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HercuList Review – Scam or Spam

To be factual, the issue of Herculist solo ads review – scam or spam is gaining quick popularity on the internet marketing niche presently. To have a comprehensive details of this review, reading through the rest part of this article will unleash great tips and values as required.

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Herculist Description:

It is a Safelist membership program created by John Gloeckner, an internet marketer of the present day. This program can be beneficial to members willing to send advertising contents to its membership database. This is done in an exchange for giving rights to receive other member e-mails. Members are always opened to a referral program that help them earn commission for recruiting other people into the system. Though, the referral program is only confirmed when the recruited member is active and upgraded.

The Detailed Overview Of Herculist:

In case you wish to join Herculist, there are several options that people can be open to. One of the best options that work perfectly is the upgrade mode. Though, this sound normal and functional, but carrying extra bonus for active members. As a free member, you have the ability to send 1,500 e-mails selected by the program and done once in a week.

Herculist does not have credit system when compared to other Safelist programs on the internet. It is clear that for reading other member’s emails, you will not be given credits. Normally, free members have the opportunity of purchasing one-time e-mail blasts. This is a better option than sending only 1,500 e-mails.

Members who are having a paid status usually experience big benefits. Paid members can be found operating at 2 levels, the gold and pro options as required. For pro members, they are liable to pay 9.95 dollars on a monthly basis or 49.95 dollars yearly. Pro members can send to the over 50,000 members of the database their promotional contents in every 48 hours. For gold members, 14.95 dollars is the monthly fee as required. Gold members can also pay 89.95 dollars for a yearly upgrade service. Sending promotional contents to the database members can be done in every 24 hours. Pro and gold members will always experience greater commissions on paying or newly recruited users. Nevertheless, they are also free to get extra perks as required. This is done to increase the marketing idea of pro and gold members.

One big negation to the service operation of Herculist is the inability to be rewarded by the system. Since the system does not reward members for reading other people e-mails, the urge to do so will instantly disappear. This has been the biggest problem on Herculist operation. Using a captivating title will help people to read your email when operating on Herculist platform.

Herculist Reputation:

The reputation of Herculist operation is getting higher on a daily basis. This is because of the huge membership presence that people discover with this platform. It does not offer additional features, but their customer support service is active and responding. One great effort that Herculist support team do is paying commissions in a timely manner.

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1 Comment on HercuList Review – Scam or Spam

  1. Hello, I’m glad to bump into your blog about Herculist. I think herculist is affordable if one wants to upgrade to pro or gold member. You can get a lot of traffic by upgrading either one of them. But, I’m not sure if the traffic is targeted or not. By signing up as a free member, you’ll get hundreds of email everyday. I don’t think one can read all the emails received. If you don’t want to receive any email from herculist, you can unsubscribe or you can either upgraded to pro or gold. To unsubscribe means that you are not a free member anymore. Please do correct me if I’m wrong about this.

    I also would like to know if there’s a site like herculist which is more targeted and recommendable. Thank you.

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