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Instant Money Toolkit Review – Free Toolkit or Instant Scam?

What Is The Instant Money Toolkit by Mike Masters?

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Here is our review.

All that the Instant Money Toolkit website really says is ‘earn hundreds or even thousands every day’ and does not go into any detail unless you sign up for their ‘free’ program. User reviews claim this program to consist in a delivered audio CD containing an interview with someone who has successfully made money online.

The website allows you to sign up for free within 9 minutes, though this is a false counter which is commonly used in these types of programs. This means that every time you visit the page the offer will always be there for ‘9 minutes’ and will never in fact expire.

Is the Instant Money Toolkit A Scam or Fraud?

Firstly, from the title you should realise that absolutely no system on the internet is going to give you ‘instant money’. For this reason many of the claims on the website will be taken as fabrication.

While a free program appears to come with no risk, you should note that this is not 100% free. Upon filling out your details you will realize that there is a shipping charge to pay. This charge is $4.97, though it begs the question: why does this product need to be shipped? Many similar products are simply available for download and should therefore incur no shipping charge.

You will have to enter your credit card information to pay for the shipping charge, which is understandable. However, once you attempt to leave the site you will find that the ‘shipping’ price drops, which is interesting considering this is meant to be a free product.

As you enter your credit card details you may notice that there is a small checkbox stating you are signed up to the ‘Instant Action Toolchest Club’ for 14 free days after which you will be charged $39.95 – though it does not state whether this is a monthly, yearly or one-off fee.

The Toolchest Club is probably an area where many people could be caught out spending money where they thought they were receiving a free product. Upon searching for reviews of the product, it seems that the company will take $39.95 from your account unless you actively go out of your way to cancel the membership.

While the above factors do not necessarily prove this product to be a scam, they may unwillingly lead you into spending money where you do not want to. In conclusion there is not too much information around about the Instant Money Toolkit. The title alone rouses suspicion, and the fact that their website provides no information also makes it seem as though this is not worth the risk.

Personally, we would stay clear of this one folks.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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1 Comment on Instant Money Toolkit Review – Free Toolkit or Instant Scam?

  1. Hi,
    I signed up for this ‘free’ toolkit and paid the shipping fee, I then received an email informing me I could access this online anyway.

    The page that appears after paying the shipping fee supposedly expires after so many minutes. This is a lengthy long-winded document that offers you a ‘fast-track’ to a ‘Certification training programme’ for $299 to become a ‘Certified Media Placement Specialist’.
    There also appears to be a ‘monthly’? payment of $39.95.

    I have saved the document that ‘expires’ after so many minutes, as a matter of course as I would keep any documents for any business practice.

    If you wish to see a copy of this I can send it to you via email attachment. I have tried to attach it here so that you know what I am on about.

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