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1.) Quote of the Week
2.) From the Editor
3.) Success Tip of the Week
4.) Charles & Susan Recommend
5.) Feature Article – How To Increase Your Online Sales Anytime!
6.) Ask Susan

1.) Quote of the Week

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”
– Napoleon Hill
2.) From the Editor


Greetings everyone! We hope your week was both a happy and
productive one!

Here’s a little something to add some cheer to your day.

A group of professional people posted this question to a
group of 4 to 8 year olds. “What does love mean?” Here’s a
sampling of their answers…

..Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on
shaving Cologne and they go out and smell each other.

Kari- age 5

..Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of
your French Fries without making them give you any of

Chrissy- age 6

..Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you
left him alone all day.

Mary Ann- age 4

Aren’t kids great? Perhaps we could all learn some lessons
from them!

Enjoy today’s issue of the Ezine and may your business
continue to grow and prosper!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett, Editors

3.) Success Tip of the Week

Here’s a great tip that can increase your profits by 10-30%

Think about this. What is the best time to sell something
else to a customer who has already purchased from you? Of
course, it’s on your thank you page. The customer is
already in a buying mood and likely still has their credit
card in three hand.

Offer another product or service directly on your thank you
page that compliments your original offer. Make it
something that seems almost to good to pass up. You’ll be
surprised how many people will purchase immediately from
your thank you page. You have nothing to lose with this
one. Do it!
4.) Charles & Susan Recommend

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5.) Feature Article – How To Increase Your Online Sales Anytime

By: Charles & Susan Truett

Does your bank account need a boost? Hold a discount sale
on your web site. Use the sale to get rid of excess
inventory, gain new or repeat customers, and increase your
sales. Most businesses pick a theme for their sale, like a
Fourth of July or Halloween Sale. Below are six unique
sales themes you could use:

Nobody’s Visiting Today Sale

Every online business has low visitor and sales day through
the week. Our days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. You could
sell your products or services at a discount on these days
to increase and add sales on your slow days. Advertise it
right on your web site.

Time Of The Day Sale

Periodically , pick out a time of the day like 5 to 7 pm to
lower your prices. With online sales you need tell people
the time zone. Announce your scheduled times ahead of time
in your e-zine. This will give people enough time to plan
when they will visit your web site.

Product Or Service Of The Day Sale

Each day offer different product or service at a lower
price. This will draw people back to your web site
everyday. This is a high traffic generating sale. If you
don’t have a lot of products and services you may want to
run the sale weekly or monthly.

Niche Group Sale

Hold a sale for a niche groups of people. Students, senior
citizens, single people etc. This really works if your
introducing a new product or service for the first time to
a new target audience. Announce your sale in a targeted
e-zine, e-mail discussion groups, message boards, etc.

Holiday Or Seasonal Sale

Offer lower prices on holidays and during seasonal changes.
These type of sales let your visitors and customers know
you are no scrooge. Be creative and go as far as decorating
your web site. You could upload holiday and seasonal
graphics. Change the color of your text to match. Get in
the spirit!

Get More For Your Money Sale

Give customers more products or services for their money.
People relate these kind of sales to getting a bargain or
saving money. You could offer a buy one get one for half
off sale, a buy two get the third one free, two for the
price of one sale, etc.

6.) Ask Susan

This week’s Question was submitted by:
Richard Anderson

Q. Hello Susan, my question is, how exactly does one go about
building an opt-in list? I mean the how to’s or to be more
specific ‘step by step’. I have been marketing about 3
years, with mild success. Have and are using a vast array
of submitters and some ezine ads. I have finally come to the
conclusion that to be really successful you need a opt-in
list. Can you help or direct me to a person or site that
will teach such. Thank you in advance, Richard Anderson

A. Hi Richard! Funny you should ask…we have a Site coming
out in the next week or so which will teach you step by
step how to build your own List! Watch your inbox for our
announcement. In the meantime, there are a few methods and
resources we recommend for building your list. First and
foremost, here are two simple things that you can do to
gain subscribers: (1) If you have a website, make sure that
you have a subscribe me box on EVERY single page of your
site. Offer a fr~e gift as an incentive for subscribing.
(2) Add a signature to all of your outgoing emails inviting
people to subscribe.

The resource below will get you off to a good start with a
base of solid subscribers.

Automated List Building

Do you have any questions about home business
opportunities, marketing methods, or anything about
business in general? We will pick one question per week and
add it right here in this newsletter for everyone to
benefit from!
To Submit your Question to Susan, visit:

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