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Any Lead System Network Review? Legit or a Scam?


Hello everyone,

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The Lead System Network (AKA) LSN is really a popular program right now and currently in pre launch.

In fact so popular it has been banned at Facebook and other social media sites.

Originally it was supposed to launch on May 1 2014 but it has been pushed back to June 1st.

LSN offers a impressive suite of tools including:

Lead Capture Pages that you build and customize

Email and text auto responders

Lead management

Content publishing or more commonly known as a blog.

The cost is 30.00 per month which 100 per cent goes to your sponsor.
From what we can find out you also have to pay 19.95 per month reseller fee.

There is also another plan which cost 100.00 per month which includes more tools.

We have taken a position during the pre launch but we are not trying to recruit visitors to our blog we just would like to know what you think of LSN in general and if you think this is a scam.

We don’t think it is as we have done some research but there is nothing for sure on the internet.

What are your thoughts on Lead System Network?

Please leave your comments below as we would really like to hear your honest opinion.

Thank you so much.

Charles & Susan

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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

25 Comments on Any Lead System Network Review? Legit or a Scam?

  1. Hello Charles and Susan,

    Hope you are well.

    I to took the opportunity to sign up with LSN during pre-launch. I have been in it just over 2 weeks, I have 24 personal referrals and over 29,000 in my straight downline. I decided to sign up to take a look at the tools it offers, currently I pay separately for my auto responder, squeeze page software, and blog. With LSN for a monthly fee of just $30 you can get all of that plus lots more. I want to check the tools out to see if they are worth promoting to others rather than paying for them separately.

    On top of that it does have a very good compensation plan. You can earn 100% commissions on basic level for everyone you refer so that is $30 a month for each referral as long as they are a member. Then there is pro level, you receive 50% commission for each referral who upgrades to pro and you get entered into a matrix, I don’t usually get involved in matrix programs, but this is all included and you can earn a $1000 bonus without recruiting a single person. Basically when you join LSN, people who join the business after you go under you, currently as I say I have over 29,000 people. I need 34 of those people to upgrade to pro level and also myself to be at pro level, for me to earn a $1000 bonus. I think that is very feasible. After that to earn anything else from the matrix you need upgraded personal referrals.

    Here is a link to a PDF which explains the compensation plan in detail, how it works and how you earn with LSN, this has come direct from LSN:

    The company is also giving you the chance to get free referrals, by submitting a 30 second -1 minute video, they then put your referral id in the company rotator and you could get free referrals. The video need not be complicated here is my youtube video I did:

    Once recorded send video to LSN and they will sort it from there.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to connect.


    Claire Washington
    Skype: claire.washington1

    • Hi Claire,

      We also joined LSN and will see how it goes.
      We don’t usually join matrix type programs either but this is a little different
      as you are paid 100% commissions which is appealing to us.
      Do you know who the owners of this company are?

      Thank you for contributing.
      Charles & Susan

  2. Hello,

    LSN Update:

    LSN has signed up over 40,000 people & 1649 came in today so far!

    They have recorded a new pay plan video, please see it below:

    Alexa Rank Update:

    LSN is one of the most popular sites in the world and we thank you all for the team effort. Congratulations!


    Claire Washington

    Skype: claire.washington1

  3. Hi,

    To be honest, I only know the owners by first name, i do not know their surname. Clinton is the owner and works with Ashley his wife. The guy behind the compensation video is Ken Rankin (I think that is how you spell his surname).

    Here is a recording of the Google Hangout they did with Ken leading it and Clinton and Ashley doing their bit.



  4. Hi, just thought I would ask a question on here about this, I got an email from you Susan about LSN I thought I had signed up under you but when I got an email confirmation it gave me a sponsor name other than you,not sure why that would be,do you?

    • Hi Ronna,

      Sorry about that.
      Sometimes when we sign up to a program we use another name to just look around and if we decide to join we just edit our name.
      In this case the back office is not live yet so we can not edit our name.
      Again we apologize for any confusion and thank you for joining under us.

