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Feature Article – A Seldom Discussed Internet Marketing Fact!

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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 25
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor
3. Success Tip of the Week! – How to use Signature Files to
generate traffic!
4. Feature Article – A Seldom Discussed Internet Marketing Fact!
5. Charles & Susan Recommend!
6. Ask Susan!
7. Bonus Goodies
1. Quote of the Week

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of

– Oliver Wendell Holmes
2. From the Editor


Greetings! We hope everyone had a good week. To our Friends
and Partners in Florida, our thoughts have been with you as
you dealt with Hurricane Frances last weekend and are now
faced with Hurricane Ivan on it’s way. It’s been a rough
season for Floridians. Stay safe!

Last weekend we were keeping an eye out on Frances as we
didn’t know if she was coming our way. We saw a story on
CNN about a woman in Florida and it reminded us of how
people seem to come together in a crisis. For some unknown
reason, this woman was the only house in fourteen blocks
with electricity. There was no explanation for it but she
quickly came to the aid of her neighbors inviting everyone
in the neighborhood to her house for food, ice, to do
laundry, whatever they needed. We’re certain she’ll be
blessed for her acts of kindness. It’s all about helping

Moving on to a little bit of business…

We’ve added new articles, ebooks, income opps and more to
the Partners in Success site this week. Be sure to visit
the site frequently as we update it often.

So many of you have written and asked for a “Newbie”
section on the Partners in Success site. We are working on
it! Look for it soon.

In today’s issue we’ve got a brand new, fresh off the press
article, “A Seldom Discussed Internet Marketing FACT”. Do
you know what it is??? You’re about to find out and you
might be surprised!

Be sure to check today’s Success Tip for one zero cost but
yet VERY effective advertising method you absolutely must
be using!

Have a great week and may your business continue to grow
and prosper!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett
3. Success Tip of the Week.

How to use Signature Files to generate traffic!

A ‘sig’ file is a signature file. It is a few lines of text
that is automatically placed at the end of every email you

How many of you are not taking advantage of this extremely
powerful means of free advertising? If you’re not, you
should stop what you are doing, open your email program,
read the help topics and learn exactly how to create a
‘sig’ file that will be automatically added to the bottom
of every email you send.

Your sig line should be as short as possible yet giving
enough information to attract someone’s curiosity. Here is
an example of a sig line.

Helping People Retire Faster!

Every email that we send could have this sig at the bottom
of each email. If you receive as much email as we do and
therefore send a lot of replies, you’d be amazed at how
this simple little tip can boost your web site traffic.

Signature files are very simple, take about 5 minutes to
create and zero time to use as virtually all of the current
email programs can automate the placing of your sig line
into your email. This one is a no brainer. DO IT!
4. Feature Article – A Seldom Discussed Internet Marketing Fact!

A Seldom Discussed Internet Marketing Fact!
Copyright 2004 by Willie Crawford

Many people starting a business on the Internet are
attracted by the possibility that they can do something
that will generate a nice, dependable, monthly income while
working from the comforts of their own home. They want
control of their time and their lives. They want to be able
to spend more time with their family and friends. MOST
never achieve this!

Many people build a website and get involved in promoting
affiliate products in the Internet marketing niche. Many of
these products are great, but have a short shelf life. So
the excitement around the product generates a few sales
when the product is first released, and promoted by
“everyone and his brother” – but the sales drop off

Many Internet marketers simply go from promoting product to
product… jumping on the latest buzz as soon as they hear
about it… to get a small slice of the pie before it
quickly becomes OLD news. Many people do earn a better than
average income promoting these product. I do. However,
being massively successful using this model requires more
agility than many still learning the “Internet marketing
game” have yet developed.

Some people take a look at network marketing or multi-level
marketing (MLM). They look at all of the nice matrices, and
fancy pay plans, and decide to give that a shot. Most of
those people never make a penny of profit. I KNOW because I
talk to, or get emails from, many of them. They contact me
asking for something that offers a more assured return.

