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Free Online Cash System Review – Is FOCS a Scam or Is It Really Free?

The ‘Free Online Cash System’ (FOCS) is an online money-making opportunity that claims to make you between $150 to $1500 per day with no out of pocket cost. The official website states simply that they need no hype to back up their claims – the FOCS just works. So long as you stick at it for 90 days, you will see the money start rolling in.

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FOCS does not involve online games such as bingo or promotion of casinos or gambling.

The system has been running for almost a year, meaning there are a few reviews of the service available. Here is a quick overview of the claims and the evidence to back them up.

Is there really no out of pocket cost?

The part that most will be skeptical about is the fact that there is no start-up cost. If this really is true, then there will be nothing to lose even if the system did ultimately fail. The owners of the system developed a method soon after the FOCS was launched whereby there would be no cost for users to learn the system, and therefore it could be a program available to everyone.

So how does this work?

You will not get the system completely free. True, there will be no monetary cost, but you will be required to put in a little effort to complete two stages before the FOCS is revealed to you.

You will have to complete a number of offers, after which you will be qualified to make $150 for each referral. You can also pay for the information if you do not wish to complete the offers. Therefore, the ‘no out of pocket cost’ claim only applied to those willing to complete some offers. This sounds like a fair deal.

However, there are some members who have warned you must complete these offers carefully. Read the terms and conditions, and make sure you know exactly what is required to you. It does seem perfectly possible, however, to complete your offers and become a full member of the system with no up-front cost.

How do you make money?

The system provides free advertising such as forums and marketing tools once you become a full member. You do not have to complete offers in the future, all you need to do is to refer new users to the system and you will get paid for each referral.

Is it legitimate?

In short, this seems like a legitimate opportunity so long as you are careful. Some of the free offers will require a payment, but it is completely your choice if you want to do them. Since there are many to choose from, you can complete offers suitable for you. FOCS will also refund an amount of any offers you have to pay for. If you sign up for a free trial with your credit card details, make sure to cancel before the free trial ends or you may be charged.

There are people making money with FOCS, so if you make sure you complete a few offers and get that free membership you really have nothing to lose.

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  1. Hi,
    Just curious about FOCS, so does that mean that I still need to key in my credit card details for the offers stated?
    Can I do it totally free without needing to use my credit card?
    I’m based in Singapore.
    Rgds, Lina

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