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Independent Profit Center Review By Dan Miller Is IPC A Scam?

Independent Profit Center Review

This our review of the new Independent Profit Center (AKA) IPC program by Dan Miller.

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We are always on the look out for good new programs to add to our portfolio and we really like instant pay programs that pay direct to you.

But first it must meet some criteria because we are not promoting something that is a scam or is here today and gone tomorrow if we can help it.

So we did some research on Dan Miller and IPC and did not find anything negative to suggest it was a fraud.

The program also must have a decent product and IPC accomplishes this with Over 4,000 dollars worth of ebooks and software all with resale rights. The products are useful if you actually use them and not just let them sit on your hard drive. Use the Products folks.

We then decided to move forward with IPC so we took the plunge and joined up.

After joining up we followed the instructions for setting up our payment buttons which was really easy and hassle free. We used our merchant account through Linkpoint and we were done with that. If you don’t have a merchant account, other payment processor options include Paypal, AlertPay, Safepay Solutions and E-Gold.

The next thing we did was set up our autoresponder by following the video tutorials provided in the back office. This process took about thirty minutes and we were done with the set up. We used our Getresponse AR which we already had so that was nice. Aweber is also available and even easier to integrate. We know this because we set up one for a gentleman who joined up with us. He was grateful and we didn’t mind.

We were all set up and ready to advertise so we placed a featured ad at using one of the provided ads in the back office. If you don’t know already, ads work really well if you pay a little to upgrade your ad. We also placed some free ads on and we started seeing some folks opt in to our autoresponder so we were pleased.

On the IPC sales page it says you can make your first sale within 24 hours. We are sure some folks do but, we didn’t. But we did get our first sale in three days so we were already breaking even recovering our initial investment minus the 49.00 admin fee.

At the time of this article we have been in the Independent Profit Center for thirty days.

We have forty five paid members and the sales continue to come in on a daily basis. Needless to say this has been a great investment for us and we recommend at least taking a look at IPC.

As an added bonus to our new members, we give everyone who comes on board with us 1,000 business opportunity leads daily for six months. That is 180,000 leads. If you can’t make a few sales with this, you might need to do something else. Just Kiddin.

If you are interested to find out more about IPC and to see how effective the included marketing system is visit the link below for all the info.

Click Here To Visit IPC

Best regards,

Charles & Susan

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We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

2 Comments on Independent Profit Center Review By Dan Miller Is IPC A Scam?

  1. I think that’s horrendous what Dan Miller did.
    How do you have people in the same program
    competing with each other like that. It seems clear
    that Dan Miller is a winner either way…he collects from both sides
    playing one against the other, while he collects from everyone.

  2. Hi Gary and Ellen,

    These are not the same programs.

    They are two entirely different programs.

    We are members of both programs although
    we promote IPC more than IPC Instant Cash.

    Some for whatever reason may not be interested
    in one but maybe in the other.

    Two different price points which appeal to more folks.

    Gary if you need help promoting this just let us know
    and we will help you in any way we can.

    Just reply here to let us know.

    Ellen, Are you a member?

    Charles & Susan

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