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The How and Why of Goal Setting

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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 17
Monday, June 28, 2004

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor
3. Growing Your Business – Recommended Resource(s) of the Week.
4. Feature Article – The How and Why of Goal Setting
5. Ask Susan!
6. Bonus Goodies
1. Quote of the Week

“Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks.
It’s just a matter of how you view them.” – Unknown
2. From the Editor

Hello ,

As the saying goes, better late than never! We apologize
for the delay in getting this issue out to you. As it
approaches 10:00 p.m. here on the East Coast we realized
we’d better wrap up the finishing touches on this week’s
Ezine. It’s been a busy day!

In this issue we have a fantastic article on Goal Setting
with specific reference to those in home based businesses.
We’ve heard varying opinions as to whether or not goal
setting is important and our experience has been that at
least to some degree, yes it is. In this article, you’ll
find out why it’s important and how to go about setting and
obtaining your goals.

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Have a great week and may your business continue to grow!

Partners in Success, Charles & Susan Truett Editors

P.S. On a personal note, our son Travis and his baseball
team the Bluejackets made it to the Dixie Youth local
finals last week. They were by far the underdogs facing
elimination in each of their five games last week. Last
Friday, they won the final game and the championship and
Travis hit a home run! Just a proud moment we wanted to
share with you!

3. Growing Your Business – Recommended Resource(s) of the

We’ve found a great product that is extremely low cost,
practically runs on autopilot and spits out $10 bills! Have
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4. Feature Article – The How and Why of Goal Setting

The How and Why of Goal Setting
By Christian Csatari

Athlete’s learn early on in their development that Goal
Setting is an important part of their overall training

Successful Business men and women you Know or have read
about have always maintained that setting goals was a major
step in their success, and continue to be as they seek out
new ways to challenge themselves.

But what about the home business owner? Shouldn’t they set
goals in order to achieve success? I have read on
discussion forums all to many times people want a quick
fix, they ask how can I make x amount of dollars, or I want
to do this or that what do you suggest? It is obvious by
reading these posts, that These home business owners do not
either know how to set goals, or are looking past The
process of goal setting.

Every organization, small business or large corporation
should manage by objectives, systematic performance
improvement and target setting. A home business owner
should be no different. Let’s look at some of the reasons
for not setting goals.

– To much pressure to accomplish their goals;
– Fear of failure;
– They don’t have confidence;
– They are not sure of what they want to accomplish;
– They don’t know how to set goals.

None of the above reasons are valid for not setting goals
for your home business. Only unrealistic goals apply
pressure on an individual. Fear of failure usually arise
from a feeling that we lack control over our future.
However, setting long and short term goals real allow us to
control our own futures. Goals raise confidence levels in
that they show you in a concrete way that success is
possible. Achievement of short term goals makes confidence
grow and give momentum for greater achievement. The goal
setting process allows people to work out exactly what they
want and what is important to them.

Setting goals is not complicated. It can be challenging,
but the process of goal setting can be of value to you in
building excitement and commitment, which are important
factors in achieving success.

General Guidelines For Goal Setting

1.) Goals should be challenging, yet realistic and
attainable. Hard but realistic goals produce better
2) Write Goals down and post them where you can
see them on a daily basis. Stick them on your computer
using post-it’s, or on the bathroom mirror, somewhere you
spend a lot of time.
3) Write your goals as positive statements that focus on
4) Write out an action plan for accomplishing your goals.
This is where short term goals come in, each short term goal
achieved, keeps you motivated and confident.
5) Set a time frame. Be specific but reasonable.
6) Celebrate! Once you have reached a short term goal
celebrate it, give yourself a reward.
7) Revise goals when necessary. Sometimes things happen that
you can not control, you must not let that deter you from
accomplishing your goals, revise and rewrite.
8) Prioritize you goals. List your goals in order of importance
to you.
Christian Csatari is an internet marketer and owner of a website specializing in
multiple streams of income, affiliate programs, ebooks,
income opportunities and the home business tips newsletter
for the work at home professional.
5. Ask Susan! –

This week’s Question was submitted by:
James Giraldo

Q. Susan, do you use products with resale rights and what
has your experience been with them?

A. Yes James, we use them quite a bit! When we are
searching for a product which we believe may be useful to
our customers, we always try to find those which include
resale rights. This not only provides your customers with a
great product, but a way to earn an income with the product
as well. A rule of thumb that we follow every time is that
we utilize the product ourselves before offering it to our
customers. Many times you can find “packages” with resale
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