      Charles & Susan

  5. Thank you for clearing that up.

  6. Dwight Denson // May 27, 2014 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    I have signed up for LSN but haven’t done anything with it because when I go for training it always goes to comp plan. In fact any button I push it goes to comp plan without giving any info that I asked for. I am on the sidelines waiting but so far haven’t been impressed.

  7. Dennis Tchen // May 28, 2014 at 6:24 am // Reply

    I have heard about them for a few months. So many opportunities and so few hours and dollars to spread around. But if they are banned by Facebook; itsn’t that bad for business, since Facebook is huge monster in the social media for getting new people.

  8. I too am pre-registered at LSN but I’m undecided about going forward and upgrading. True there are 30,000 or so in my straight downline but you can bet only a few if any will actually follow through once they launch on June 1st.

    To me this is done this way with the free registration to build excitement and momentum but when the time comes there will only be a fraction who will actually upgrade when it’s all said and done and a lot of people will be extremely disappointed. It appears they are mirroring their 100% commission business model after the success of Empower Network with a product line similar to Pure Leverage only with a slightly different comp plan. Whether it is as successful as EN & PL has been for those who upgrade and build is yet to be seen. Should be interesting.

    EN & PL is losing interest for many so it’s time something new and shiny comes along so that the same leaders that’s in EN & PL can sustain their 6 figure incomes! There will be others to come you can bet on it and those guys will be right there on the leaderboards as usual.

    It also should be interesting to see the quality of the tools LSN offers and if any are different in comparison to Pure Leverage’s tools.

    • Hi Penny,

      It is true about the small amount that will upgrade.
      We are curious to see just how many will purchase the products and the quality as well.
      We have done some research on the company and it seems as if they are legit.
      We will know very soon, we hope.

      Thank for commenting.
      Charles & Susan

  9. Hi

    In reply to Dwight, it is because LSN is still in pre-launch, you cannot access the products yet, once it is officially opened you will be able to access everything at the level you have come in at. i.e basic, pro etc.

    So when it launches on June 1st they will be rolling it out in 3 phases to get yourself positioned and tools accessed.

    I believe it is happening like this:

    Due to the special nature of launching a 100% pay system we will help you secure your position by rolling it out in three phases. The first phase will begin Monday, June 2nd and will allow you to lock in your position by enrolling as a reseller with LSN.

    The first part of Phase One will consist of a simple form and your reseller payment of $19.95. You will then immediately get access to your getting started steps. This is the second part of Phase One where you will find simple instructions on how to easily get your 100% pay options activated. Everyone will be able to get paid via eWallet and U.S.A. members will also have an option to get a direct merchant account.

    The time frame for Phase One consists of 48 hours to lock-in your reseller position. Once the doors are closed on Phase One another 48 hours will be necessary for the processing of eWallet and merchant accounts. You will then be ready to receive your payments and we can begin Phase Two.

    Phase Two opens the doors to qualified LSN resellers who have completed Phase One. Here is where you will activate the payment levels you want to profit from by purchasing the products of your choice. There will three products and levels of pay available. Each product sequentially opens the door to purchase and profit from the next.

    You will have three products and profit levels to choose from:

    Option 1: The first choice allows you to enjoy the use of the Basic Tool Suite and earn $30 (100% pay) from everyone you refer to LSN.

    Option 2: The second choice provides access to both the Basic and the Pro level. The Pro package will give you access to the Enterprise App System and the ability to earn $50 from each of your personal referrals. Plus, you qualify to earn leveraged income from the Matrix.

    Option 3: The third choice adds the Master Distributor product to your portfolio (Includes Basic And Pro). It creates an additional income stream via the Reseller Platform and $1,000 (100% Pay) from everyone of your LSN referrals who choose to participate at the MD level as well.

    The time frame for Phase Two will be 48 hours.

