Trending Now Review – Effective Safelist Submitter or Just A Scam?

What Is ‘IPostAd’?

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More.... is a safelist submitter service designed to meet your email marketing needs. It is a safelist site that allows you to send your ad via email to a large list of users who have opted in to receiving these kinds of advertisements – i.e. these emails are all legal.

Some of the features that blaster claims to provide are:
Submitting your ad to almost 3000 different Safelists.
It allows you to send up to 25 different ad combinations so recipients will not get bored.
It allows you to send all your emails with one click.

The price of using this service is $24.95 at ‘Master Level’ giving you all of their features and only $12.95 at ‘Freshman Level’ which allows you to submit just a single ad daily. These prices are billed monthly, so will build up over time.

Is iPostAd Legitimate?

The site itself uses the slogan ‘the black tie of safelist submitters’ due to the fact that it has been around for five years. Many other reviews of the service point out this fact to show that it is a legitimate service.

The safelists used by iPostAd are a legitimate form of email marketing. They make use of people who have ‘opted in’ to receive ads. However, when you sign up to use a service you will automatically be added to the list.

This means that the list is comprised of people like you, looking to advertise, and also means that you could be setting yourself up for receiving a lot of emails from the service.

Can It Make You Money?

The main reason for using a service such as iPostAd is to blast your ad and eventually get clicks and sales on your site. The service has the potential for doing so, but is probably not the most cost-effective method.

Everyone who receives your ad in fact only joined as a way to get their own ad sent out to other members. Therefore it is unlikely they will read your ad. The response rate with all kinds of safelist services is typically very low – and the price of $24.95 per month can be a high price to pay for a few responses.

If you are really looking to advertise your service you could easily spend the same amount of money on much more effective advertising methods than safelists, even if iPostAd is not technically a scam.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan
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P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,000.00 Dollars In One Month?
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21 Comments on Review – Effective Safelist Submitter or Just A Scam?

  1. Michael Romero // February 19, 2009 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    Charles and Susan. Nice article. I found it helpful, with advice on other money saving tips on ad blasting. Keep up the good work!

  2. I appreciate your honest outlook on the service. You have provided both advantages and disadvantages. We all know that we, as marketers, are all looking for the same thing — to get our messages seen. We all do respond to emails that catch our attention, so, we do know that email marketing DOES work. It really just depends on the individual as to whether they think the price is a good value or not.

  3. ViralWordpress // March 21, 2009 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    I used ipost ad for 1 year. Through tracking I didn’t really get much traffic and no sales. I use safelistmasters
    Google it. Much more effective. That’s the truth. Do your own tracking and see.

  4. Hi,
    I Agree i have not had any good luck with safelists at all about the only thing that i did get out of using them was a bunch of e-mail
    advertiseing the same work at home biz.


  5. Are you sure about this? $24.95 per month sounds cheaper to me than pay per click ads. Mike Filsaime, a huge internet marketing guru, uses it himself.

    Think about it. If you tried to start your own email campaign with a brand new website, it would take forever to get people to come to your site. Email marketing would take eons.

    I’d rather take a stab at 52 million…well, you’d have to be pretty dilligent to sign up to all those safelists…for just $24.95 in one month than wait three months to get one visitor.

    Now, at best, you might have access to 30,000 people or so at a time, with a lot of competition, but a list of 30,000 is still big. It took me forever to just get 20 people.

    I wouldn’t discount safelists just yet. I think they are still a valid way to get traffic. The only bad thing about it is you get swamped with emails each day. But so what? Create a gmail and let it get thrown in there. Each individual safelist have members who will read those emails because they get points for clicking, and they need those points to advertise.

  6. I was a member of iPostad for 1 month and found it to be the biggest waste of money I every spent. If what they promised to do worked, it would have been great but from all the advertising I send out I did not recieve even one click. The search engine submitter was probably the only good part of it and there are hundreds of them fore free. A big NO NO… from me. Kevin Fahey

  7. This is because this is a spamming devise used to produce what you think should be your ads but in reality its putting there ads ahead of yours
    after they get done sending so many of there’s then they’ll think about sending yours think about it people have you Sean any of your ads sent to your self or a testing procedure to send them to your self probably
    not there charge and there program is simple and its also not what it appears in pure logic how many people are getting there money taken
    and where are the results being seen theres allot of these programs
    out there and allot are taking people’s money and not doing what they
    promise to do only to take money from every one that they can and
    apparently enjoying it to some point there is programs on Google that
    anyone can use for this type of work list generator for one put in Google browser and brings up do it your self programs then you cut

  8. Hi, many thanks for a great, honest review on ipostad. I’ve been with them for one month and while I was thoroughly convinced they looked really professional and offered much better quality of service than the rest, I found them to be quite expensive, especially for a newbie marketer. I also felt ‘bullied’ into setting up two pop3 email accounts with them, as they had a long list of free email providers they’ve labelled as ‘rubbish’,(not good for their service) thereby forcing me to pay $16/mth for the two they recommended. If you or anyone knows a good free email account service providers that ipostad cannot refuse, apart from gmail/yahoo etc., and one thats not on ipostad banned list, kindly let me know. Thanks onceagain.

