a lot of unhappy people….and some happy people (these people are making money from their own personal list). I am a member of several forums and there are very few good remarks about MandG. Leads are not any good….Out of a month of leads I only had 4 optins and no conversions…I did not test the leads but some of my forum buddies did and the out come was very poor.
    I am now in the process of taking legal action against them for taking unauthorized payments out of my acct. They now only have 5 days to put the money back and give me a statement saying they will never take money from me again. The people making money say that they are not having problems getting the money owed to them. Support has been very respectful of me… is admin that has a problem getting back to you.

  32. Mark Barnes // June 11, 2014 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    I joined Mandg about two months ago and since canceled.

    At first I was happy, I was getting 300 leads a day. At the end of the first week, I was not able to log into my lead account and that is when the nightmare started. I sent an email to the tech support and it the first response was” we have forwarded your request to admin” after that I spent 3 weeks trying to get them to help me out. After the third week of countless emails I was finally able to get into my lead account and there were no leads in there. I emailed them that if someone did not call me to assist in fixing the issue that I wanted to cancel before my next billing date. Well, they did not help and they billed me again. I emailed them and asked for a refund and was given one about a week later.

    I can not comment on if the leads are good because I never actually used them because you can not import them to most autoresponder’ because they won’t allow third party leads.

    I really have to say I would not recommend the company until they are able to respond to phone calls when you have an issue. I have a rating of “0” for customer service.

  33. This is a update for MandG Home Business. I log into my bank account last night and to my surprise they had issued my 2nd refund. The only money now that I have lost with this business is the initial start up and I have also asked for that back but doubt that will happen. I am happy that I got part of my money back but still will not recommend anyone doing business with them unless #1 they get there act together on support and admin help #2 which is the most important: sign up with paypal… can always go in and stop the monthly subscription……when I first looked at the program you could sign up with paypal but when I went back in to sign up the paypal button was missing and I signed up using my bank card….never ever do that…#3 which I didn’t try and I have only heard of people doing good…sign up at a higher level (leads are supposed to be better……In conclusion just be very careful with this company and do your research.

  34. Mark Barnes // June 16, 2014 at 8:40 am // Reply

    I was surprised to receive a refund as well. But I should have received my refund for the first month as well , I was not able to use the system for 25 out of 30 days my first month. This company is not ready to sale their product services and would not recommend anyone using their services.

  35. As they advertise through personalized spam – it has to be a scam. No reputable business uses spam.

  36. Somkhit Phosavath // November 11, 2014 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    Well M&G has had their hiccups and today was the final straw for me…I have requested them to cancel my account and pay me what was owed to me twice. Finally today after 2 weeks of requesting it, they have officially canceled my account BUT DID NOT PAY WHAT WAS OWED TO ME..I am owed over $800 in commissions earned. The straw that broke the camel’s back was my last payout which I did not receive the FULL AMOUNT that I was owed. Only a partial amount. Please do not join M&G, they are full of it and their leads are CRAP!!! Reason why I stayed with them since the beginning was because I was getting commissions earned well above what i was paying monthly…Well that came a to quick halt…

    • Hi Somkhit,

      We are sorry to hear they robbed you of your commissions but we are
      not surprised based on some of the feedback we have gotten from other
      We think M&G Home Business is a scam now.
      Thank you for leaving your comments and good luck.
      Best regards,
      Charles & Susan

  37. Jasna Pecanac // November 19, 2014 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and coverage!

    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  38. Any updates on M&G ??? Have they improved any after a year? Or are they still having problems?

  39. Hello everyone,

    I tried M&G when they first came out, sounded good, but their leads were far from good, so I left. I haven’t heard anything positive from it at all and I will not be recommending it.

    I am happy to share my thoughts and recommend other opportunities if you are looking for something, just get in touch with me.


    Claire Washington
    Skype: Claire.washington1

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