    Phase Three opens the LSN store doors to the world! At this time, you and the team you built in pre-launch can begin expanding your enterprise and growing your income by continuing to share the LSN services to the vast and ever-growing community of entrepreneurs around the world.

    I believe LSN are over 60,000 members already.

    In reply to Dennis, yes facebook is huge in social media advertising, however, it isn’t bad that facebook has banned it, due to LSN’s massive growth in a short period of time their url has been blocked
    by Facebook, that is why, lots and lots of people were advertising it. It isn’t because of the company, it is because of the URL. There are ways around that, you can purchase a domain name and mask it and forward it to your LSN url. If you already have a domain name, create a sub domain. Please understand it is not because of the company it has been banned it is because lots and lots of people are advertising it and the URL has been banned.

    I hope that helps people, any questions feel free to get in touch.


    Skype: claire.washington1

    • Hi Claire,

      Thank you for explaining this in great detail because we sure learned a lot from it.
      The three phases seem to be a fair way to do it.
      Hopefully LSN will work out for everybody.

      Thank you for your contribution.
      Charles & Susan
      P.S. We hope your hubby is feeling better.

  10. Thanks Charles and Susan.

    Hi Penny, yes true, only a small amount will upgrade and yes the pre-launch has done what it was designed to do, gain lots of interest, excitement and momentum.

    I think the products sound good as does their compensation plan and time will tell. Not long to wait now.


    Skype: claire.washington1

  11. Gary Kramer // June 3, 2014 at 12:23 pm // Reply

    Looks like a bunch the same crappy product the rest of these mentioned above sell. If you have to pay before you seen any products that tells you the products are most likely not very good. I find it very odd that people sign up for the hype, why is that? All LSN video’s simply promote how much money you can make and even the video where Clinton shows the system he never actually clicks on a single icon to show you part of the system, there all just awesome. Maybe I am wrong and LSN will have great products but they still have to prove that. I still can’t figure out how or why people join this stuff do people really make money, I guess if you at the top and you fool enough people you will.

    • Hi Gary,
      We have researched LSN and we do think it is legit.
      We could be wrong but so far it checks out.
      If the products are good they should be around a long time and have lots of customers.
      If not they will fail, plain and simple.
      Hopefully, it will work out for all involved.

      Thank you for stopping by and contributing.

      Charles & Susan

  12. Hello Gary

    Thanks for your comments, i looked into LSN prior to joining it and recommending it to others. It all looks legit, of course we will find out very shortly and I may be wrong. But it all looks good. Their products sound very good and at a very good cost, you would pay way more if you purchase those products separately like I currently do. In fact I wish it was around when I first started it would be much more cost effective for me.

    It is very common to get people to sign up for free during pre-launch, lots of people do it with other opportunities and programs, this builds up momentum and gets interest surrounding it and gets it off to a flying start when it does launch. During pre-launch over 70,000 people joined.

    We are about to enter phase 2, will keep you posted.

    I understand your doubts, there are a lot of programs that do not prove to be what they say they are and you do have to be careful and I would always recommend checking out anything prior to joining.


    Skype: claire.washington1

  13. Hello All,
    So far Lead System Network looks like a train wreck to us.
    Most of the time the back offices does not work and if it does it is painfully slow.
    We submitted a support ticket and never heard back from them.
    Of course all the buttons to purchase products work.
    We are going to give them the benefit of doubt but we are not happy about how this whole thing is shaking out.

    Are you having any problems with LSN?

    Thank you in advance for sharing.

    Charles & Susan

  14. Hi Charles and Susan,

    Just thought I would pick up on your comments, I think maybe a bit of time is needed. Yes I did have problems when the phases were introduced, like my referrals not appearing as upgrades in my back office. However, I have had several emails from LSN keeping me posted about the problems they are experiencing and they have fixed them automatically.

    I get a slow back office occasionally, that was when I initially signed up, just thought everyone was trying to get their position which was why it was going slower, seems a lot better now though, I use Google Chrome don’t know if that has anything to do with it?