  9. Lazarin Nikoltchev // April 20, 2013 at 5:16 am // Reply

    Hi Alexander,

    Why don’t you try ViralInBox? Even as a free member, you will get some results. Well, at least I did… while I was a free member. Then, I upgraded to Diamond, and I am happier now. Try them. They won’t fill your gmail. Good luck

  10. Tweep, you don’t know what you are talking about. Why do you think that Ipostad has their service to begin with. This is so that they wont span anybody. What you say is STUPID BEYOND BELIEF. They hate spam with a passion and will ban anyone who uses it on their safelists. I suppose they Spam and refuse to let everyone else spam. GET REAL.What you say couldn’t be any more ridiculous than it already is lol. By the way, who taught you how to write a sentence.All i see is run on babbling with little capitalization and no punctuation. You are obviously not educated. That is alright if you don’t try to act as though you are wize.

  11. I thought that Val Burnett and his/her group of companies was illegitimate (based on actions taken and not taken by those companies) so i requested a refund. Later,i thought that i was a bit harsh on Val so i signed up again. Guess what ? I got screwed a second time by them. When i called these companies on it ;(all Val Burnett) they ignored it. When i cancelled again, they immediately billed me for another months service etc.. after the fact. Supposedly Mr. or Ms. Val Burnett has another colleague. The colleagues initials are V.B. . You never hear from this person in any correspondence, because this person does not exist. Does Val ,
    (or whatever their name really is) expect us to believe that the other owner has the same uncommon initials of V.B. Yeah Right.
    Val got pissed off when i balked again and proceeded to issue 4- unauthorized $5 shotgun charges to my account. Don’t believe anything that Val say’s, it’s all lip service. Anything that is said by anyone is only as good as the one saying it. Talk is cheap.
    p.s.-avoid Ipostads and all other associated companies like the plague!

  12. Tweep, please accept my deepest apologies. The Ipostad group of companies screwed me over. I retract that harsh comment that i made to you. I wanted to be hopeful so i made it. My hopes were dashed so i am here to make this apology to you while condeming the Ipostads (Val Burnett) group of companies.
    p.s.- take every good comment in these posts with a grain of salt.A 10 lb grain that is.

  13. Good information. I personally used ipostads for almost 3 years. You don’t receive a lot of targeted traffic but I DID get results from their service and also got great customer service. The only reason I stopped using them is because I finally got my sites ranked in Google and didn’t need them anymore. It is a great way to get generic traffic but not a lot of sales.

  14. Thomas Ruwan // May 24, 2014 at 3:47 pm // Reply

    Val Burnett shut down iPostAds and ran off with everyone’s money. I talked others into his advertising program so I feel lousy about it. A week after we gave him our money he shut down.

  15. I believe iPostads shut down about 3 months ago.

  16. Before he shut down he should have at least told everyone and given us the list of safelists.

  17. Our groups is using this one…. www. (remove spaces)
    It’s a good service and we use it since 1 year with many sales back

    You have tons of safelists in 1 unique service, so you save time and money

  18. I heard that ipostad had shut down and that is sad for the
    people that have lost there money from the program Safelist
    are a good way to show your ads but lots of email to read I
    am in a few safelists my self and I found a good way to earn
    credits without so much clicking and that is click earner

    Best way I found to use it is setup your safelist in gmail
    and click earner will go in and click those emails for you
    and earn tons of credits

    If you want me to help you with this just let me know
    and reply It works for me

  19. johnny shull // April 9, 2017 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    According to some of the mail, I have received lately it won’t be long before safe lists will be virtually useless it seems there is a new software out that opens 10 emails at a time and automatically collects the credits for you so that means no one will be looking at them anyway

    • johnny shull // April 9, 2017 at 9:25 pm // Reply

      Ok so I quoted that wrong sorry about that anyway here is a copy of the email minus the sender’s details of course ”
      Is that possible? Having fun opening creditmails?

      Well you have got to see this system in action!

      This has got to be the fastest way to earn credits ever!

      I can open 20 emails from 3 different safelists and click the credit links….


      And it is awesome to watch.

      The Safelist Organizer

      Making it Simple, Making it Fast!

      Check it out with the two week free trial. “

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