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Feature Article – Understanding Google AdWords

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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 24
Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor
3. Success Tip of the Week!
4. Feature Article – Understanding Google AdWords
5. Charles & Susan Recommend!
6. Ask Susan!
7. Bonus Goodies

1. Quote of the Week

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”

– Henry J. Kaiser

2. From the Editor


Greetings! We hope you are doing well. It’s hard to believe
Summer is almost over and it will soon be time to start
planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas! How time does fly!

The good news is that we are approaching the best time of
year to market your business on the Internet. Kids are back
in school, summer vacations are over and people will be
looking for a way to make some money for the upcoming
holidays and tax season! Now is the time to kick it up a
notch! Promote, promote, promote.

We’ve added a new block to the Partners in Success website
to make it easier for you to discover the newest things
that have been added to the site. It’s on the main page
under the heading “What’s New?”. We’ve also added new
software to the freebies page and new articles that you’ll
want to check out. In this
issue, we’ve got everything from graphics to Google Ads! So
grab a cup of joe and enjoy reading! Have a great week and
may your business continue to grow and prosper.

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett Editors

3. Success Tip of the Week.

When testing your advertising strategies, keep in mind, a
strategy that produces results for one person may not
produce results for you. There is no ‘set in stone’
strategy that works for everyone. You must develop your own
style and technique and test your results to determine what
works for you.

4. Feature Article – Understanding Google AdWords

Understanding Google AdWords By Sharon Housley

Google AdWords

Unlike many search engines Google, to its credit, clearly
denotes search listings that are paid placement. In fact,
Google AdWords appear in a separate section down the left
side of the screen. Google AdWords provide an inexpensive
advertising venue for businesses to advertise products or
services to a targeted audience. Advertisers have the
ability to control their budget, target their advertising
based on keywords. Advertisers are also free to determine
the ad contents.

Google AdWords allow for nearly instant traffic, which can
be turned on and off. Traffic results can be measured,
providing information on what is successful, what isn’t and
what needs to be changed. AdWords can be found that work by
running a test campaign.

Benefits to AdWords Advertisers bid on keywords, the more
an advertiser is willing to pay the higher the likelihood
the ad will appear higher in position in the list of ads
served. Google, invariably wanting to make the most from
advertisers, determines placement based on a combination of
click through rate, bid amount and budget. Of course, in
order to maximize revenue and please searchers Google does
have guidelines for ads served and all ads must receive a
minimum percentage click through or they are removed.

AdWord Guidelines Clearly and accurately describe the
website, this is to the advertiser and searchers benefit.
Ultimately, the more qualified the visitor who clicks the
ad, the higher the likelihood the clicker will convert into
a sale. By providing clear and accurate information,
searchers who click the ad are qualified leads, which tend
to convert more consistently than unqualified leads. The
most effective advertising communicates a clear message to
a targeted audience.

Avoid excessive capitalization, superlatives and lavish
exclamation marks in the ad. By doing this you are not only
serving the visitor you are filtering unwanted clicks from
non-buyers. Due to space limitations your ad message will
need to be concise. Select keywords that are relevant to
your product, service or content. Call to action phrases
are not allowed (i.e. you cannot use phrases like “click
here” in your ad copy.) There are also no pop-ups.

Steps for AdWord Campaign 1.) Open an account

2.) Target language and country – This is very important
because if your product or service can not be exported you
do not want to pay to advertise in those countries for
which your product or service can not be sold.

3.) Create Ad Group – design an ad, select keywords,
determine maximum cost per click that you are willing to
spend and define bid amounts.

Title – The title tag is generally the most important part
of the ad be sure to use a short phrase that gets the
attention of your target audience. An underutilized feature
at Google allows you to put a question mark in the title,
the term searched on automatically replaces the question
mark in the title of your ad.

Define max click – Google will suggest a cost per click,
but the recommendation does not need to be adhered to.
Arguments have been heard that #1 position does not always
mean increased sales; sometimes a second position will
filter useless clicks and provide targeted traffic with a
higher conversion ration. The rule of thumb is positions
1-3 garner the most traffic and best results. Increasing
either your maximum cost-per-click or the ads click through
rate will generally improve the ad’s position.

Use keyword variations to reach more prospects. A variety
or spellings and derivatives of keywords will increase the
chances of your ads being served. Be sure to use common
misspellings and plurals in your keyword list.

Broad match – is targeting keywords in a loosely defined
manner. Ads appear based on keywords that have been queried
by search users. For instance, if the keywords you are
planning on broad matching are “mountain bikes” and users
search for the terms “bikes that can climb a mountain”,
your ad will appear; as opposed to exact match, which
requires that the keywords selections must exactly match
the query.

Phrase match – is indicated when quotations are used in the
phrase. A keyword phrase set to phrase match will only
appear when the exact phrase is searched on. For example
“mountain bikes” will appear when searchers search for
“brand name mountain bikes”.

Exact match – is when the keyword or phrase is entered with
brackets. The phrase will only serve ads when the entered
search phrase is identical to the keyword phrase. “Mountain
bikes” will only appear when searchers search for “mountain
bikes” Negative keyword – is helpful in filtering unrelated
phrases. A dash is entered before the filtering phrase.
“Mountain bike -races will not appear if mountain bike
races are searched on.

Landing Page – is important because this not only helps
with tracking, but also provides a focused and specific
landing page for searchers. Information can be related to
the actual search, while also increasing the conversion
ratios for sales. A focused landing page with content
related and using the same terminology as the actual
search, will show the searcher that your solution is
relevant to their needs.

4.) Define budget – in order to maximize exposure Google
recommends a daily budget for each campaign. Google’s
suggested budget is helpful in receiving consistent traffic
throughout the advertising campaign. Keep in mind this is
only Google’s recommendation; ultimately it is up to you to
determine a budget that is affordable and suitable. Google
supplies tracking tools that assist webmasters in
determining their return on investment based on keyword
searches and phrases. While the technology is not perfect
and cannot track phone and purchase orders, it should give
advertisers a sense of what phrases and keywords are
converting well in their advertising campaign.

While Google AdWords should not be your only advertising
campaign, but should be a significant part of your
campaign. Google AdWords can certainly help send those
important targeted searchers to your website. Get started
with Google AdWords at

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for
NotePage, Inc. a company
specializing in alphanumeric paging, SMS and wireless
messaging software solutions.

5. Charles & Susan Recommend!

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6.Ask Susan! –

This week’s Question was submitted by: Daniel Page

Q. I’m in the process of starting my own newsletter and I’m
looking for free items to give away to my readers. (1) Is
this an effective marketing strategy? and (2) Where can I
obtain some items to give away that won’t cost me an arm
and a leg?

A. Congratulations Daniel on your decision to start your
newsletter! Providing your readers with a free bonus item
is an excellent way to show them that you want to help them
and see them succeed. This goes along way towards building
a trusting relationship with your subscribers!

We have some great free ebooks and software that you may
download and give away for free on the Partners in Success
Site! Just click below:

Do you have any questions about home business opportunities,
marketing methods, or anything about business in general?
We will pick one question per week and add it right here in
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your Question to Susan, visit:

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