    I submitted a ticket through the back office ticket system and received a reply within 24 hours. So i haven’t experienced any issues with regards to that.

    I am about to submit another ticket though, the squeeze pages that I can create myself, do not appear to work, the image is missing.

    I put this down to teething issues and still believe they provide very good tools and resources all under one roof and the compensation plan is good.


    Skype: claire.washington1

  15. There really pushing hard for those upgrades, by extending the dates etc. I got an email yesterday saying there are thousands below you, log in and see for yourself and get upgraded now! But then once you log in you have to pay first before you can see anything.

    I can imagine that a lot of people did just that and then were extremely disappointed to find nobody below them did and they didn’t earn a dime. There will be a lot of cancellations next month for sure because of this. Just like all the other big launches like this, the only ones who make any real money are those on the leaderboard who mailed their huge lists and brought in 300-500 direct referrals.

    I chose not to get involved and happy I didn’t. Programs like these are a dime a dozen anymore and do nothing but suck money from the little guy with high hopes. They may have good products but IMHO, you shouldn’t have to pay every month in order to qualify for commissions as an affiliate. There are tons of great affiliate products and marketing tools out there you can earn good commissions on and you don’t have to pay anything to resell.

    Or get with a good company where you can be a distributor for a small one time fee and earn commissions on retail sales of high demand consumable products and also from others who join you and build a sustainable long term income and business that can be marketed both online and offline.

  16. Gary Kramer // June 16, 2014 at 1:22 pm // Reply

    Agree with Penny on LSN, but unlike Penny I signup not because I thought it would be worth it but just because I was dying to know more about the tools. And as I suspect they are a joke, the company will claim they are in beta, but if you fall for this line I have a bridge to sell you.

    Any company that makes you pay a fee before seeing the tools you might as well say goodbye to the money you paid. Stay away from these folks or they’ll take your money.

  17. Hello everyone,

    Nice to hear all the comments.

    I have to say i do like the products LSN has, they have good squeeze pages, that you can use with their autoresponder or connect it up to a 3rd party one such as aweber, plus other tools.

    Yes they had their issues to start with, any new business has issues and it is how they are dealt with that matters and they dealt with them, updates to the system are happening, we are kept up to date with developments, and we get paid on time!

    I understand what you are saying about affiliate commissions, but what a lot of people do not realise with being an affiliate is most things online you get commission on the front end and nothing on the back end, this system is designed to give you 100% commissions on the front end, 50% commissions on the backend which is very good. They need to make their money for providing the tools, resources, services and support.

    I also understand what you are saying about seeing your downline etc. You can see you straight downline without purchasing, and you can see people you have referred without purchasing, what you cannot see is it in a matrix to show exactly who is beneath you.

    This is where I am not entirely 100% sure, but it is being worked on now and I think at the end of the month we will have more idea how the matrix works. It does say you do not need to recruit 1 person in order to earn the $1000 bonus so we will see, you do of course need to be positioned though.


    Skype: claire.washington1

  18. Hello everyone,

    We are very disappointed with LSN not for the products as they are OK but with earnings.

    We were not expecting to get rich with LSN but at least break even.

    We would like to know how others are doing.

    If you don’t mind please share.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  19. Hi

    Yes I have to agree with you Charles and Susan. Products I think are very good, however, I am also disappointed with earnings. I was expecting more too, as you say I wasn’t expecting to get rich either, however, was expecting more.

    For me being in the UK, it is costing me a lot of money to put my earnings into eWallet. As I Understand, it is easier for US residents as their is another option for you to withdraw your money.

    I am giving it another month and thinking of quitting the pro level, this is where you can earn through a matrix, i have never thought that much to matrix programs anyway.

    I will be keeping basic level, as I am recommending their basic products, squeeze pages and auto responder, as they are must have tools for every internet marketer and at $30 it is very good price.

    That is my thoughts, thanks


    Skype: claire.washington1

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