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Lazy Wealth System Review – Is LWS Freedom A Scam?

LWS Freedom with David Dubbs is a new marketing branch of the Lazy Wealth System (AKA) Cash Explosion created by Max Stiegemeier.

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The original Lazy Wealth System is a one up Aussie type payplan in which your first sale goes to your sponsor before you are fully qualified to receive your first sale. After your first sale you are fully qualified and all of your new members owe you their first sale. The price of the the program is 40.00 to your sponsor and 19.00 to the admin for a total of 59.00. This is reasonable.

This is as we understand a one time fee and no further payments are required.

When you make a sale you are paid your commissions within 24 hours of payment received 7 Days a week through AlertPay the website states. You are not paid instantly as with most programs of this nature.

The LWS program seems to have a decent product package which includes some marketing products such as Youtube and Squidoo tutorials.

As far as marketing is concerned we see no lead capture page or any kind of follow up system which is  absolutely critical in our opinion.

This is a deal breaker for us. Build that list folks!

One thing we don’t like is one of their down line programs available in the back office which is classic pyramid scheme called The Lawn Chair Millionaire scam. This Ponzi won’t last much longer.

All in all our review of Lazy Wealth System looks to be pretty good.

Now onto the LWS Freedom program.

This is where it becomes confusing to us.

LWS Freedom looks similar to the Lazy Wealth System but it cost 198.00 and the you receive 130.00 dollars per sale. This is also a one up program just like it’s little brother with no monthly payments.

The sales page states “We Close Your Sales“. Now where have we seen that before?

Don’t join if this is the only reason because it aint gonna happen.

In closing Lazy Wealth System and LWS Freedom passes the sniff test and we don’t think it is a scam, although we will have to pass on it this time.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan
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2 Comments on Lazy Wealth System Review – Is LWS Freedom A Scam?

  1. Susan Leavitt // December 3, 2008 at 5:36 pm // Reply

    This is a scam! Max is the biggest scammer on the planet. Buyer beware!

  2. Is this program from lazy wealth dot com site?

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