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Infinity Downline Review – Scam or Legit Biz Opportunity?

In this short article we review the Infinity Downline and see if it is a scam.

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This program was started by Peter Wolfing.

This is a direct pay business with instant payments of twenty five dollars to the members on a monthly basis.

If you have read our blog much you know we are big fans of instant pay programs.

Payplan Explained:This is what is called a reverse two up which in a nutshell means you are paid on your first sale so that you recoup your initial investment and break even with one sale. You then pass up your second and fourth sale and then you are fully qualified and paid on all your sales.

We know some folks don’t like passing up sales but remember all of the folks you sell the product to have to pass up to you as well which creates leverage and you are paid monthly also.

This can really add up quickly.

Also this program requires no admin fee.

What is the product? The product is hundreds of hours of audio and video on internet marketing as well business in general.

The products are listed on the site which is too many to list in the scope of this article.

Marketing: Infinity Downline supplies you with a lead capture page which integrates with Aweber or Getresponse as well as custom capture pages that you can use if you choose to.

You are also supplied with pre written autoresonder messages which is very important. The sales are all in the follow up!

Infinity Downline also has conference calls Monday thru Thursday at 9:30 which you can invite all prospects to that will help closing your sales.

In closing we recommend ID to anyone wanting to make some extra income with minimal investment which can add up pretty quickly.

And of course if you join with us we will help you in any we can, just let us know.

If you are interested  check out our:

Infinity Downline Here

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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2 Comments on Infinity Downline Review – Scam or Legit Biz Opportunity?

  1. Ive been a member of this program and its great but again you will not make any money from this program. Its legit but most people will not put forth any effort to make sales and your 25 dollar payments will stop from everybody. On the website they show you how much money that you can make if this was a perfect world. This is not a perfect world and you will not make anywhere near the money that they say you can make. They are saleing dreams of there website.

  2. Veronica Brooks // December 4, 2010 at 6:48 am // Reply

    Great points to make people aware of scams. The lazy systems are not the way to go.

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