I share with the struggling network marketers my
experiences. I confide in them that I’ve dabbled in many of
the same businesses, and had both failures and successes.
I’ve even written a training manual for network marketers

All of my failures were due to the same two reasons. 1) The
product generally sucked… and 2) The system being used by
those who were successful wasn’t easily duplicated – or
simply wasn’t passed along.

Problem number 1 above CAN’T be overcome. If the product
offered by a company stinks, the market will soon discover
this and all of your efforts will be in vain. There are a
lot of products in MLM like this, and that’s part of what
gives MLM a bad name. I’ve read of the miraculous healing
properties of all kinds of concoctions and given a few a
try. None of them made me feel noticeably better… when I
didn’t try to “convince” myself that they did. So I
couldn’t ethically promote these to anyone.

In all fairness, I may have not tried some of the products
long enough… but then again, I don’t like being a lab
rat! I HAVE seen products produced using solid science that
did offer many health benefits. None of these were products
that I wanted to be stuck with a basement-full of though!
You see, when a product works great, the market naturally
spreads the word and you don’t have to REQUIRE anyone to
buy it.

I’ll share with you in a minute, a product that I do like
and have invested many hours into investigating and telling
family and friends about.

But first let’s look at why many in MLM, even with a good
product often fail. That reason is that they’re not
provided with a duplicable system that they can use to
market the product and to train others. By definition, if
the system is effective and duplicable, they just need to
plug into it, and do what they are trained to do – and it
works. All of the frustrated network marketers that you
talk to obviously haven’t been provided with such a system,
or they haven’t been provide with enough support to get
them started properly.

The title of this article is “A Seldom Discussed Internet
Marketing Fact!” That seldom discussed fact is that many of
the most successful in the “Internet marketing” niche don’t
focus on Internet marketing products at all… or very
little. They stay away from the “herd” that frantically
promotes the latest and greatest. Many of them make MOST of
their money from network marketing.

I know, you didn’t know that. The reason that you didn’t
know that FACT is that we do it without much fanfare. A few
bad apples over the years have given MLM a bad name. That’s
a roadblock that’s best overcome by quietly showing people,
one-on-one, what we are doing and why it’s working.
Networking, by definition is about telling your contacts
about something worth sharing. That doesn’t require any
hype or yelling and screaming.

I’ve just revealed to you how many others, and I build
nice, dependable, monthly, residual incomes without having
to chase the latest fad. It’s how you get involved with a
company and find yourself still doing well 4 or 5 years

So now you know “the rest of the story.”

If you’d like to take a look at my favorite network
marketing company, I invite you to look at:

This shows the duplicable system members of my team use to
market a product that provides real value to our family and
friends. It’s also a product that you can use the Internet
marketing skill you’ve ALREADY developed to market very
successfully. There are people making 5, and even six
figure, residual incomes every month with this one 🙂
now and perhaps stop chasing the herd.
Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He
shows people how to actually generate substantial income
on-line using very simple SYSTEMS. An example of such a
system can be studied and duplicated at:
5. Charles & Susan Recommend!

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6. Ask Susan! –

This week’s Question was submitted by:
Arthur Harrison

Q. I’m having major computer problems! I have pop-ups popping
up everywhere, my computer freezes up for no apparent
reason and is doing all sorts of crazy things! A friend
suggested I may be infected with spyware. How do I find out
if I’ve got it and how do I fix it? Thanks for a great

A. Arthur! We’ve been there, done that…not long ago, in
fact. Below is a site where you can download a fr~e program
called “Spybot”. Spybot is a software program that will
check your computer for spyware and remove any that it
finds. We have found that having an anti-virus software
such as Norton is not enough as it will not detect all
spyware. Your safest bet is to have both!

Download the Spybot software here:
Do you have any questions about home business
opportunities, marketing methods, or anything about
business in general? We will pick one question per week and
add it right here in this newsletter for everyone to
benefit from!
To Submit your Question to Susan, visit:

7. Bonus Goodies!

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